history of japan

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3DSage : so impressive how much I learned in so little time.

Avery Lopez-Baines : Knock knock...it's the UNITED STATES!


Jared The Gamer : Hmm good enough for my Essay

KingdomHeartsFan3211 : 5:46 Can you maybe "Be More Chill"?? (IT'S FROM JAPAN!!!!!!)

MultipleFunctions 231 : I feel *SMART.*

Shynderu : Everytime I watch your videos I get more brain cells

Forestish : 分かりやすいし、編集うますぎ

Myrsine Lachanaris : *You can make a religion out of this*

Justin Y. : Nani?!

MasterAquatics : I cant stop watching this video

Justin Y. : What about anime

エイミーテイラー : The history of my country is very.... interesting

ha ha : knock knock, it's Europe the entire world history in one sentence

r a i n g u r l : -Good Friends-

Flame The Hybrid ;u; : Don't do a history of America we all know what happens Bill Wurtz: How 'bout I do anyway?

Coach Renaldo : I’d pay tuition price just to have a history class taught by Bill Wurtz.

starfleet power : They showed this in class... I was like tf 🤣🤣🤣

PiousMoltar : I know you've done the whole world one now, but I'd love more of these dedicated to specific countries and going into more detail like this one did. Amazing.

KingdomHeartsFan3211 : 6:14 *MORE*


Vip Telecom : Without Japan we won't have awesome animes cool technology disturbing weird games and rare hentais.

sara michelle : let’s be honest...Japan’s better than everyone else, I mean, there the gods of anime.

9879blue plutomw : 日露戦争、省略し過ぎ。

James C. : *C R A Z Y R I C E F A R M S*

Game Detective : We need *History of EUROPE* next or *America* XD

Hide : ITS TIME FOR WORLD WAR 1 "Ahem" 6:02 Japan wants more the next thing on their list are all these tiny islands. (All that stuff belongs to Germany.) Who's just had war declared on by Britain because Britain was friends with Belguim who was being trespassed by Germany in order to get to France to kick France's ass because France was friends with Russia who was getting ready to kick Austria's ass because Austria was getting ready to kick Serbia's ass because someone from Serbia shot the leader of Austria's ass. (Er, actually he shot him in the head.) And Britain is currently friends with Japan, so you know what that means. (Japan <----> Germany Enemies??) Duhh Jpan should take the islandsss

Tousif Tanvir Alam : BTW Japan managed to defeat the USSR while conquering China.

Greenintomy : And that’s why they decided to draw anime

CreepsMcPasta : I love how "knock knock. get the door, it's Religion" happens both to Japan and my house :D

Kyoko Uchinoko : I’m Japanese, It was amazing! Thank you for explanation┌o bow

Locasaly : Am I the only one thinking of Hetalia? Especially the part about world war 2.

mosurisu mosurisu : 大体の所は押さえてるw

ippanjin : 英語が早過ぎて良くわからないが、「だいたいの流れ」は合ってると思う。いいかげんな部分もあるが。 だが、0:12の頃の4万年前に朝鮮から渡ってきた人たちが全て日本人の先祖であるかのような、「根本的なウソ」はやめて欲しい。 その時代に日本に渡ってきたのは、北方からシベリア経由で来た人たちと、東南アジアや中国から来た人たちが主であることはDNA鑑定でも明らかになっている。 朝鮮半島から渡ってきた人たちも日本の歴史に大きな役割を果たしたことは確かだが、それはもっと後の時代の話。 日本人はアジアの色んな人種の混血である。

scorbiot : We need MORE history!

XBakaTacoX : I love the style of this video. I didn't expect it when I saw it in my recommended videos, but I'm glad I clicked it. Hahaha


LORD Hydra : Did they sell Jesus?

Queen Narwhal : This taught me more history than my teachers ever did

UnPhayzable : Bill Wurtz is best grill

2ttw62t2yf 25wgsy62yev : *WELCOME TO THE RICE FIELDS*

박지영 : “Can you be my friend “ Haha

Liam York : Make more documentaries!!!

WonJoon Jung : welcome to tokio. city of radiation.

FRED DUDE : So how do I prepare for my history test with out having to do any work HIRE A SAMURAI!!!!!!!!!!

Flying Doom Turtle : My social studies teacher played this😆

Purple Head : Now go and watch Hetalia kid

fabian sepulveda : WOW. I paused the video to go do something, saw the time and it was only three minutes! I could've sworn I was at least 7 minutes into it already! Good sir, you won a subscriber.

LEGEND 25 : Really? He didn't mention The Pearl Harbor. Philippines had gone through a lot.

camaka : i think i’m high