True suffering: PUBG on the original Xbox One

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Cyranek : they actually get an advantage cause none of the walls will render in

Aniimous : My phone can run PUBG better than an xbox...

Endyrym : 3:59 Googles maps 3D

poom : My phone runs pubg faster

iKiwed : It’s not even a problem of hardware, the PUBG team doesn’t know how to make a game properly. Kinda surprised they got a partnership with Microsoft for such a game like this.

Miya : Pretty good graphics, what n64 game is this?

Jaime Moyano : Pubg devs: Fixing our broken games? Nah Suing fortnite? Yay

Scooter : PUBG PS2 port is looking pretty good

Sckralchet : Waiting for the GameCube version

RoyalCommander : Google Earth: Battlegrounds

MUSIKO : This game is the perfect example of how hardware its useless without good optimization. Blame the devs. Fortnite has better graphics and more mechanics and runs way better than this. Shame.

Stram Kusse : Player Unknowns San Andreas

Xrixten : This video literally just explained why PUBG devs had the time to sue Fortnite instead of fixing their game.

Entendendor Das referências : *4k 60 FPS*

Rahat : I think it's more of the developers fault for bad optimization

Devon Palmer : This would make a great trailer for fortnite

MECATE : Remember when this was nominated as game of the year?

Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Osas : 144p For true console pleb experience

kevkev 36 : Still better than pubg mobile Hang on....

Griesgrammar : 5:09 so that's what the black sea looks like...

vonbrigð i : Lol even pubg mobile is way better

Piqsseu : We are the low spec gamer. and we are making this game run..

Primo : Pubg mobile >>>> pubg Xbox

Austacker : Here we are 9 months later and many 'performance enhancement' patches later and this game still runs like complete ass. Fail.

toprakcem savas : why is your playermodel Mark Zuckerberg?

24 Frames Of Nick : Lord crowbcat has blessed us with an upload

EarFarce4 : Speaking as a guy who primarily uses a PC, this is not the hardware's fault but the bad optimisation for said hardware.

Ryan G : When did google earth get a battle royale mode?

Thomas Myers : Xbox one in general is true suffering I have the x the “most powerful console on the planet” and trying to play ark survival evolved (which isn’t even that intense of a game) and it rarely ever hits 60 fps and when it does it’s inconsistent

Locosiap 41 : “Consoles is more powerful then any 2000 dollar pc” console peasant-2016

Horus Morus : google maps looks better than ever!

john haley : It's the game optimization not the xbox

TacticalIdiot17 : Whoa, Google earth update?

LostandAlive : I remember being in some argument with a guy and he said phones haven't caught up to consoles in performance... Man was that guy wrong, just look at pubg mobile.

CptHrki : The freaking mobile version is better than this lol

TheGoldenCaulk : Is anyone else's video laggy? Oh, wait...

Otakamerd : It's impressive that they managed to get PUBG to work on a VHS player

Kommandant Milchshake : But guys! It's "cinematic"!

FattyMcButterPants : Very nice that they were able to use google maps for this port

Bowser from Sonic : Toy Story 2 for the ps1 has better optimization, than this.

Your Brand New Obsession : they should finish this game before they sell it on anything but pc smh

Wesley Bitencourt Dos Santos : It's not the xbox fault

GriZZly_Souls : I dont think it's the Xbox... Pubg is just a bad looking game in general...

Just Some Guy : PUBG: Google Earth Edition

Mane! esta en todos lados : Esas imagenes son 100% reales asi se ve de culero

Albino : the most powerful game on the most powerful console

A Buzzed Whaler : I remember the building glitch. My friends and I called it "the gift"

Evehz : Mom, where is my Nintendo 64

Anuj Choudhary : 6:59 well hello there

Killer Kuerbis : "console players are pretty hardcore"