Dr. Disrespect - Black on Blackberry | G FUEL

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Tabor Hill : This is the greatest video I have ever seen. Shades of Mr. Perfect.

C0dR!n : At 0:25 he literally turned black. Look at his skin rofl.

kermin : The best part is that Doc's shaker cup holds 24oz while others hold 16oz... He is simply the best!

Mr R : He has done it all ladies and gentlemen.

PrestigeNova : I like how at 0:25 Dr.Disrespect seems to have turned black and changed clothes

twomad : gfuel you make really good ads

PowerhouseG : PERFECT ! so appropriate for the doc and his vibe and aura , i take my hat off to you ladies and gentlemen who put this together , its magnificent !

BraydensYoutube : Best thing I have ever seen

MrTangerillo : They should make an Orange Cream Soda and Call it Cream Star

Jeff Sindac : Song name?

G FUEL : You didn't think he was JUST the 2-Time Video Game Champion, did you?!

Donivan Carter : Gaming isn't his only talent #beutiful

Hari A : I was wondering how Doc had the 24 oz shaker cup at 1:53 when the gfuel site only sells the 16 oz size?

ItsHolyWaffle : Why isn't the cup transparent tho :?

CJ Schoeffel : Ladies and gentlemen we got him

Studio Yuraki : Quick! Someone give this marketing team a raise! Because oooohhh this was feeling so damn good.

Broston Bernath : The 2x champion

Burak R6 : Best drink 👍

Peek-a-boo : XD devastante

Alexis Villatoro : You are the best

Angel Serrano : Yahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyha!!!!! G-fuel you have outdone yourselves this time. What a great commercial.

Jogi : 1:26 *Rekt Kiddo*

GodSniperYT : Good video

Emily Tried : legend

Izham Roslan : *This like ads in GTA vice city lol*

BLUENOUB : This is how you make a commercial worth watching

Dj Neo's reviews : I love it

kristin deras : This is epic

Michael M. : Welcome to the Champions Club!

DD Rainz : Wow

The Campfire : THIS is why the internet exists.

Brayden Tibbs : Lmao

Random : That one angry boi..

Dak Kruller : My word...... Dr. Disrespect. You make me want to buy G Fuel.

Vaibhav yadav : Doc really is the best

Eric Knutson : This made me want a full length movie.

marius covalenco : Hi


Lynnie .S : 😂😂bruh... He Lit 🔥💯

DD Rainz : Wow

Jamesthegooner : Can Netflix just give the Doc his own series already?

MattV2099: Guns & Food : T ball champ. epic

TheFateWeaver channel : Violence - Speed - Momentum

Xempt Gamer : Hilarious, especially the beauty pageant part!

LevyLandTV : excellent production boiz

Hal shot first : This is how you get males below age 35 to watch ads. I *sought* this advertisement out voluntarily and I am somebody who has used adblock technology since the early 2000s.

Kae Pugna : 0:38 Did you see the footwork.

Alex Babel : I didn’t know who Dr. Disrespect was and I didn’t know what G-Fuel was. But now... I’m... intrigued ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anthonio Vasquez : Legit was crying of laughter , spit all my green apple gfuel out of my Dr.Disrespect shaker .Too funny my guy , lets make some phone calls

brad williams : This flavor is so good I’d recommend it to EVERYONE