it seems we both got autism

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Kylirr : relationship goals

Joe X : if the entire 4chan community was only 2 people

Cow : When a brony meets a fellow brony

Sam Lipscombe : "When you and your friend discuss what answer you got for a question after an english exam"

David : Well, Thats GOOD TO KNOW...

t bh : When Liverpool fans meet Stoke fans...

Goblin king : Why does he sound so... evil?

BroBuster : Footage from a genderfluid party.

Outside998 : The way he said the last sentence. What is he plotting?

Royatoy : Seems like my average conversation

Ciaran Gallagher : A match made in heaven

ablanchi : His inflections are just amazing


{Melody Memer} : Jake Paul and Logan Paul having a normal conversation

TheRealPDizzle : doh my god alice is gorgeous

Paquu : oh look its my botlane

товарищ фабси : this is literally me after an English exam

Kevin G : This is the best thing to come out of British television in 20 years

MrMeineNamen : i wish they got together at the end :(


moosefoot : OHTISM

wowfanatic100 : Le reddit army is here

itsdanthealien : when a 'non binary' meets another 'non binary'

mvtjets : FJ army R E P O R T I N G I N XD

Cody Moskalski : Me playing symmetra

Joan Saag : she's really cute tbh

Maultima : Walking out of an exam, with your friend like.

THOT PATROL agent : Why are you guys making fun of disabled people? I laughed at first,but then I felt bad.

2ndvenus : Bethesda Desease, you can catch it by playing their games.

I ain't even Bovvered tho : People after enjoying a superhero movie

LaCosaNostraRUs : He sounds like a robot.. No offense to autistic people I understand it cant be helped.

DQSpider : literally me and my wife

Me-Dee-Vee : Can you guys suggest any short, funny vids like this one for my playlist "Definition of Internet"? It's a playlist full of funny vids like this one and I made it public so you can add there if you want. Thanks.

Coconut Head : When two cosplayers meet

Magpie Randoms : He'd be a brilliant video game voice actor.

Ya Boi Ayden : When a 9gag user meets a IFunny user

Sir Grampton Hampterfuppinshire of Cummington : How shit I must be when even they have a love life.

Combat Wombat : I was playing on Siege a while back, attacking with Twitch against one remaining Valkyrie. Entered the room, started securing, she came in to counter. Long story short, we both expended all primary and secondary ammo and, across the ovens in Kafe, sort of looked at each other and I immediately thought of this. She then leaped across the ovens like a fucking gymnast and cut my pissing throat open.

Neon Majora : "Yep."

Red Rocket Rider : I unironically love the way he talks tbh

OneManArmy : When 2 furries meet eachother.

Its Not A Bad Dick : An average conversation with my co-workers

CodPatrol Les Grossman : Karius and Mignolet...

Chris SubZ : When you and your mate get your exam results back

Jack FitzGerald : When you and your friend walk out of an exam

Olly Wilson-Palmer : Walking out the English exam like

Eternal Mars : Yep

京Kyo : USA and Canada forge relationship.mp4

Adam Jensen : sonicschall isn't first :(

Ben Taylor : me speaking to my mates after doing my exams tomorrow