The Real Reason Subway Is Disappearing Across The Country

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Mashed : Where does Subway fall in your ranking of national sub chains?

Akilleus : It’s Jared’s fault. May he forever take footlongs in prison.

skliros : It's simple. The food is not fresh. Cheap ingredients.

Lyric X : Their food is borderline tasteless.

Alec Moriarty : The $5 footlong is a scam. Barely 4 slices of the thinnest sliced meat Ive ever seen. My sub is never less than $9-10 depending on the location. And I only get a turkey foot long with a few toppings. Rip-off!!!!

James Lee : Subway first skimped on meat, now they are also skimping on veggies, then let the leftover veggies rot and get thrown away. Smart economics? They focused so much on putting up so many franchises but lost focus on the quality of food. I prefer Which Which or Quiznos

Venom Snake : Subway just isnt the sub giant anymore, their are so many sandwich shop now that are either cheaper, taste better, or are just overall better

ted yancey : They made the big error of over saturating the country with Subway franchises.

Joshua Lee : Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Panda Express deceives customers by displaying false prices on the menu, and displaying the bs “starts at” 7.99 making people think it’s an entree with 2 sides for only 7.99. But it’s really extra for the 2 sides and costs 10.99.


Rick Jones : Don't eat out much but I could always tell when someone had eaten at a Subway.  There is a peculiar smell about them, very distinctive smell that has to do with eating and being in a Subway.  Always wondered about this very pungent Subway smell on a person who had been there.  Or is it just me.  But I was never wrong when someone came back from lunch and I said "you ate at Subway". Never wrong.

Larry Bundy Jr : They're just WAY too expensive in the UK, I like them, but I could buy two, even three subs for the same price from a rival chain here.

Laura bragg : I'm not going back to subway or McDonald's

Dan Davis : If the actual sandwich even remotely looked like the picture, things might be different. Talk about false advertising. They are anemic looking. They don’t even remotely look like their advertisements.

Stay Frosty : They put plastic in the bread

James Edmond : Their sandwiches are not worth their cost.

Scotty W : Because of their ridiculous prices. Only reason why they are dead to me. No reason to charge almost $8 for a damn sandwich

Harvin Perez : They’re simply delusional about how they compare to others. They don’t. After going to France and Spain for the first time, it hit home that bread didn’t need to feel like a big ole sponge. Warm, fresh baked bread made with yeast leavening is amazing. It didn’t surprise me when the yoga mat stuff came out. Most Subways are consistent in that there is absolutely no concern for quality. You feel like you’re getting a wartime ration and you should be ok with it.

Rico g : I'm always hungry after I have a subway sandwich.

Mark Panbecker : Subway would be WAY ahead by upgrading the QUALITY of their ingredients. Just ___saying___ the use quality ingredients on a commercial means nothing. Things I would recommend for Subway: 1) increase true quality of ingredients. Don't BS me it wont work. Quit grinding PORK in a freakin meatball sub. Pork doesn't belong in meatballs. In attempt to save 10 cents you have ruined that sandwich. 2) switch over from cheap oven roasted turkey which is horrible tasting to SMOKED turkey. 3) give me some toppings like you mean it. 4) increase the price slightly to give me a better sub. Cutting the quality and price is a dud strategy. Subway is no more to subs than what Banquet brand is to frozen foods. Both try to use the cheapest ingredients just to keep the cost low.

ManyDoors777 : I stopped going to Subway because it took forever waiting in line for all the picky people having their sandwiches made and the slow employees who just wanted to go home.

Zanar Aesthetics : In short = Overpriced

Gir : Not to sound racist, but I try to avoid Subway’s that are run by Indians, and in my area (Chicago), the vast majority of them are, so I just wind up avoiding them altogether. It has nothing to do with them being Indian, and more-so the less-than-pleasurable experiences I’ve had and a trend I’ve noticed at Subway’s that are run by Indians. In my experience, the quality seriously goes down to the point where I don’t even want to eat there. I remember buying a sandwich once and throwing it straight in the trash unopened because of how unsanitary the guy who prepared my sandwich was. My issues mostly have to do with sandwich/ingredient quality at Indian-run Subway’s. I’ve never had any issues at White and Hispanic-run Subway. And, for the record, I’m black. My main issues are -The bread never seems fresh, almost as if it’s been reused from the day before. -They skimp out on ingredients. In my eyes, it’s to save on costs. I remember back when I would always get a full sandwich at Subway, now it seems almost as if I get more basic meat on my sandwich than I do actual ingredients. And if I ask for extra because I feel like they barely put anything on it (it’s black olives, I always ask for extra) they only grab 3-4 of them. I’m not the type of person to make a big deal or scene about it, but when I see that I’m barely getting anything on my sandwich, it makes me not want to come back. I’m much better off going to Jimmy John’s. While they don’t pile on ingredients, the taste of their sandwiches is amazing. -The last main issue I have I guess is more of a personal issue for me. It’s pretty unappetizing when I walk in and I see the guy that’s making my sandwich has extremely hairy forearms. That alone would make me walk back out of the door. It also does help when they’re running their mouth while making your sandwich. I’m kind of a germaphobe, so that may not bother everybody, but the shit bothers me. Everything else is minor and I can ignore, but those are the things that make me avoid Subway like the plague. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some Indian-run Subway’s out there that are up to par with what I expect from Subway, it’s just unfortunate because of my bad experiences, I don’t even give them the chance. But if I do find one, I make a mental note of it and try to frequent it when I can. And I’ll pass a bunch of Subway’s to get to it.

