True suffering: PUBG on the original Xbox One

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Mattchester : 60? I think they meant 6fps.

Eichro : These non-updated textures look like they were pulled right out of google earth

Rent A Bullet : Are they using google earth to render buildings

BLOP : True optimization.

alex animating : This makes roblox's graphics look like uncharted 4

Munchea : that thumbnail made me freak out I’m not joking

hypergalaxy8 : Is this Google Maps in Satellite mode?

Sociupath Chickn : tetris 2 leaked gameplay

angel Calderón : xbox one- 720p 28fps xbox one x-4k 28fps

Aditya Namburi : Hey at least xbox one x plays it like my old pc...The one from 2013...

monobearking : 6:57 lol. That guy tried to hide but the table did not load fast enough.

You shall not pass! : Another minecraft clone...

Chris Colmenter : Can we all come to an agreement whether its pc or console, the developers of this game are the main problem. Like how do you have a year of early access and throught that whole time all you add is 1 new map, no optimization, a few new guns, and this "incredible new" thing called vaulting, then tell the world it is ready to be officially be launched as a full game?

Clayton Messinger : this physically hurts to watch

Frank Bandana : It looks just like San Andreas if it was on the PS1.

I Feel Alive : i dont understand what console players expected out of a game that was broken on day one release on pc it was bound to not be playable on console at all until like maybe just maybe 6 months into its release and they update the game for console p.s. this game should never have came out to console its not designed for a console in mind XD

Shane J : Was this built on the minecraft engine? Love the 8bit look!

TopazZe : Console players are pretty hardcore.. OK THAT'S A FUNNY JOKE

Marcos Fernandez : Even Xbox 360 with good optimization would run it better

Whoa : During this holiday season, render those in need.

_duzz : Still waiting for the game awards 2017...

pegaweegee : PUBG, or Potato Underperforming Broken Grounds

adi. : *i want my money back*

Shadownet Agent : So glad I went to PC, consoles are so crap.

Last Panda : Who else clicked fast as fuck LOL

Lumpy Gash : Ark was the same, now is really smooth if you dont have 500 turrets and dinos on your base. I dont know why they can do that and with more details and this game cant.

Dallas Hill : -Buys a console -Complains it runs like a console

Roman : Looks like Google Earth Lmao

Ghost Writer : i wish the pc version was that good

Kushologist : Pretty sad when the ad before this video was that pubg mobile clone and that still looked way better than this lol

ShallowDepression : Still looks miles better than the PS4 version. Oh wait...

Voskhod : And this kids is why you buy a PC instead

Mr BuzzKill : PC vs Console is like the whole Atheist vs Christians, both are irrelevant now but you'll still find retards arguing about them...

AndThen YouAppeared : Like, I'm a big Nintendo fan, but I also think it wouldn't be able to run PUBG, sadly.. If Xbox did a horrible job, of course it will have the same problem or more in the Switch console.

BADKARMA 10127 : I was waiting for this, thanks CrowbCat

Nick Crase : Why isn't the internet up in arms over this?? Just imagine if this was EA or Activision.

Eirahcaz : 0:56 Warning, if you were drunk dead like me while watching this video, you might get spooked there.

Svetlana Rodriguez : This is so sad.

three dollar bill, yall : 6:55 xD

Fingers : New roblox looking good

RASKOL : Nice highlights!!!

Dank Memes : Should have went to PS4...

lapsivedenkeitin ` : Rip my eyes

Glitch The Deer : Dude the ps original HAS BETTER GRAPHICS THAN THIS TRASH

Swerh Derzhawin : >2018 >consoles Ahahahahahah

Sir. Catsalot : is this the new update for minesweeper??

PM-1 TV : it looks like gta 4 on low settings

TheSimpleHelper : When devs have fun and they hate Xbox

actuallywill : Anyone hear about PUBG on the Gameboy advance, the beginning of this video has some in game footage.

Gamerstype LP : Bad Internet