True suffering: PUBG on the original Xbox One

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Cyranek : they actually get an advantage cause none of the walls will render in

vonbrigð i : Lol even pubg mobile is way better

Jermhern : I get better frames on my iPod 1g

boost edrl : Cool! Which GTA San Andreas Mod is this?

jaakko k : even the mobile version runs better lmaoo

The Volatile Walker : 3:45 ....hmmm SCIENCE!

REBELiGAN : this is an instant golden classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they did a couple things right. they ignored the customers/community, broke it and re sold it as fixed -and better than on pc-...all so that karma could take over and the masses could lul together. lol

Guy Neilson : When this video was one would expect a mobile version to be released and have it run better than on X-box...but here we are

Hard Boiled Eggs : Then Fortnite comes out and microsoft wasted their efforts on making PUBG exclusive for Xbox console wise.

Chasing Chickens : At least xbox owners can proudly say "Only on Xbox" lmao

gaterzoom : It just works

CommandoCaptain : The team optimising the game for Xbox (if there was one) must have been snowballing off of their keyboards.

Bebop : Even mobile version look better than this shit

BySpirit CR! : "World's Most Powerful Console"

jimmy perkins : Looks like low res gta iv graphics

VazzyCow : I predict the next video to be about Minecon 2017

HaloModder555 : It's an Unreal Engine 4 game but it comes with all the problems of a Virtuality 4 engine game.

TheHolySpartan : *PUBG MOBILE*

_________ dead : Wow mobile version runs way better and aiming is better.

Wytecro : This is minecraft survival games?

Horus Morus : google maps looks better than ever!

Another Lost Cause : "Xbox is better then Playstation"

Memphis Reins : Muddy textures you said. P Ssshhhh what are you guys talking about this is the purest ultra high quality motion Blur gamers have ever seen. Don't believe me? Go see Xbox one X conference Nothing but truth there. Starting from the highest quality pixels to highest frame rates to the highest resolutions of 4k gaming, no compromises nor compressed assets. It's true, go and see papa Phil Spencer says it him self. Go go now before is to late to get into the "behemoth" Xbox one X.

Victor Gianan : Pubg mobile runs better than pubg xbone

Robert California : I play pubg on my original Xbox one and this is exactly what it’s like lol

DammitSinged : GTA San Andreas on Windows Vista runs better than this.

Stealth_Touch : It runs a bit smoother now and it is a game preview meaning the game isn't complete. Just wait.

theinFAMOUSassassin : I am watching a PUBG Mobile ad where it runs butter smooth on a phone than this version in the video. I don't know if they patched it since I never played PUBG before. Update: I played PUBG on mobile and it plays a lot better than what I expected on a PHONE.

Forest Pig : pubg is just ass either way

Ryan Davis : almost 3.7k butthurt xfags lmao

Mattchester : 60? I think they meant 6fps.

PC MASTERBATER : Wanna hear a joke? XBOX ONE X

Roxling : I wanted to watch the video but my internet isn’t good enough to see anything

NSITF MCPE : When mobiles graphics are better then Xbox graphics you know the Xbox sucks

ThomerTD : Fps games for console were a mistake

Krzysztof Dolecki : Recorded in 1080p 60fps Thanks, Finally we can see all details that this game has. Stunning graphic

Steeven Nunez : When your mobile phone runs better. This is making the androids look good

Marian Müller : How should Pubg run on a switch when it has only 4 gigs of ram which is used by the Cpu and the Gpu No one can optimize that good

HighSkiez : Gotta love how a free to play mobile game runs better than a $30 Xbox port.

saitama : Even roblox and mc has better graphic than pubg xbox

Your Brand New Obsession : they should finish this game before they sell it on anything but pc smh

MOBILE LEGEND GAMER : That is in beta

protomanx_damanx : Aye look perfect dark

tdawg067 YT : Intresting Graphic LOL RIP OFF!

IOS Tutorials : Makes me laugh thinking that how the mobile version runs it a lot better

Prod. Hxrford : When that guy breaks into a swim in the middle of a field LMAOOOOO

Chris T. : Dis iz a MASTAHPIECE.

mostafagk : Pubg 2003

Dutch CheesHead : Minecraft with GUNZZZZZZZZ!!🙈

Elvis Depresley : I kid you not... this game runs better on my shit samsung s5 active (and its free on mobile)than on the hight tech slim design powerful console ment to handle inense graphics and maintain solid frames