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David Dobrik : Thanks to everyone that helped with the prank!! We will probably talk about all the behind the scene stuff on tonights podcast!! GO SUBSCRIBE TO IT HERE:

Vanessa Blanco : I love how Brandon immediately thought of his brother 😊

TheAliLife : "Cancel the date, just do it - and she did it" AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHA

Lynzy Janelle : Awww that was cute when Brandon wanted to get his brother

ashycloudy : Aww Brandon’s so caring and wants to protect his brother I’m gonna cry

Love One Another : Never expose your fears to David. E V E R.

TheChowDown : I admire your dedication. You weren't letting anything get in the way of that prank 😂

Grace Whitt : Aww Brandon was so cute. He thought about his brother and his family first and then he was so stressed and started twirling his hair and it was so adorable

Isapizza : okay but Brandon wanting to get his brother was so sweet

sheentheexplorer : the real ffff deal hhahaha

lana del slay : david is the definition of extra

Raquel Mena : Brandon is actually really handsome

TheRedDiamond Randomness : Omg Brandon is so cute when he's flustered

Jay Nice : “Let me out of the FUUUuuucking house” 2:35

Joana Escobar : David=Extra Hires fake cops Hires 20 extras Calls all Brandon relatives Calls Brandon's date so she can cancel

Mudawi : David you're a genius 😂😂

Daisy Garcia : 3:12 Brandon: This right now... David: Is dope Lol omg!😂

alex : Brandon:" There are limits, this right now--" David:"is dope" Davidd😭😭😭

Alia Urzua : Brandon: "There are limits, this right now is" David: "Dope" I'm so done 😂

Picklelover 101 : I called your date and I said David: "Cancel on him" Date: "Why" David: "Just do it!" Date: Immediately cancels date XD

Its Ryleigh!! : Honestly... this is the best prank ever.

its.jaay! : Forget Toddy, Look @ Scotty👅😍🤤

Hekla Eir : David.. you are truly an evil genius

ThatSimplePanda : What is the Background music called at 1:09 ?

Killed by Bigfoot : Wow, you really get to see people for who they are when in a crisis situation. If the s*** does hit the fan, CALI IS SCREWED! and BTW, there aren't that many earthquakes out here. It's quite boring. A ton of drug addicts and thieves though, NO shortage of that.

V : I wish I had friends who went to that extent in order to prank me that well 😭😂 btw congrats on hitting 5 mil!!!


Till Sommer : D O P E - R I K

Trasha Samson : When my friends ask how far I'll take it

E.M. L : At this moment, Brandon was officially part of the vlog squad

LucasArg : Do we all agree that if it was Matt, he would literally have a heart attack?

seenie bear : David laughing during a serious situation gave it away....

jabberbaes : I think Jason hopping in the car to go get his kids really sealed the deal for Brandon, I know it wasn’t real but I thought it was cute!

Party Peeps : David Dobrik. I want my like

dark melodies : I feel like deadass this is my fav vlog of davids, besides the "He put a stripper pole in our apartment" one

Cara Johnson : When he was explaining the prank I was just sat here smiling and shaking my head

Maddie Mad Hatter : Damn, props to Brandon for getting a date 😂😂

Lana.bby - : "There are limits" 😂😂😂😂

Jayleen Salas : Zayn at 0:21 has me dying, omg I love him!

Unicorn Da Wize : David does way too much to prove a point he is so extra and i love it ❤️

Fooligan : I love how you have police impersonators on speed dial haha

liv : I strive to be as extra as David one day

Jessica Dauk : I love Brandon so much omg😭

Emma Olivia : Dude thanks for coming over

Tayden Overton : Jesus Christ I love Brandon... Like if given the opportunity I would fly down from Canada to meet him or something

StevenBridges : When the prank is so good that you have to pause the video for a second because it's so tense.


Yannasoursthe Mood!! : I am 11 and My bedtime is at 8:30 but I'm awake till 2:00am watching his videos I tried to not smile while watching his videos but I forgot about it and my face muscle hurt the next day. 😂

Paul Sanchez : I feel like Jason's acting was on POINT!

Wednesday's Woe : So scared/curious how David will top this one