How Scientists Still Work Together, Even When Their Countries Don’t
How Scientists Still Work Together Even When Their Countries Dont

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The ISS, the LHC, SESAME-- some of Science’s biggest projects rely on international cooperation, but what happens when countries cooperating scientifically stop cooperating politically? The U.S. & Russia Are Building a Deep Space Gateway, Here's What You Need to Know - Read More: The U.S. And Cuba: A Brief History Of A Complicated Relationship “Just months after he seized power in Cuba, Fidel Castro visited Washington in April 1959 and received a warm welcome. Castro met Vice President Richard Nixon, placed a wreath at the base of both the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials and was photographed looking up in seeming admiration of both U.S. presidents.” In Space, U.S. and Russia Friendship Untethered “Even as the U.S. and Russian governments engage in a Cold War-esque, diplomatic tit-for-tat, the countries’ space agencies are forging towards a future in the final frontier. Roscosmos and NASA announced plans Wednesday to pioneer the Deep Space Gateway program, part of a long-term project to send humans to Mars.” Why Chile is an astronomer's paradise “With its crystal clear skies and bone dry air, the Atacama Desert in northern Chile has long drawn astronomers. Some of the most powerful telescopes in the world are housed here.” ____________________ Seeker inspires us to see the world through the lens of science and evokes a sense of curiosity, optimism and adventure. Visit the Seeker website Subscribe now! Seeker on Twitter Trace Dominguez on Twitter Seeker on Facebook Seeker Special thanks to Crystal Dilworth for hosting and writing this episode of Seeker! Check Crystal out on Twitter:


movingdata : Science is much more important than blind national pride.

Card : I love how you guys put 108,000 KM/H down there, thank you from all the non-US watchers :D

Richard Lazarus : Remember guys; Vote for pro-science politicians in 2018 and 2020.

Itube : Not 'countries' bro, 'governments'. Smart people don't care so much about that.

Guess Who Am I : Dude, Football/soccer players still play against each other even if their countries have nuclear bombs directed at each other

NO. 1 : Education is the key for a peaceful world.

Guess Who Am I : I got dem shivers at the end Inspiring

Family Dog : I am Russian scientists for myself. I totally agree *science is conecting people*

Sahid S. : If we were to save humanity, simply we have to work together.

Terry Turner : Science is the great uniter of the world. We can achieve true peace through science. Do you guys agree? 👍😎

flash king : They work together for our bright future

L E M O N : Honestly who gives a crap about politics, were all humans. Screw all the politics and countries and what have you, were all just people. And I love all my fellow humans

Johnnyxp64 : politicians and those think know politics must just been eradicated! give the world's governments to scientists if you want to survive

Go kool : Awesome statement at the end. Science has no borders!

S J : Hi everyone have a good day

pqowiiee : We need to progress regardless of petty squabbles and politics.

True Tech : #inSCIENCEwetrust

What's The Difference : Starting my day with a video on World Unity 😝

Delirus Cosmos Bella Tuna : Good people do good things.. and They finally find each other. Absolute knowledge is the common treasure of mankind. Those who use it for the benefit of humanity always get success.

Arthen : Let us progress

felpshehe : Science gives me hope for a better future

Bauss : the world should be 1 country..

Zac Crowther : Everyone should take inspiration from scientists. They value knowledge and humanity over political and religious differences!

Fire Nation Files : politics VS science... Which will win?

JoeyPsych : the only good thing that came from colonisation, global science progress.

Mikes Science : I'm glad scientists see above the petty drama of politics

Depression Is Great : They do Sciency stuff

dominick hill : God!!! You gotta love Chile!!! Bring the US & Russia together...

Make Racists Afraid Again : Scientists work together because they are Educated. Our “leaders” are not.

natemetsify : You put Isreal on blast whilst ignoring Palestine aggression? Sounds like you didn't forget to include your politics...

skrews76 : when you really open your mind and see things from perspective, these petty issues and conflicts humans have created seem so silly and honestly kind of pathetic. Stop wasting your time with them and lets bring our human race to its maximum potential together!! Science for the win!!! :)

Chang. : Damage control, can’t blame the Russians for everything yet still get a taxi to the space station..😂

Dreadnaught 717 : That's why we are 👑 crowend by the name HUMANS

Craig Corson : I'm racking my brain trying to think who it is that you remind me of, Crystal. Somebody very famous. And very beautiful.

abc abc : Sadly scientists are too overqualified to be politicians

Aditya Bharadwaj : We all should come together as humans and stop being divided by nations.

Scriptminer : Thanks for the video! Very interesting, something I hadn't really thought of before!

Павел Жданов : I think the best eaxample of USA - USSR was Luna2 impactor mission. Basically USSR sent a probe on collision course to the Moon in order to get back some closeup photos and observe other telemetri sent by probe just before the impact. The problem was at that time there was no network of relay sattelites and all the ground stations capable to receive the data were US ones. So soviet scientists asked US for assistance which US provided.

Nekminute : USA is the one not getting along with anyone, the rest of the world is fine

Abhi Raj : This is right, war should be stopped and science should thrive because war kills humans and science shows a way for development of humanity.

William Boyd : This is how bad U.S. Politics are; I never learned of Cuba's scientific achievements.

Dinesh Behera : Simple - They are geniuses and they know that we are temporary here.Not permanent to fight with each other.

felpshehe : We're a sac of sentient meat floating on a living space rock

Hanlon hanlon : CUBA HAS A CANCER VACCINE? And yet we’re not tryna help them improve this? Nice

RUHappyATM : give Cuba freedom first!

SuperHotnessJom : For the love of Science! <3

nick parry : This didn't answer the questions of how and more just what projects there working on.

USER112358134711 : Science is clear of human values! That's why is universal!

Raza Gul : 2:56 unfriendly to whom??