history of japan

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Torb 1 Trick : Wait did I just learn something?

Trolligarch : This has to be one of the most influential videos in Youtube history, inspiring a new generation of educational Youtubers. Thank you bill!

Josiah Brown : Japan:destroys a few ships in Hawaii America:obliterates two whole city’s in retaliation Japan:*shocked pikachu face*

Tim Buchanan : Who’s here from the h3 podcast?

mady67 : Who came here after watching the history of the entire world?

Ethan : Knowledge has never tasted this good.

Benjamin Brunt : Excuse mw, America doesn't knock. Cause freedom rings

hilltaco : You forgot about hentai

Random Obsessions : I spent three years researching the history of Japan. I learned more in nine minutes than in three years (Edit: oh there are too many likes for my sanity)

MacaroniDude : It'd be pretty epic if he makes a video like this for every country in the world. (i get that's highly unlikely)

Team SMSD : All of this was just for DBZ & Mario.

Aviation Gaming : Teacher: we need a social studies video! Me: this is perfect.

tatsu tatsu : I'm very pleased that many people know about Japan.😄👍

kpopeanutbangtea : this is just online school for free

CrashCourse : Brilliant.

Adolf Hitler : I will be back

Royal Nation : I went to japan last week :D

ItsmeSmile : who else came back after watching the h3 podcast?

8bit Hardstop : Where is anime


エディッツZukki : Let's all think about hetalia right now..

Andreitism : Nothing about the nanking incident? or Okinawa or the massacre of Ainu natives?

birdsaj ! : America: *knock knock* Me: who's there? America: *it's the United States* Me: it's the United States who?! America: * WE HAVE FRICKEN GUNS AND BOATS! GUN BOATS!*

ShinobiGaming - Karim : *You could make a religion out of this*

Avery Lopez-Baines : Knock knock...it's the UNITED STATES!

riplclip129 SCS : And Britain is friends with Japan so you know what that means Duhhh Japan should take the islands

Blian Kant : I went on a trip to Japan with my wife last time. It was very good. The food is also delicious. The scenery was also beautiful. "OMOTENASHI" was also glad. I like Japan.

Abel Abraham : Sure just ignore the rape of Nanking.

cat : hello stopping by once again for my 9th time watching this

CreepsMcPasta : I love how "knock knock. get the door, it's Religion" happens both to Japan and my house :D

hiitoast242 : No filthy frank taught me some of it including *WELCOME TO THE RICE FIELDS MOTHERFUCKER!*

Canadian Pastry Boy : I just realized Kyoto is a anagram for Tokyo.

Bria Howell : This so so funny 😂😂

Kaas : Can you do the history of the Dutch 😂

MasterAquatics : I cant stop watching this video

Spasm Fox : This helped me in my quiz about Japan's history.

N - Aera : 03:23 the coolest part of japan history, when some smol dude decided that he will unite the nation BY FORCE and he ACTUALLY SUCCEDED

이창호123 : I'm korean but South korean still have complained about Japan because they feel Humiliation having been Japanese slave despite fact that Japan assisted korean economy Contributing amount of money and apologizing many times. They just want Japan money

Katlyn Dobransky : Learned more about Japan then I know about my own country (the US)

Justin Y. : Yes, you can make a religion out of anime.

Creative Schmuck : The US actually had to drop tge Bomb on Berlin but because Germany had surrendered and Japan did not..it was dropped on Japan.

Johan : History of Finland?

SEMAJ HCAZ : H3’s pod

BloodTooth The Nightwing : Yall want some *JESUS*

Dan Bull : I am now inspired to put more effort into everything I do. By a YouTube video about the history of Japan. Bravo

Zoe Goldberg : I learnt more from this then I did in my history class

The Galaxy : Its a trap! Once you click 9 minutes of your life are gone and there is nothing you can do!

zudemaster : 1983 - Japan created the Nintendo Famicom and the rest is history.

Eno Bening : Hi Singham! jadi kalian masih nyariin C D E itu apa ya? hahaha

Marion T : You can make a religion out of thi... wait. Dont