Research at NVIDIA: Transforming Standard Video Into Slow Motion with AI

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John Hunter : It would be cool to see how well this does when doing the between frames of cartoons.

Yeet Fam Dab No Chill Savage Bruh Squad Goals : I was wondering when this would happen. About time.

Agiver Reviga : Nvidia has some very innovative works but I guess we will never see them as downloadable software.

ALchannel : For everyone who is complaining: just take a break to wrap your head around the fact that for each individual frame this AI generates seven(!) new frames completly out of nowhere, and the output still looks decent; it just amazes me.

L Lawliet : Looks wonderful

Rackie : 0:23 It needs some more work!

maxiboy211 : Obviously this is not perfect yet and you can see some visual artifacts but wow I'm impressed, well done guys!

Mekl Vo : You mean I can use my outdated 2015 phone to record videos in 30 fps, use the program in increase frames, then have it run at 60fps or more? I like.

Dipqi Ghozali : That super slowmo using Optical Flow / Twixtor xD

KJ911TT : The result's clearly aren't as good as real slo-mo though. The hockey players skates turns into a blur. The ballerina's arms turn into a blur etc. Still a lot of work to do on this front.

Alexander Anderson : I absolutely love the AI research Nvidia is doing, keep up the good work!

Another Viewer : That is freaky, I just can't believe you with it, it seems so fake, like a lie, I just don't know how that can work

Leo Dei : What would be an interesting view is to remove all the *actual* frames from a vignette or even longer piece and show an entirely *reality inspired* piece. Brave new world, indeed. Please be good. Seriously.

Caesar : I was about to say Twixtor did the same thing for about a decade, until I saw how the hair and the dress looks at 0:37, or that racket pattern between the liquid at 1:25 ... Fantastic achievement! 😲

Quetzalcoalt : so basically twixtor plugin for adobe ? because i see the same artifacts.

SUDATH : hmm, see not much difference when im using twixtor..

Seena Abraham : RIP Slowmotion cameras

xorinzor : It loses a lot of it's details though, and sometimes I can see some artifacting / blurring as well

Liran B : Is the endless wait for *artifact-free* realtime frame interpolation as a plugin / media player feature to smooth our miserable 24fps movies coming to an actual end?

zea nine gaming : I'd love to see fight scenes in films with this kind of tec

Weromano : i wonder what would happen if the ai had random images to combine like pictures of a dia show!

『W』『H』『0』 『D』『4』『R』『3』『5』 『W』『!』『N』『5』Ф : How is this any better than twixtor?

thecoon215 : This is going to profoundly change filmmaking for professionals as well as amateurs

tiagodopke : just imagine the complexity of the interpolation this AI is doing

Chaitanya Singh : Wonder if it'll help at research because 'predicting' the frames while recording unpredictable scientific phenomenon will be misleading. Excited to see this integrated slomoguys tho

Pranxter : Well..... So much for twixtor

Krzysztof Dolecki : But how long does it take to make?

Henriko Magnifico : Give me this software 🙏

СамаяБыстраяРука НаВсёмДикомЗападе : Ебать Волочкова постарела!

Denis Shiryaev : Wow, how can we try it, Nvidia?

mikakami93 : It's time for Nvidia doing SoC for smartphones

Nuclear Cactus : I know it's artificial added frame but the prediction is so good this is innovation!

Klumsy Kameleon : *make this an app or this will just be another forgotten breakthrough*

Introverted Person : Artificial intelligence creates everything artificial.

Nic Mey : Need this to up my frames in Battlefield.

StoKI : Great, now develop Oculus's ASW like solution for standard gaming

Adnan Ahmed : Is there anything ai cannot do

Terang : 0:38 her left hand. There’s a glitch in the matrix

Nic Mey : Legend has it that it can turn an Intel into a GTX on ultra.

Sirjun Sagarino : You can really see the difference . Awesome!!

Advection : Ai builds the inbetween frames... pretty damn cool :D

Sebastian Lacki : At this point AI is just getting ridiculous

Dude Sensitive Ass : Holy moly! This is crazy!!! 🔥🔥🔥

DarkBlade : Imagine if we could do this realtime, and smooth out gameplay on low budget PC's hitting only 30fps

Aerobic Dragoon : But guys, we need the manual slowmo for memes

Gabriel Gajdoš : We live in the future.

Sanji : HOLY this is awesome ! Good Job Nvidia

SantaGamer : The satisfaction of the two last ones. Oooowwhhh.

Malek T : What about G-Sync ? XD

call me Rocky : my phone can do that