True suffering: PUBG on the original Xbox One

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Krzysztof Dolecki : Recorded in 1080p 60fps Thanks, Finally we can see all details that this game has. Stunning graphic

AlltimeGaming : Someone at PU saw this build and thought "perfect."

jimmy perkins : Looks like low res gta iv graphics

poom : My phone runs pubg faster

Aniimous : My phone can run PUBG better than an xbox...

CommandoCaptain : The team optimising the game for Xbox (if there was one) must have been snowballing off of their keyboards.

HighSkiez : Gotta love how a free to play mobile game runs better than a $30 Xbox port.

Memphis Reins : Muddy textures you said. P Ssshhhh what are you guys talking about this is the purest ultra high quality motion Blur gamers have ever seen. Don't believe me? Go see Xbox one X conference Nothing but truth there. Starting from the highest quality pixels to highest frame rates to the highest resolutions of 4k gaming, no compromises nor compressed assets. It's true, go and see papa Phil Spencer says it him self. Go go now before is to late to get into the "behemoth" Xbox one X.

Jerry's Medicine : Why did Xbox one cross the road? to render the other side :v

Creeeamy : I think I've played this before? Which roblox server is this?

Mane! remaster : Esas imagenes son 100% reales asi se ve de culero

Zipu : but human eye can see only 7fps

Dr_Penguin : Don't act like it is a console problem. It's because PUBG is extremely bad optimised.

Prod. Hxrford : When that guy breaks into a swim in the middle of a field LMAOOOOO

Sassy Sasquatch : 4 MONTHS LATER: The game still runs exactly the same despite ten updates promising "optimization and stability improvements" in every single one.

Scooter : PUBG PS2 port is looking pretty good

Sckralchet : Waiting for the GameCube version

maz199 : This is what happens when you try to optimise a game for a console that has a fundamentally flawed architecture. The same Jaguar chip that is the bottleneck in the original Xbox one, is still the bottleneck on the X. PCs can't even run this without lag or FPS issues... Disastrous decision.

Your Brand New Obsession : they should finish this game before they sell it on anything but pc smh

George Puyol : I'm a Sony fan but this isn't the console's fault. It's a terrible port. Look at GTA 4, Saints Row 2, Arkham Knight etc. Terrible PC ports. Does that make PC a bad platform? Lol.

Quantum Radiation : Why was this even released? Logic: release a unfinished game as an even more unfinished game.

اللاعب العربي : 3:45 You're a wizard harry

Entendedor Das referências : *4k 60 FPS*

VazzyCow : I predict the next video to be about Minecon 2017

Zachary Helms : This is the developers fault not the console. It is genuinely annoying seeing fools knock something when they have no concept of how it works

Jaime Moyano : Pubg devs: Fixing our broken games? Nah Suing fortnite? Yay

Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Osas : 144p For true console pleb experience

yellow peep : 3:40 it's like someone playing Dj

Krzysztof Dolecki : 6:57 You would never know he is there without this bugs 10/10 included cheats

hichamitooo1986 : I don't know how microsoft sold more than 30 million units

not the alpha legion. : Oh my god someone allowed this to happen.

Primo : Pubg mobile >>>> pubg Xbox

BySpirit CR! : "World's Most Powerful Console"

Mattchester : 60? I think they meant 6fps.

tdawg067 YT : Intresting Graphic LOL RIP OFF!

Simplisticc 78 : Player Unknowns San Andreas

Teatube M6K : tfw pubg on your phone runs on 60 fps while the xbox one cant even hold on 15 fps

Far East The Silent Gamer and Movie Maker : The low res textured polygons are draw distanced based. It means when your far away, the engine renders the polygons at low res versions of themselves to save ram and cpu usage. When you get near the polygons, it will be replaced with the higher textured ones. In the game's case, it was just bugged. when you get near the polygons the low res versions get rendered instead of the higher ones.

The Volatile Walker : 3:45 ....hmmm SCIENCE!

Ghozti : Even mobile looks better

kevkev 36 : Still better than pubg mobile Hang on....

DHIWANTARA : powerfull console they say

Griesgrammar : 5:09 so that's what the black sea looks like...

TheGoldenCaulk : Is anyone else's video laggy? Oh, wait...

Xrixten : This video literally just explained why PUBG devs had the time to sue Fortnite instead of fixing their game.

A'n'B Gaming : Atleast we can play PUBG...Playstation dudes cannot even play it...

Moonman : Why am I still here Just to suffer

Otakamerd : It's impressive that they managed to get PUBG to work on a VHS player

Bad Platano : Make sure the video is on 1080p60!

Diogo Teixeira : Xbox meu pau