Research at NVIDIA: Transforming Standard Video Into Slow Motion with AI

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John Hunter : It would be cool to see how well this does when doing the between frames of cartoons.

Yeet Fam Dab No Chill Savage Bruh Squad Goals : I was wondering when this would happen. About time.

L Lawliet : Looks wonderful

Rackie : 0:23 It needs some more work!

Dipqi Ghozali : That super slowmo using Optical Flow / Twixtor xD

Agiver Reviga : Nvidia has some very innovative works but I guess we will never see them as downloadable software.

Mekl Vo : You mean I can use my outdated 2015 phone to record videos in 30 fps, use the program in increase frames, then have it run at 60fps or more? I like.

ALchannel : For everyone who is complaining: just take a break to wrap your head around the fact that for each individual frame this AI generates seven(!) new frames completly out of nowhere, and the output still looks decent; it just amazes me.

Alexander Anderson : I absolutely love the AI research Nvidia is doing, keep up the good work!

SUDATH : hmm, see not much difference when im using twixtor..

maxiboy211 : Obviously this is not perfect yet and you can see some visual artifacts but wow I'm impressed, well done guys!

Leo Dei : What would be an interesting view is to remove all the *actual* frames from a vignette or even longer piece and show an entirely *reality inspired* piece. Brave new world, indeed. Please be good. Seriously.

thecoon215 : This is going to profoundly change filmmaking for professionals as well as amateurs

Caesar : I was about to say Twixtor did the same thing for about a decade, until I saw how the hair and the dress looks at 0:37, or that racket pattern between the liquid at 1:25 ... Fantastic achievement! 😲

zea nine gaming : I'd love to see fight scenes in films with this kind of tec

Henriko Magnifico : Give me this software 🙏

Denis Shiryaev : Wow, how can we try it, Nvidia?

Weromano LP : i wonder what would happen if the ai had random images to combine like pictures of a dia show!

СамаяБыстраяРука НаВсёмДикомЗападе : Ебать Волочкова постарела!

KJ911TT : The result's clearly aren't as good as real slo-mo though. The hockey players skates turns into a blur. The ballerina's arms turn into a blur etc. Still a lot of work to do on this front.

xito : just imagine the complexity of the interpolation this AI is doing

Strangely My Comments Usually Get Quite Popular : That is freaky, I just can't believe you with it, it seems so fake, like a lie, I just don't know how that can work

Quetzalcoalt : so basically twixtor plugin for adobe ? because i see the same artifacts.

Pranxter : Well..... So much for twixtor

Seena Abraham : RIP Slowmotion cameras

『W』『H』『0』 『D』『4』『R』『3』『5』 『W』『!』『N』『5』Ф : How is this any better than twixtor?

EllePelle : Hoooly shiiiiiit thats awsome

PiiAnissimo : So basically what you're saying is that my familys slowmo camera is obsolete?

mikakami93 : It's time for Nvidia doing SoC for smartphones

20GRIZZ20 : Nvidia just keeps pushing the limits in everything they can think of, truly incredible.

Gabriel Gajdoš : We live in the future.

amine4ever3 : Actually the AI just do his best to try to create fake frames that are close to the original frames so that makes you have more fps to make a super slow motion. But to make the rendering smooth for your eyes not only it put fake frames (fakes events) between the real ones, but it also alter the real frames to make them more "fake-frames-friendly" which make the whole scene inaccurate to the reality.

Dregoth 0 : Looks like Temporal Anti-aliasing applied to video.

xorinzor : It loses a lot of it's details though, and sometimes I can see some artifacting / blurring as well

Introverted Person : Artificial intelligence creates everything artificial.

Tech Dunk : Where to get this? I want it so badly

Krzysztof Dolecki : But how long does it take to make?

Nic Mey : Legend has it that it can turn an Intel into a GTX on ultra.

Nic Mey : Need this to up my frames in Battlefield.

Malek T : What about G-Sync ? XD

StoKI : Great, now develop Oculus's ASW like solution for standard gaming

Julian Gaming : I love the videos.

Terang : 0:38 her left hand. There’s a glitch in the matrix

Sanji : HOLY this is awesome ! Good Job Nvidia

Sebastian Lacki : At this point AI is just getting ridiculous

DarkBlade : Imagine if we could do this realtime, and smooth out gameplay on low budget PC's hitting only 30fps

Sirjun Sagarino : You can really see the difference . Awesome!!

Jonathan Ozik : Now take two frames from a video and try to predict a super resolution for each frame, so old 240p video would go 2x into 480p. There are desktop software for photos and paintings, but I haven't seen any for video.

Luke Datzman : That slow mo looks amazing

Pranesh Arry : But guys, we need the manual slowmo for memes