The Real Reason Subway Is Disappearing Across The Country

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Mashed : Where does Subway fall in your ranking of national sub chains?

Akilleus : It’s Jared’s fault. May he forever take footlongs in prison.

TheSameDufus : The real reason: $8.00 for a sub you can make yourself for $3.00.

Danny Vestal : How bout SubWay stop hiring so many ASSHOLES!! I got tired of walking in one and being treated like a damn virus! So un welcoming...and I mean every single one I go in. Good Riddins!!

Lorenzo Cordero : Used to eat subway. They’re good started to taste like shit. Switched to Jersey Mike’s sub and ingredients are fresher and better.

Rando Bot #6354 : For $8.50 I’d rather go to Firehouse for a hot sub or Jersey Mike’s for a cold one

Zanar Aesthetics : In short = Overpriced

Recommend For You : that quiznos commercial was terrifying

Slenderman : 85 percent chicken More soy than chicken How about all restaurants stay serving.... 100 percent chicken.... ?

Wolf Lady : I stopped going to my local subway because all 4 subways were bought by east Indians and the food quality went way down... I got sick and I'll never go back... Nothing against east Indians but they don't see quality and freshness like other people do...

flacousa62 : I don't mind paying more for quality ingredients at Jersey Mike's

Venom Snake : Subway just isnt the sub giant anymore, their are so many sandwich shop now that are either cheaper, taste better, or are just overall better

Master Warning : The product sucks

Billy Quinn : subway is going down I use to spend 70.00 a every nine days at the subway   107 Edgewood Avenue                        in north augusta sc  they called the cops on me sent them to my home the  cop said subway said you Stoll a  Coca-Cola I told them I took two I got the sales slip showing I payed for two the cop saw it and said ok don't go back there or we will have to charge you with trespassing I told the cop don't worry if they were on fire I wont piss on them to put it out  the funny thing  they look like they are going out no one is ever there we all eat two doors down from there they have better food that is all nine of us meet there every week much nicer place also from what I hear lots of people were having trouble there

thestrongbad : Yep Subway is shit...I tried going back after a long time because I like the Sweet Onion Teriyaki sandwich...I went in...the place was kid behind the counter looked like he just rolled out of bed. After waiting quite a while for him to slowly make a couple sandwiches for the people ahead of me he tells me that they're out of most of their bread. Literally gives me the choice of like 2 of the worst breads. I say "seriously?" and he's like "dude, call my manager about it." I just leave saying "this place is a joke" and he's like "dude call my manager." Call the fucking manager? How about you call your fucking manager and say "hey, customers are LEAVING because we have no damn bread!" Your fucking sandwiches are already barely tolerable for the fucking outrageous price, so at the very least give me the fucking bread I want. I won't be going back an I seriously hope that Subway closes down. Fuck that place.

Darren Wells : Subway is way overpriced for the crap they have the balls to call “fresh”

Scotty W : Because of their ridiculous prices. Only reason why they are dead to me. No reason to charge almost $8 for a damn sandwich

Brian London : Not surprised. Subway was amazing 15 years or more ago but quality of toppings had dropped drastically.

Branon Fontaine : In 2002 I moved to Juneau, Alaska, and right off of 2nd St there's a Subway. My ex-lady and I went in to order a sandwich, and right as she started ordering, the high school age moron behind the counter put on gloves, proceeded to SNEEZE IN HIS HANDS, then shove his hand into the lettuce while asking my ex "you said lettuce, right?" I said "Nah bro, I asked where your Manager was, go get him please" was foul....

J c : Just eat at home 3 minuets to make a Sandwich at home lol

Google User : lol jared got fat again

Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports : Their meat choices suck. And their mascot molested children!

Jeff Liss : Just change the name to SubPar

mytime103 : I have never eaten at subway because i was not going to pay the expensive prices. I remember a friend buying his family of 2 adult and 3 kids and it was £27 quid. for 5 sandwiches. and i will never eat subway. A tuna SW at asda £1 crisp 60p and drink £1 = £2.60

Fry Sause : Subway by my house in Washington is overpriced by about 3 dollars a foot long. And the vegetables are always noticeably old. Their lettuce is noticeably Brown. The only reason I went there was for the Italian herb and cheese bread. Well, I found a recepie online that is exactly the same, so I just make my sandwiches at home for about 1/4 the price.

Daniel Johnston : Blimpie was sorta better and disappeared. Subway bought them out!

Larry Bundy Jr : They're just WAY too expensive in the UK, I like them, but I could buy two, even three subs for the same price from a rival chain here.

terry brady : and then you have people like men, I don't want a salad sandwich, I want a meat sandwich with some stuff on top.

Pamela Turner : Their sandwiches are mushy.No flavor.

TakumiBunta86 : It is better to make your own sandwich subs and buy the ingredients at your local Costco.

bigone1ism : Too much sodium

Joe Ran : I can save you from wasting 8 minutes of your life, it's because their food is shit.

Illuminated Crosshairs : Because their subs are 70% bread, 25% toppings, and maybe 5% meat. Where’s the meat? Oh yeah if you actually want meat on it, that will be $3 more..

Siggy Odom : Soy? No wonder I got sick eating there chicken. And not a foot long

DFM DFM : They call their staff "sandwich artists".

Jackson Daniels : Stopped eating there over 10 years ago. The quantity of the meat was reduced, veggies were not so fresh, overall experience is way down.. Compare Jersey Mike’s and Jimmy Johns and the Subway sandwich looks like something from 7/11’s chill box.

Clean With Confidence : Turn the music down so we can pay attention to the content.

DN 13 : I loved Quiznos. Miss them. Subway always sucked.

HUUUUUURRRR : I'll save you 8 minutes...Their food is SHIT

Dreamchasing : A average hoagie shouldn’t be more then 3-5$ with tax

Muh Shekels : I personally have decided to never again set foot in Subway because its owner claimed the government should force minimum wage increase but he himself isn't willing to increase the wage to Subway workers. Does he really need a government law to create a policy that states that Subway workers will be getting paid well above the minimum wage?

95TurboSol : I feel like we all thought subway was good because we didn't know any better, now that real sub shops have come in and we tasted their glory we realize how bad subway is.

ObeyYourBliss : Spicy Italian sub, with mayo/mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, salt, pepper, extra oil, and a side of the marinara sauce from the meatballs to dip it in. So good.

duh : Its because their executives and employees are shitting in the food and bragging about it.

robert laasik : I don't understand. Is your subway that bad?am i blind?My subway tastes good,looks good,is estonian subway really that much better?

Dan Maynard : Pretty dang simple. Lots of bread and nothing in between and a high price at that.! Take note upper management and wise up!

spllitz : Easy fix: get a drive thru

Tj Nickles : The last time I stopped at a subway was I believe a month ago I don’t go into it that often but I go there every once in a while and it’s not that bad

Abu Bilal : The subway they keep adding price on the sandwich that’s why a lot of people go to somewhere

The Hulk Tyler O’Neill : There’s a few local places where I’m at that serve a mean sandwich, much better than subway and cost less.