The Real Reason Subway Is Disappearing Across The Country

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Mashed : Where does Subway fall in your ranking of national sub chains?

Akilleus : It’s Jared’s fault. May he forever take footlongs in prison.

NoICantGetUTickets : FireHouse have the best subs. & they didn’t have a pervert pushing them.

jjycxsdhkkbcxzzaaszxcghvxddc : I would go more often to Subway if it was cheaper. I don't know about America but here in Germany it's really expensive.

XHAD : For me it is the chicken and how it isn’t actually chicken and the pricing is bad as well might go to pita belly down the street and tip them for their food over pay subway

Alicia Parkhill : Might be that the chemicals in the bread are the exact same chemicals in yoga mats, or the fact their spokesman was a confirmed pedophile??? The world may never know?

Larry Bundy Jr : They're just WAY too expensive in the UK, I like them, but I could buy two, even three subs for the same price from a rival chain here.

The Walking Dead Spoilers And More : Jared is getting a foot long up his ass in prison right now

spllitz : Easy fix: get a drive thru

11h3.r : Let’s be honest, the only tasty thing at subway is their cookies 🤷🏻‍♂️

Brittney Young : I can make my own sandwiches and they taste way better.

Sh Chuzzle : Don't use enough meat or toppings. They use more bun then produce. Y ??

Julia_aaa : I want to like subway so bad but everything there just feels old, dirty, and nasty

Warribo : Their brand has gone stale.

6969 subscribers with no videos challenge : The only fast foods i ate from are mcdonalds and once KFC, dont know how the other stuff works lol

Like Literally : Costs too much for a meh sandwich.

Dynamic Prepper : Their subs are sub-par compared with most places these days... Tomatoes suck, toppings aren't fresh and everything tastes the same. Around here... Jimmy Johns, Jersey Mikes, Firehouse and even Cousins are always close by and always a WAY better option. If it wasn't for Subway being in like every Walmart now, they would be out of business.

Sage Oblouk : I love watching big chains close down. It makes me happy 😁

JoVoC : I spit on Subway Subs... I will rejoice the day they close for good.

Sharlenn La : 2:05 *SOY BOY*

Zina Zirkle : Publix subs all day, everyday

Venom Snake : Subway just isnt the sub giant anymore, their are so many sandwich shop now that are either cheaper, taste better, or are just overall better

Mrs McMiller : it's Jared's fault

F3arAndFaith : I'm surprised no one mentioned the tiny amount of meat that they give you in those little boats 😑

zorbex fx : Make your own people...they're just sandwiches you can save money and at least know what your putting in it. It takes longer to wait in line than to make it yourself....

Chasing Embers : "Eat Fresh" 40 year old meat in 9 year old buns.....nevermind, that was Jared.

95TurboSol : I feel like we all thought subway was good because we didn't know any better, now that real sub shops have come in and we tasted their glory we realize how bad subway is.

Daniel Olai Danielsen : Even in my tiny Norwegian town there are two Subways. Outside of the capital there are no competing chains (Burger King and McDonalds being the closest). My neighborhood Subway has fresh produce every day from the grocery store next door. By far the most inviting fast food option in town, even if a footlong is $15+

Dan K : Last 2 trips to subway were junk. Veggies were not fresh. Less meat. Nasty

Tyeson Bebee : Nobody wants a pedo sandwich 😂

tyrha duh_vin_ci : I don't mind eating subway but I'm not finna pay $12 for a sub 😂

Streets of Vancouver : ***Apparently people don't like to eat yoga mat material after all... ***

82Doogie : "Within a week of receiving a delivery of tomatoes they are mushy and rotting." Of course they are! Fresh food is supposed to rot.

Bryan Cline : Long story short they’re ass. You can get a better sandwich anywhere else, even places that don’t specialize in sandwiches.

epiphoney2 : I wish Quizno's would make a comeback to their early 2000s glory.

FleurdePeach _ : Publix Subs > All other subs

Akeya Johnson : The bread is disgusting, crumbly and dry, they barely give you any meat and they are way over priced for non quality ingredients

Heathcliff : This whole video could have been a picture of jareds face.

tolpacourt : Subway's bread is an insult to bread everywhere.

John S : Just saying that their bread uses the same chemical as used in yoga mats tells us nothing at all. After all, water is a chemical used in producing yoga mats too.

[h]oneybee : they need to reduce the prices. i love subway but they got too expensive for not fresh enough food

Lambochaser : 2 foot longs for $10...more like $15.63

Andrew Ryan : They're not shutting down, subway is just going underground

EntityLord : The reason subway is dissappearing are none of the reasons stated in the video. It is much simpler, Subway doesn't feel so good.....

denny thedtrain : Creepo Jared ruined it for me.

Ran T : I'd say because they are awful. There food never tastes good and the so called fresh baked bread tastes like cardboard

ivey ivey12 : they need a refresh, new look advertise organic local farms with their meat and produce would bring in people, give it a whole new facelift because of what Jared's Behavior cost them they need to start a fresh new start in the sense of having a clean slate now put all the bad thoughts and reminders out with a new Fresh logo and maybe new colors, advertise clean healthier food and have maybe a new actor actress as the face who's lost weight or plans on losing weight and they show them starting with eating Subway,, if there's a will there's a way, they've been around too long to throw in the towel they just need to revamp everything and start fresh literally!

Bath House Becky : I’ve never had crisp & delicious tomatoes at Subway. I’m a Port of Subs girl now.

Oscar Mayer : Jared ran me out of there.. To much cringe..

Jose Zavala : Middle eastern people runs subway they don't hire any other race ...and they say $5 dollar deal and u end up paying $10 they don't put enough vegetables..i don't buy there no more a Mr pickles customer now