We Fired a Civil War Mortar at a Caravan | Featuring Tom Scott

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English Heritage : Although it may seem that this caravan was mighty enough to survive a direct hit from a shell fired from Roaring Meg (we're referring to the shells bouncing off the side), what we didn't include in this video is the footage of the shells bouncing off the ground before hitting the side of the caravan. Sorry if this was misleading! If you'd like to see this footage, let us know by liking this comment. It may have also looked like we destroyed a perfectly good caravan, what this video doesn't show is that this poor old vehicle was actually on it's last legs and was filled with damp and mold. She's in a better place now.

MRKapcer13 : Haha until Tom mentioned it I hadn't realised that a caravan really is the British standard for destruction. Brainiac, Top Gear - all sorts of quintessentially British shows blowing up poor unexpecting caravans.

Wanda Pease : Let’s face it. The caravan won, you were just determined to blow something up.

Nik F : Tom Scott: Helping Jeremy Clarkson's crusade to blow up caravans since 2018

Tristan Morrow : Ah, _that_ civil war.

Janne Aalto : I almost fell off my chair laughing when I saw how the mortar balls bounced off the side :D

Adam Mullarkey : I feel like an idiot.So, I was going to write a comment about how I was expecting it to be about the American civil war, and was thus surprised when Tom started the intro by talking about English heritage. So, I scrolled down, clicked on the comment box, and was about to start typing when I saw the name of the channel. The worst bit? I'm EnglishI guess I'm just used to the internet being all about America.

XPR Mitch : English Heritage AND Tom Scott! That’s got my interest.

Jim Fortune : The old mortars were really designed for area bombardment. What you needed was a field full of caravans.

nekomatafuyu : Watching that, all I could think was "Tom Scott auditions for Top Gear" :)

Ming Xiang : world of tanks should have the model of the caravan. it has amazing side armor stats, bounces round after round of mortar fire, way better then the maus super heavy tank. the caravan is super OP

bellisperennis42 : @English Heritage: Thank you for this video, I enjoyed the information, the action & the determination to hit your target :-D But I miss the promised seamless montage of the cannonball being shot + hit the target + explode :'-(

Nails Chrysanthemum : My parents crammed our family into a similar type of caravan and we traveled America for 3 weeks. This is to say -- thanks for blowing one up!

currymonster 65 : Not just top gear who hates caravans

RiccoKane : Fires it at 3:10 in slow mo. Starts firing it again for real at 4:44. Final shot at 6:02. Mortar Charge a 6:33.

Erin Lee : I see Tom Scott, I click on the video. Never thought I’d see Tom on this channel. I never thought I’d need this in my life until I watched the video. Well done!👍👍👍

Lar In Vermont : What did that poor caravan ever do to you?


John E : I hope you removed the toilet-waste tank from the caravan first.

QuincelSC : I came for the Tom Scott, but I stayed for the really interesting video. Thanks English Heritage!

Altoclarinets : Reminiscent of the "shelling a crab" joke from the Yorkshire Scouts episode of Citation Needed

IWroteThis : It reminds me of an episode of Top Gear.

MrGregorychant : Tom Scott, mortar firing at a caravan and Ratatat music in the background makes for a great video.


penguasakucing : That is a very crude-looking mortar. The bore doesnt look perfectly circular, and the barrel wall are thicker in some side and thinner in others. Is it deliberate because the original mortar was casted that way?

Touno : The music at the beginning of the video is by Ratatat and is called Loud Pipes.

AryanEgg : Should have blown up an invader caravan.

ecoomber : Tom Scott is an excellent presenter.

Qinxzy Panjaitan : Why dont you give the caravan to the homeless people?

Mattias Bengtsson : So, I subscribed to this channel yesterday, and the next day, you put up a video with one of my favourite YouTubers. The best kind of coincidence.

Arda Drawing : Tom Scott? English Heritage? Together? THIS MUST BE HEAVEN

Laminated Samurai : I just came here for the caravan to be blown up. Learned some cool history in the meantime. And, let's face it, Tom tells a good story. Was not disappointed in any way. ^_^

ancilodon : Lower the volume on the background music. Or raise the volume on the commentary.

Kilikus : 4:54 Someone commission that vessel into the United States Navy immediately.

Monty Python the Flying Circus : Those ex Top Gear (now The Grand Tour) lads of Clarkson, Hammond and May would be laughing so much watching the way that caravan got destroyed..... and 6:35 as Clarkson would say “1 times caravan destroyed....”

james0611847 : They were promptly arressted for possessing something resembling a firemarm.

Laura Metheny : So cool....tho I wish I could have had that there super caravan! Thankyou.😂😈🇬🇧

CrushersCharisma : I normally wouldn't mention this on such a educational/historical video, but at 5:54 when Tom is disappointed in their last shot and raises his hands above his head, he hasn't looked more attractive to me than that particular shot. I'm subscribed to his channel and have watched everything he's made. Oddly enough his most appealing video to me yet isn't on his channel. The man is handsome. Sorry. But I had to say it sometime.

TorrentKatten : GoPro, mortar and explosion survival. Checked!

Gryflir : Well that was cool even if I expected the mortar to shoot explosive shells.

joshua43214 : Morale of the story is, the best place to weather a siege is in an English caravan. I know when I am going to get before the zombie apocalypse...

William Davies : I love the full disclosure. Doesn't detract anything, still very cool. Thank you. And thank you for looking after our nation's treasures. Nice one Tom, a nice surprise to see you.

Christopher Whitaker : Great video! Not sure how you got away with this when you poor bastards aren't even allowed to bring a potato peeler home from the store but great job!

danner253 : Oh my god, what a cross over!

arcanask : Nice to see the tradition of destroying caravans is still alive and well in Britain. Across the Atlantic we turn ours into giant go carts.

hellonpluto : So what you're saying is they should have built castles out of caravans?

ThirdDegreeWitch : At last ! a genuine use for the dreaded tin tent , repeat this experiment till you run out of tin tents ………. BLISS

Richard Au : the lamest video i saw in ALL of august 2018 top contender for all of 2018

teslaTrooper : Leaning into a cannon to light the fuse? All you need is a battery and some nichrome wire to light it remotely. Dealing with the shrapnel would have been a bigger problem though.

Sunset Vlogs : Let’s be honest this is going to go to 1 million