Dr. Disrespect - Black on Blackberry | G FUEL

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Tabor Hill : This is the greatest video I have ever seen. Shades of Mr. Perfect.

Angel Serrano : Yahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyha!!!!! G-fuel you have outdone yourselves this time. What a great commercial.

Hal shot first : This is how you get males below age 35 to watch ads. I *sought* this advertisement out voluntarily and I am somebody who has used adblock technology since the early 2000s.

Karlsson : Doc needs his own movie starring himself as himself

POWER_Serg : This isn't an ad, it's a documentary.

twomad : gfuel you make really good ads

Noah George : Did the doc turn black at 0:25. Didnt know he was that skilled

Touch of Chaos : LMFAO he turned black 0:25

Undulating Fluids : I have watched this 5 times already

ribo : Remember when you were a kid and you used to love watching commercials like these? Doc really takes us back

G FUEL : You didn't think he was JUST the 2-Time Video Game Champion, did you?!

Kristoffer Hedlund : Song DANCE WITH THE DEAD - Diabolic

Rohan Sorensen : 0:25 Doc jumps and turns into a black guy

Renan : firm handshaks all around the champions club

H0LL0W JACK : only one simple question where are the 1 billion views on this?

Studio Yuraki : Quick! Someone give this marketing team a raise! Because oooohhh this was feeling so damn good.

AleXizzed : D OMEGALUL C

DiamondDolphin 101 : Anybody know what the music is?

JP Valdes : This is the best ad in the history of ads.

Tommi Koistinen : 1:24 Doc vs Fortnite Community

Dance Happy : Head to tippy toe in perfection.

YELLOWAFRO : now this is a god damn commercial alright

Sniperclysm : DOC OUT OF MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henry Ward : Is that a reference to the movie Dodgeball

BLUENOUB : This is how you make a commercial worth watching

Just Lee : Most epic commercial of all time

Joppe Cream VEVO : When he plays basketball he's hands turn black when he jumps

Nik Harbas : I like how his skin color changes wheb he dunks haha

Max Mustermaeenn : Sorry but I only know and saw little about Dr. Disrespect and maybe it's because of the music/editing but holy shit this might be the best commercial I've ever saw.

The Campfire : THIS is why the internet exists.

Henry Ward : Firm Handshakes to G-Fuel with the Violence, Speed and Momentum

Bockiie : I need the name of the music used in the commercial , im too hooked D:

CSLukrzy GO : i go to shop and buy this a lot of

Vince Art Tapa : Yo!! is there emmy's for ads? THIS WON ADY!!

Justin : Strawberry shortcake with milk is my #1 flavor. At least until I try this lol

fatboy withcake : 1:05 the doc learned his lesson already

Jack Thomas : Simply amazing. Love the doc and g fuel combo !!

Lukas Erdt : He went black as a Basketball-Player xD

Eric Knutson : This made me want a full length movie.

GaminKing /TUG : Dude Pefect is dead. It’s now Doc Perfect

Crafty : Oh lord, what a time to be alive!


Mllr hr : I thought this was an ad for blackberry phones

Jamesthegooner : Can Netflix just give the Doc his own series already?

monkey220ms : this was actually really well done lmao

MIOSKII : this is the best ad i've ever watched?

Axelrecordz : I would always say he was a character that could be put in the regular show. Maybe they'll put him in the new one that's coming out.

420 Ninja : 1:26 best 360 i ever seen in my fcking life. LETS GO DOC!

Kevin Abbott : The greatest commercial ever. I expect this to be a super bowl ad.

Grakknz CSGO : This is easily the best ad I've ever bear witnessed to jack off too..