Dr. Disrespect - Black on Blackberry | G FUEL
New DrDisrespect G fuel commercial is better than any superbowl ad

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C0dR!n : At 0:25 he literally turned black. Look at his skin rofl.

็ ็ : This is how all ads should be

kermin : The best part is that Doc's shaker cup holds 24oz while others hold 16oz... He is simply the best!

buckets : he should start a religion..

twomad : gfuel you make really good ads

Muhammad Belal : Song is Diabolic by Dance With The Dead, you’re welcome 😉

LahLahMan : I'm going to forever support G Fuel now.

PowerHouseG : PERFECT ! so appropriate for the doc and his vibe and aura , i take my hat off to you ladies and gentlemen who put this together , its magnificent !

Mr R : He has done it all ladies and gentlemen.

Ace Attitude : I showed this ad to my coffee, now it is G-Fuel.

Scotty Frenzee : The beauty pageant had me spitting coffee I was laughing so hard

SpaceBlobb : The music is so epic

ma se poes : Dr for president

Lets Try This : Congrats to G FUEL, this is a marketing masterpiece.

PrestigeNova : I like how at 0:25 Dr.Disrespect seems to have turned black and changed clothes

jonathan d : Probably the greatest add I've seen In my life period.

Donivan Carter : Gaming isn't his only talent #beutiful

big quack : Dr. Disrespect can be used in any ad and it will work

G FUEL : You didn't think he was JUST the 2-Time Video Game Champion, did you?!

Toni badboy : Who is here after drdisrespect is banned on twitch

Nature Restored : 🥤Thumbs up for G-FUEL and the DOC, the PERFECT DYNAMIC DUO 🎮😷🏆

BatManLittle : Best thing I have ever seen

Bizhop Ownz : This is absolutely 💯% the greatest thing ever recorded.

Tabor Hill : This is the greatest video I have ever seen. Shades of Mr. Perfect.

Emin Sarp Aksungur : simply the best

ZARDU HASSELFRAU : *This like ads in GTA vice city lol*

CJ Schoeffel : Ladies and gentlemen we got him

SleepySnow : Came here for memes, heard Dance With The Dead music play, I'm sold.

Eric Knutson : This made me want a full length movie.

Nick Kitner : Dr Disrespect 2020, he's got my vote.

G0LD GUY : buy it now before it gets away from market

MrTangerillo : They should make an Orange Cream Soda and Call it Cream Star

Big Boy Charles : Congratulations on killing the 6th graders in 5th period gym class!! 😀

Jamesthegooner : Can Netflix just give the Doc his own series already?

Michael M. : Welcome to the Champions Club!


Observationally : *You sit on a throne of trophies*

Jogi : 1:26 *Rekt Kiddo*

ProCeLLx : 🤣😂🤣...the legend that is two-time!!!!

PKIceSparxx : 2xChampion bulletcurved pigtail girl(9000m)

KROSS777RLSH : Doc in this beautypageant ..winning the pageant and beaing completley serious while he gains his prize, and walks away super serious... While wearing a tiara ...its just beyond me mental to fathom lmao

Armaan SINGH : When you play basketball you suddenly turn black.

Angel Serrano : Yahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyha!!!!! G-fuel you have outdone yourselves this time. What a great commercial.

Shibbi Shibbi : YA YA YA YA YA !!

Jacob bjerregaard : you can be a champion and then you can be.. more

Pyrial : He is the best

pfl95 : 1:23 so is he finally admitting he was inspired by Dodgeball?

CecilDiesel_ : I love how he has his headset on the whole time.

don emerson : Frickin hilarious!