Cassidy : Ummm.... Don't you mean Sooubway? Don't worry. I forgive you for calling it "Subway" everyone makes mistakes!!

Snarly Whiplash : They're 5 dollar footlong cost 10 bucks And like somebody else already said the people are mean and nasty in Subway possibly Democrats

Zeb H. : I flippin LOVE eating subway... they just need to keep the prices down 💵

James Pollman : Last time I went to a Subway was 1989. Why? NO MEAT. Had to order double meat to get a decent sandwich. Even that wasn't enough. Decided against the "lettuce sub". No Meat.

R.J. Burle : They used to put out a good product. Then they cut every corner they could and they lived off the good name of their past. Lots of businesses start out well and sell the good name to corporations. The corporations run it into the ground.

Biggie Baby : It was the 5$ promotion. They reformulated the bread so it immediately stales. And just doesn't taste as good. They never baked fresh as often. The meatballs were all bread. The meat got thinner and thinner. Got gimmicky. The condiments went to that cheap nasty lo, no fat as a con. They just got cheap.

M de Melo : This is off topic, but is the American accent changing? It has a kind of pretentious sounding tone. Is that a Millennial thing?

Clean With Confidence : Turn the music down so we can pay attention to the content.

millerjoan : The lunchmeat they use is fake food. Just chemicals and flavorings. Gross!

Ben Bending Rodriguez : Subway is disgusting 😂 That's the reason.

Danny Padilla : 7$ for a 6 inch sub, which is equivalent to a regular sandwich, small bag of chips, and small drink. Over priced I think much

Joseph Gaudet : Jared and yoga mat bread.

95TurboSol : I feel like we all thought subway was good because we didn't know any better, now that real sub shops have come in and we tasted their glory we realize how bad subway is.

Guided Meditation : Most Subway locations are old and tired with a dated decor like the old plastic yellow and orange McDonalds burger palaces of the 70's. Many have cheap yellow hard booths where the formica is worn down and the tables are chipped and peeling. Also I think their advertising had the exact opposite result they were looking for. They brag about all their $5 sandwiches which may or may not be a good deal but it is sticker shock when you are thinking of a quick and cheap lunch/snack. It is better to get you to desire a fresh deli sandwich and a happy experience at a Subway shop first, rather than thinking of the money right out of the box. This reminds me of story about coffee advertising in the USA in perhaps the 60's or perhaps the 70's where one brand began bragging about how their coffee wasn't bitter like some brands can be. The heavy advertising of their non-bitter coffee resulted in the entire coffee sales going down perhaps 40% and even lower sales for their own coffee because people got it into their minds--- Coffee Is Bitter! Subway advertising $5 subs as their entry point makes you realize that if you get something bigger or better or add a drink you are at or beyond $10!! It would better for them to have a $2 or $3 entry sub that nobody will really buy to get them in the door and then have displays and advertising for their $5 subs and better. And then there is competition. Quiznos although they are not doing well, firehouse subs, Jersey Mikes and others. Subway needs to take a queue from McDonalds and totally reinvent itself and turn into a Starbucks Sub kind of place. Not the name but the customer experience.

Rachael Scott : Subway is far too expensive for a goddamn tasteless sandwich which portion wise does not match the price at sll ... That's my reason for not going

Gavigg75 : Because there bread and meat tastes like ass

gregory grimm : Droves of Latino employees speaking Spanish doesn't help either, we customers think they are talking about us when they swittch to Spanish. We are in America, speak English.

ProtoMario : I once worked there at 16 and was a manager around 2012, and ot was aweful. They overworked me, tried to force me to work alone AND do prep work while busy or not. My Subway was robbed, had another manager embessle, and another manager stole subs then blamed employees for it. Worst job ever, and I was in the Army man...never work there or eat there...

husky500cr : Air bread + tasteless cold cuts + old vegetables

Trudi Fruty : Subway will not be missed

Carlos Martinez : Well I went to sud way today first time in like 2 years A foot long extra meat avocado and a medium soda $17.28 never going there again Burger King is way cheaper even with a extra patty fries and coke All the ingredients I could’ve made 5 sub sandwiches at that price Lesson learned mistake never to happen again 🙂🙂 Specially when I am the one who orders company meeting lunches I’ll order next time from a mom&pops deli same sub only $11.75 with a coke 🙂🙂

monkfry : Subway blows

Steve Logan : If you go to subway, you get a bread sandwich, granted their bread is good but, their deli meats are pumped full of liquid, probably water or a nitrate , and the meat has no flavor, if you order one, pull a piece of meat off the sandwich, doesn't matter what meat, and taste it, because it has no flavor, the only taste is bread and and a flavored condiment, such as mayo, ranch, oil,& vinegar etc... big thumbs down for this chain

Inquirer 101 : Way too much lettuce in their sandwich which hides the mystery meat. The amount of meat is small as well. The bread also taste lousy. They should close all Subway stores.

Blood Strike : I think you misspelled *Soobway*

Franchesca H Sandoval : Their chicken tastes anything like but chicken I stopped eating there years ago # Quiznos is the best

lichub : It's crap.