I double perfect DSP

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JonnyBeoulve : I feel bad for DSP's parents.

RANK10YGO [Rata] : "I tried to do nothing, he does stuff" I mean yeah That's generally what happens when you do nothing

Michael Shipman : He blames his fans at the end of the video. Hilarious.

Giants/Mets/Blazers : "I can't do anything, I keep getting hit......" Phil, that's the point of a fighting game you moron. You hit your opponent until their bar goes down to zero and he/she mopped the floor with you lol.

Jordan Liles : I support wonderwaffle407 in his/her effort to dominate the world.

Hempel's Paradox : First round: "OMG he's so terrible I love it" Second round: "OH MY GAAAD HES CHEATING!" Funny how he can be so disrespectful when he's winning, then suddenly whine so much when he's losing.

Senor Anon : "He's terrible, absolutely awful" (Literally seconds later) "I CAN'T DO ANYTHING OMG HAH HAH HAH ONLINE PLAY"

Silver Soul : throwing the first fight like that just to lure him into a false sense of superiority was fucking brilliant lol.

Swickful : Can dsp for once in his life be like ''oh wow this guy is pretty good'' instead of blaming everything other than his skill, or lack of it. Sore loser isnt even the word for this guy.

Deafkon : I had a dream that DSP got mugged by some guy. The entire time he was at the hospital he was screaming "I COULDN'T DO ANYTHING, HE SHOT ME BEFORE I COULD MOVE HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA"

PrimeTF : Wonderwaffles was going easy the first round.

Scrapjack : I can't believe the level of cheating I'm watching here, it's insane, you timed your moves right, grabbed him while he was standing still, you even charged your focus while he was stunned and he was PUSHING BUTTONS! I don't know how you can live with yourself. Shameful.

ChaseUbito : But you guys, He's a former pro player! Clearly.

Mr Madness : Phil just literally got M.Bison'd. The salt is DELICIOUS!

Geoffrey Bronson : Love the way you let him win the first round, giving him a false sense of security. DSP tears are delicious

Snake PIissken : i try to do nothing, he does stuff

JmUnitedA1 : Triple E grades?! ........................................................... ............................................ ....................... Dsp you are just garbage man...........

Ashley Wolfe : "he is terrible" "Hold on my cat was playing"

TheKenyonSquad : this video describes DSP when he is winning, it's because the other guy is terrible when he is losing, it's not because he is terrible or because the other guy is better than him, it is because "it's too laggy", "everyone cheats", or "this game is terrible".

TacticalTop : He only acts this way because he plays in tournaments. He thinks he's above the 'laggy internet' matches invincible and he can't lose because of whatever excuse.

Maria Isabella : The best jobbing I have ever seen, in round 1.. :) It was probably very hard to lose.

NormanMatchem : Beats the enemy: Haha he's so shitty, unbelievable! Gets beat by the enemy: Haha he's so shitty, unbelievable! Phil's motto for the last 5 years: Everyone is shitty except for me, no exceptions.

Ozku9 : I bet waffle was like ''Oh shit, I got hit. Well, I guess I let him win this round so I can claim my double perfect.''

Zmey Gorynych : Everyone who is worse than you = complete noob, no idea what they're doing, idiot, moron, representative of the entire community, etc Everyone who is better than you = no life, hacker, lag abuser, etc

Fractal Lad : mmm so tasty. dsp's tears are so delicious.

TPLT : I remember when I just started learning how to play this game, I played through Arcade mode with both Ryu and Dudley.  When I couldn't beat the Seth fight, I remember getting so frustrated to the point where I thought that I was the worst player in the world, or Seth was spamming grabs.  ... Then I saw DSP play.  I beat Seth shortly after.  (Sorry for wasting your time, I'll just go now...)

Hitagi Senjougahara : I loved how onlyafro used the "I did absolutely nothing half that time and still got hit" in his smelter video.

Richter Cress : Salty rain

Litigation Jackson : "i try to do nothing, he does stuff" that is my favorite quote of all time

Mellow Gaming : Man, I never tire of watching him get owned. Fecking pleb.

Alastorchaos : FRAUD DETECTED

Payton Tate : Outplayed to the next level,

Dick Trickle : "I was doing absolutely nothing and still got hit" we can see that

Carlos Danger : "He's horrible" He says before his loss. I assume you lost the first one so you can read him like a book, a picture book.

MoGek0n : 1:24 *Jumps backward and gets hit mid-air* DSPhail: "Can't block, tried to block and jump back" Me: ...U R a fcking idiot Phil.

Literal Bacon : you know what I want to see? I want to see someone record themselves playing against DSP (fightstick and tv too) while he's streaming so when he gets beaten and the inevitable "IT'S SO LAGGY NONE OF MY MOVES ARE COMING OUT SO MUCH INPUT DELAY" they can just show the video. I know he'll still deny it but I just want to see the mental gymnastics working in his mind and what new lies he'll come up with to his fanbase.

CipherFiveZero : DSPLogic: If I win then my win came from skill and my opponent sucks, if I lose then they cheated and my opponent still sucks.

jr5687 : "I try to do nothing, he does stuff....UNBELIEVABLE!" I know right? That Bison must be fucking bugged with attacking mechanics or something.

Donna Trump : Its called karma for talking shit about the wonderful wonderwaffle on that first round lol

Fuzzy Barbarian : Dear God, he is a man-child. And not in the sense that he's into things that some people perceive as childish. No, he has the temperament and maturity of a 4-year-old. It's TOTALLY a glitch... which is why you were fine in that first match. This is the most butthurt I've ever seen.

John Doe : I've never even seen someone get a triple E grade. Oh my god.

Wendy’s : "He didn't land one legit hit on me" sure pal sure, good job waffle :)

derogatory fish : "I try to do nothing, he does stuff" 1:43 -DSP     A true genius must defend his title.

Nuky93 : Love this video. He wins? 'Haha, only shitty players play online!' He loses? 'There you have it, everyone cheats online!'

Rafiqul : I love you wonderwuffle, this vid is now in my favourites

rachet909 : Lures em in with a false sense of security and just dominates. God I love it

RaxuRangerking : A 'former pro fighting game player' has never heard of sandbagging? Ok.

Malleus : He goes from gloating when hes winning to blaming the game when he loses. Mark of a scrub.

DevolvingMadness : what a sore loser

fallout766 : "I'm not doing anything and I'm just getting hit." Well, there's your problem.