The BEAUTY of Video Game Music

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Halo's Oddworld : Nice channel man! You really remind me of Nakeyjakey. But you definitely have some great editing. This must have taken days to make.

Daniel Fiala : First sub

KaiserTrigger : This is a nice little touch with the green screen effect and your manner of talking and the way the editing sounds like you're on a stage. Or are you on a stage?

Daniel Fiala : Finished vid now. Great job, man, love the energy and format. Is this actually your first channel? I'm just surprised at a first vid being so good. I agree with all your picks here, and whenever i think of VG music, I'm always thinking about the absurdly good song playing in Jetpack Joyride. I just listen to it on YouTube sometimes. Gets me PUMPED And that shit was mobile freemium crap