The Real Reason Subway Is Disappearing Across The Country

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Mashed : Where does Subway fall in your ranking of national sub chains?

Venom Snake : Subway just isnt the sub giant anymore, their are so many sandwich shop now that are either cheaper, taste better, or are just overall better

SadSynth : They aren’t real deli sandwiches, aren’t fresh, and are way overpriced.

photoshopknight : pls don't disappear subway.

Shnaz Fangler : When publix, a grocery store, makes subs ten times tastier than an entire franchise based entirely on subs theres a problem. Good riddance.

SiREN2173 : It's simple back in the day subway was pretty much the only place around and it was good and fresh and all and THEN you have Jimmy John's then Potbelly's then Firehouse and realize "wow... Subway is shit" all those other places are ACTUALLY fresh and make great subs

spllitz : Easy fix: get a drive thru

Moco Ganzo : Subway used to be FIRE!!!! You couldn’t keep customers out Now (July 2018) you can feel and see the buzz dying out Most subways are pretty empty now The menu never changes The ingredients aren’t fresh The bread is plastic The chicken is less than 50% chicken as it always tasted Pure mess $5 footlong promos are outdated and dragging it along too long causes people to not want to pay even $6 Tough times for franchise owners Corporate just cares about their franchise commissions Don’t care about subways on top of each other fighting for the same business

Galactusz007 : 1. Their breads suck 2. Their cold cuts are subpar 3. Subs have more lettuce and tomatoes than meats 4. Most employees are hard to understand 5. The ghost of Jared Fogle still haunts the company

Dennis Maberry : i worked at a subway...the meats have preservatives that make them smell like a giant fart when u open the bag and put them in the containers...especially the turkey, the turkey smells like rotting flesh

Jon Mantooth : I go in expecting a $5 footlong and it comes out to about $8. Thats why I dont go back anymore.

jjycxsdhkkbcxzzaaszxcghvxddc : I would go more often to Subway if it was cheaper. I don't know about America but here in Germany it's really expensive.

Jeffrey D : McDonalds adapts to local economy. A Big Mac value meal is $2.50usd here in Ukraine, but $11 in Singapore. This is proper. BUT, Subway costs $10 usd for a footlong meal anywhere in the world! Not sustainable.

stranger 31 : Usually when the pakistani's get their hands on a franchise it goes 3rd world real quick. I am hoping they get their hands on McDonalds and run that to the ground.

reformer6666 : The middle east owners love to cut corners serving old toppings, old meats and just trying to jupe the customers. They are the worst owner/operator in restaurant and hotel businesses.

The Jugernator : I just quit my job at Subway and 100% I recommend you give your money to Jimmy Johns or Firehouse subs. It’s a terrible place to work, workers are not treated right, and the prices are a bit ridiculous. Plus I definitely believe the chicken thing that’s some irregular looking chicken to me.

Dynamic Prepper : Their subs are sub-par compared with most places these days... Tomatoes suck, toppings aren't fresh and everything tastes the same. Around here... Jimmy Johns, Jersey Mikes, Firehouse and even Cousins are always close by and always a WAY better option. If it wasn't for Subway being in like every Walmart now, they would be out of business.

Direct Reply : I’ll tell you why I stopped going to subway. Franchise owners always making up the rules at their locations. Whether it’s how many toppings you’re allowed or ripping you off on the meat portions I regularly am forced to argue with the employees and managers about the standards. When I want to eat I just want to grab a nice sandwich and enjoy it, not have to plead my case with a manager who a. Rarely speaks English and b. Treats me like a jerk for trying to spend money in his/her store.

Fahiem Ahmadi : I love subway. Right down the street from my house.

Tonio Yendis : Jersey Mikes have fresher meats and veggies. Their sandwiches are 10 times better!

zelen plav : Hindus are rude, crude and always overcharge. It also takes forever to get the bathroom key or buzzed in.

Sh Chuzzle : Don't use enough meat or toppings. They use more bun then produce. Y ??

Elle r : I stopped going because the lettuce is kind of stale, tomatoes whiteish not red- for veggies they are so flavorless. The stores image of "fresh" and "healthy" is so 90s now. We are more aware of health and what's going into our bodies more than ever. Where are the plentiful vegan, gluten free and vegetarian options?-that's 2018 healthy! Why are there so many soda options rather than fresh juices or teas? That's 2018 healthy! Where is the certified organic and nonGMO/food additive labels?-that's 2018 healthy! Please!? There is no market for this kind of food anymore. If we want to eat healthy we have so many more options.

don brassco : Give me a BlimBies🤢😁👈

Peter D : Bring back Jared, he is Subway!

