How Scientists Still Work Together, Even When Their Countries Don’t

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Master Therion : Most scientists deny politics :) Many politicians deny science :(

The Cosmo Show : Science is much more important than blind national pride.

Guess Who Am I : Dude, Football/soccer players still play against each other even if their countries have nuclear bombs directed at each other

Richard Lazarus : Remember guys; Vote for pro-science politicians in 2018 and 2020.

Medusa : Science >>> Religion Logic >>> Emotion Facts >>> Feelings

Itube : Not 'countries' bro, 'governments'. Smart people don't care so much about that.

Lemo n : Honestly who gives a crap about politics, were all humans. Screw all the politics and countries and what have you, were all just people. And I love all my fellow humans

NO. 1 : Education is the key for a peaceful world.

Mr. Person Humanson : scientific endeavors unites us all while political and religious divides us.

Terry Turner : Science is the great uniter of the world. We can achieve true peace through science. Do you guys agree? 👍😎

Card : I love how you guys put 108,000 KM/H down there, thank you from all the non-US watchers :D

Family Dog : I am Russian scientists for myself. I totally agree *science is conecting people*

Guess Who Am I : I got dem shivers at the end Inspiring

Make-U-rich : Countries never hate eachother. Their leaders hate other countries. The need of the few outweight the need of the many?

True Tech : #inSCIENCEwetrust

S J : Hi everyone have a good day

Go kool : Awesome statement at the end. Science has no borders!

Sahid S. : If we were to save humanity, simply we have to work together.

Dinesh Behera : Simple - They are geniuses and they know that we are temporary here.Not permanent to fight with each other.

flash king : They work together for our bright future

Jay Kei : Science is the search for truth. Facts don't care about your feelings

Johnnyxp64 : politicians and those think know politics must just been eradicated! give the world's governments to scientists if you want to survive

Bauss : the world should be 1 country..

What's The Difference : Starting my day with a video on World Unity 😝

RD : Let us progress

sidharth cs : And Trump happened


JackBulletz : Seeker? When did they change from Dnews?

skrews76 : when you really open your mind and see things from perspective, these petty issues and conflicts humans have created seem so silly and honestly kind of pathetic. Stop wasting your time with them and lets bring our human race to its maximum potential together!! Science for the win!!! :)

Software Man : *Traitors!*

Desperate Dude Earth Is Flat When You Are Drugged. : Again new host?

Fire Nation Files : politics VS science... Which will win?

FICTION FACTORY : When it comes to religion ,science ,arts ,music there is no such concept of nationality....humanity has itself given many evidences....that it's just a one super family......that it cannot stay bounded by mere borders....its like water matter how much u try to contain an airtight vessel of nationalism it will still escape it through evaporation(love)😁.........i would urge everyone to read james kirkup's "no men are foreign"....... For me war is like a matter on which side u r on....u have killed people that's it.....its just the curtain of nationalism that makes u feel that u r right while the other side of story goes uninvestigated...but yes there is only one right and wrong...either of the side is actually wrong....but problem arises when the proper evidence is not brought before public......and the propaganda starts .......go and talk to a Pakistani he would say Pakistan is correct in its way.and they will present their own evidence then go and talk to an Indian they would present their own facts ..and u will be like" who is telling the truth????....well the answer is very idiotic....."one of them is actually speaking the truth"......yes the dispute should be solved by an unbiased one.....the third one should intervene...becoz both the sides have earned enough propaganda......but here is a problem.....that arises...if the third also sees it as a means of interest than the credibility of having the 4th5th6th and so on.....automatically dissolves

Janitor Fish : Why so smug?

Chang. : Damage control, can’t blame the Russians for everything yet still get a taxi to the space station..😂

Jr. Jorge Dandoval : No not countries the governments and everyone that takes part in the government is held with the burden of having hatred among one another it’s just obvious as soon as you read a lot of history from illegal library books. The presidents are holding hatred if they ever want to start war id overthrow trumps and past presidents laws and allow progress, but main point here would be any leader around the world that wages nuclear war should force their presidents on a warship in two seas and from their exchange fire or one surrenders everything this way no casualties or mass contamination will spread and oceanic purification generators can be deployed by both countries to clean up the mess. If tyrannical leaders think that waging nuclear war is right or hiding behind it just wait if I ever run for any near power I will overthrow by adding a fair forced fight or surrender all world law. That’ll make any future leaders know it takes balls to kill yourself in the sea alone against your most hated foe. Maybe I become the most strictly realist leader protecting all life forms in this planet better late than never.

ᖇᗩᘔ0229 : Man! I'm The *1st* . . (Edited) Wow! Just Refreshed The Page And *I Realized I Was The 36th!*

MiketheLord : China isn’t allowed in the IS tho :o

Ununion : I prefer Science since you can have a false claim/make a mistake without getting told to go kill yourself because of it, unlike politics. Someone who understands you're human is better than someone who doesn't.

Depression Is Great : They do Sciency stuff

Abhi Raj : This is right, war should be stopped and science should thrive because war kills humans and science shows a way for development of humanity.

felpshehe : We're a sac of sentient meat floating on a living space rock

pqowiiee : We need to progress regardless of petty squabbles and politics.

Neal Overson : Israel is unfriendly?

Sanskar Singh : That's why we are 👑 crowend by the name HUMANS

felpshehe : Science gives me hope for a better future

Delirus Cosmos Bella Tuna : Good people do good things.. and They finally find each other. Absolute knowledge is the common treasure of mankind. Those who use it for the benefit of humanity always get success.

Kendra's Vlogs : POTATO

Azmeri Liza : why it's all abt cuba?

Guess Who Am I : Science could also start wars Look at the chemical war World War II