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David Dobrik : Thanks to everyone that helped with the prank!! We will probably talk about all the behind the scene stuff on tonights podcast!! GO SUBSCRIBE TO IT HERE:

Ella Reckamp : Such an intricate prank

Briana Colin : I wanna date brandon :(

Madelief Bovenga : Love HIM

Amanda Cordova : I appreciate how extra David is to torture his friends

Dennis Liu : Seth was one of the extras lolol

Griffin Dumeer : Is it me or does Brandon look like Tulio from “Road to El Dorado?” Also, I know this my sound weird, but I would love to be there when the fault line ruptures. As long as I knew it would be OK.

Emilia Cheesman : WHERE IS ALEX

Casey Rich : Fake prank

Alice Greyheart : i cringe whenever brandon swears

katarakx chully : What a diabolical genius

lidia buenrostro : Hahaha he walked in

Steven Universe : That's f*cked up! Lmao!

Ilse Van Duijn : I love Brandon

nessarose Squatterbaskets : Jesus Christ

Liz Cielo : More Brandon 😍

Razer Wave : 3:30

Adriana Ortega : Best prank ever

Kaysen Kerr : This is the best thing I've seen

Kyndal's Edits : 3:22 "here's 'guy who couldn't get out' " HAHAHAHA DEAD OML

JOELI TAVUI : Can someone fill me in on this San Andreas thing I'm from Australia so I have no clue what it is (does it have something to do with the movie with Dwayne Johnson

Esmeralda Enriquez : olljnh


Emmalia Lor : I like how it's clickbait yet it's not but it is. It way closer

adventure with me : Brandon said the "n" word at the end of 3:38

Maya Pena : this is so goddamn extra i love it

Tatyana Reynolds : David is such a dick lol

Jenel T : “Here I am with all of your hats” I love Jason😩

arjeta arjo : one of the best ones , sorry for taking so long to see it , i dont feel like a loyal fan anymore , its all schools fault

Em Ma : Brandon is so hot

makaylah Melton : Is ever one ok!?!😶


Emily Marie : Atleast he was going to get his brother. My brothers would've left me trying to save themselves. Lmaoo

Wednesday's Woe : So scared/curious how David will top this one

Xavier Martinez : Damn the girl between the 2 cops at 3:30 god damn!!

Shrek Seven : I kinda wish I was in an earth quake but not a bad one just one that shakes the ground a bit but earthquakes don't really happen in Australia because it's like in the middle of its tectonic plate and I'm not allowed to leave Australia until I'm 18 because i can't get a passport

SaMya Gray : “Everyone say Brandon’s a pussy” 😭

flannery golden : Who thinks that there should be tesla mearch

Jorja Hoffman : Apply for a green card

Derpy Unicorn : Liza confused is me during math class

Ameris M : Omg poor Brandon😂 I feel so bad their gonna break him😭😂😂

Kate Davis : This doesn't prove anything you would have been a pussy

Poppy Rose Reid : I just want everyone to remember that there is a movie about the San Andreas falls erupting .

NatashaLaird : can people support my channel

Blaze501100 : person: define genius Me: shows video person: BRILLIANT EXCELLENT EXAMPLE *clap clap clap*

elva sosa : this is the best prank ever

Simon Hernandez : Jesus so crazy. David has so 💰to call family friends and sex life just for a prank

TheBleso : Was that gabbie on the phone

Espe Meza : Best. Prank. EVURRRRR

Tragic : woAH i fuckin love how evil you are david djdkdkd