MrCiammurro : Never liked Jarred ! Looked too much like a catholic priest !

Lambochaser : 2 foot longs for $10...more like $15.63

Extensive Enterprises : It's because no one watches Happy Gilmore anymore.

Sassy Cat : I work at Subway. I think one of the reasons the veggies aren't fresh is because Subway sends us the veggies, meaning we have to buy our veggies from them instead of buying locally. We are NOT allowed to buy from anyone else BUT Subway. So if we run out of something, we just out. If we were able to buy locally, veggies would be fresher. We get one truck load in each week. And all of the veggies have traveled a long way to get to us. Most of ours come from Mexico. Also they have had the same old boring stuff for years.... Like there is only so much you can do with ham, turkey and chicken. Also, most of the sammiches are just as bad as eating a cheeseburger. LOTS of sodium. Still not too good for you. I could go on and on about the many sins of Subway....

Jack Fairweather : Blimpie hands down!

Rick Jasper : We ate at Subway a few years back on the 4th of July. My wife had tuna that was bad and got violently ill (mayonnaise on a hot day goes bad quickly). I have a feeling that Subway has inadequate food storage methods and food sits in those metal bowls for hours, without refrigeration. That cured her of any further desire to eat there.

Larry Bundy Jr : They're just WAY too expensive in the UK, I like them, but I could buy two, even three subs for the same price from a rival chain here.

mikedoesseo : The real reason? The food sucks. It was never "good".............but I remember it being less low quality once upon a time. From the bread with rubber yoga mat fillers to the downgraded and even cheaper lunch meats, Subway has become a place for ghetto people who think they are eating healthy.

Shipx7 : You overblow a lot of needless information getting out. No standard consumer knows or especially cares about the ingredients, internal business decisions, or how super fresh ingredients are. Majority care about price, taste, speed, and recognition.

Conservative Vol : They are very expensive. They don't have deals like they use too.  Many places like speedway or other stores have subs that are better and cost less.  I have been in several subways where the workers speak little English and they are speaking a foreign language to each other and it makes you feel uncomfortable, and some are not very nice to the customers.

8 lives : You don't remember the Conehead subway. Commercials back in 1993? They better not close any locations at truck stops across America. There's nothing else to eat out there that's even healthy

Daniel Ceballos : Time for chef Ramsey to save the restaurants😂

bobby brown : I work at Subway. I'd never eat there if I didn't get free and discounted food. Everything in this video is 100% correct. If you do want to eat at Subway, here are some suggestions from someone behind the scenes: Don't get flatbread or wraps. They often get moldy or stale incredibly quickly. Avoid most meat besides the lunchmeat. It's not good, but it's not the worst of it. The lettuce is somewhat safe. As are the pickled veggies, like pickles and banana peppers. The mayo jars are cleaned most often so opt for that, or chipotle sauce. The oil and vinegar bottles get disgusting. Same with the parmesan shaker.

Creative Content : In the end Jared got what he wanted... into smaller pants

Night Shrine : One reason. Peanut and jelly are just simply better

Crammananne : I wanna eat at Subway, but my mom is another one of those over-skeptical "non-gmo-ists" - people who worry about Genetically modified food, which is shitty, because honestly, I've had it before many times, and I'm not dead, and I don't have any diseases.

ProtoMario : I once worked there at 16 and was a manager around 2012, and ot was aweful. They overworked me, tried to force me to work alone AND do prep work while busy or not. My Subway was robbed, had another manager embessle, and another manager stole subs then blamed employees for it. Worst job ever, and I was in the Army man...never work there or eat there...

Calli Dawkins : Dagwoods

Ed Smith : It's because of Jared.

That's The Recipe : sandwiches for sexual predators

P.T.onfire : JIMMY JOHN S

ivey ivey12 : they need a refresh, new look advertise organic local farms with their meat and produce would bring in people, give it a whole new facelift because of what Jared's Behavior cost them they need to start a fresh new start in the sense of having a clean slate now put all the bad thoughts and reminders out with a new Fresh logo and maybe new colors, advertise clean healthier food and have maybe a new actor actress as the face who's lost weight or plans on losing weight and they show them starting with eating Subway,, if there's a will there's a way, they've been around too long to throw in the towel they just need to revamp everything and start fresh literally!

Steven Gorefrost : The Jews have lost interest in subway so they're focusing their methods of control elsewhere.

John Grbcich : Over priced, under quality! Subway is crap!

Ed M : Subway stores feel like the skit "PopCopy" from the dave chappelle's show. Bunch of life less indians who are always on the phone and act like you are bothering them when you try to order something.