Bo Jackson patiently explains who he is

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Ashley Katelin : This kid has no idea he is literally talking to a living legend

yafhaio aeiohtoia : Sounds like some drunk guy lying at a wedding. "I played for the KC Royals, Chicago White Sox and the California Angels. Oh, and I also played in the NFL for the Raiders. Also I won a Heisman in college. I'm the only person to make it to the pro bowl in football and all star game in baseball. And I was the MVP." Shit, just typing it all out sounds fake as hell... What a legend.

Hybrid Athletix : The way he taps the kids hat is hilarious

Luke : Aka "next to me yo daddy aint shiiiiiiiit"

huarachudo47 : Kid, you just talked to one of the greatest athletes of all time.

lincoln3000 : Mr. Jackson is the closest person I've ever seen to be a real super hero. He is just awesome.

nelly chess : I wonder if the kid was thinking this guy is full of it. Still didnt know he was talking to the greatest sportsman in the world of all time. Theres no one even close

Matthew Cranley : No wonder Kenny Williams didn't want this kid around

Aaron Costello : "I also used to casually break bats over my knee like they were toothpicks and run up outfield walls like freakin' Spider-Man." We know Bo knows.

BreuckelensFinest : Yeah Bo let that lil millennial know what time it is! Hahaha Bo knows Bo!

invisaman75 : "Bo knows" but this kid doesn't "know Bo"!

nadawg4 : Its hard to explain how much I like this video

Derek Vohs : You don't know Bo?

christansdad : If anybody ever wondered why nobody wanted LaRoche's son in the White Sox's clubhouse...this is why. Seriously...this kid was in the clubhouse all the time and Adam LaRoche never explained to his son who Vincent Edward Jackson is.

Justin L. : I remember seeing a poster of Bo Jackson in my brothers friends room. I asked my dad who it was and all he said was, "the greatest athlete to ever live."

RobertBalto : haha it's stuff like this that makes me feel like an old man. At this kid's age I probably would've fainted if Bo Jackson started talking to he has to explain to kids who he even is (and they probably don't even believe him). That's alright, what goes around comes around...20 years from now someone like Lebron James will be doing the same thing, and that kid will get to feel like an old fart.

Brian Mahoney : By the time that kid is 16 he's going to kick himself in the rear for not getting his baseball cap autographed. When he turns 30 and Bo is dead and his autograph is worth 1 million, he'll go into cardiac arrest.

crimdell : Bo was the greatest athlete who ever lived. If you don't believe me, just ask him.

Sun Son : He should be telling this kid, "Nowadays guys use performance enhancing drugs to try and do what I could naturally."

digital doug : "You ever heard of the Heismann trophy?"

TommyCage0736 : Fun Fact: I got to put a bandage on Bo Jackson's hand not too long ago. He resides in Burr Ridge Illinois, and he owns a training facility called the Bo Jackson's Sports dome in Lockport Illinois. I had been going to the dome to train in baseball for a few years now, and had never seen Jackson around. Until one day a bigger athletic black dude came blasting thru the doors holding his hand and it was bleeding, so the guy working the front desk ran to grab the first aid kit, I just happened to be standing there and had bandages in my baseball bag. And thats the story of how I met Bo Jackson.

mbsec : Great video. The kid must be thinking that old big dude was pulling his leg. Bo is the best athlete of all time. Bo, you don't know Diddley!

eric shepard : Bo Jackson was the Michael Jordan of everything he touched before the saying "He's the Michael Jordan of...." was even invented. Suck it all in, kid. There'll never (EVER) be another one like him. ever.

Bobby Bonilla : lol... Damn, time is a MF... that Lil twerp doesn't know he talking to Bo MFing Jackson! Once the baddest man on the planet!

Peggy Phillip : "You ever heard of the Heisman trophy?"  This is classic.

Black Death 1347 : Kid's like, "Whatever, I have nine fidget spinners."

20,000 SUBS WITHOUT A VIDEO : The most hated kid in baseball history lol

larryjohnny : You are the best Bo! So humble and giving! More power to you. May other athletes learn from your example! Rock on. What a lucky kid! Go type his name in Google kid and understand who you just chatted with!

Gene Martin : Great video. I graduated from Auburn in 1975 and was fortunate enough to have season football tickets throughout Bo's amazing carer at Auburn. I got to see him perform on the gridiron in person and believe me the TV does not do him justice. You really do not get a sense of how fast he was on television. Met him at J&M bookstore In Auburn one afternoon during the 80's. Just a class guy and a pleasure to meet. Fast forward to just a few years ago to the 30 for 30 feature that was done about him. A guy I work with is a Bama graduate, in fact played baseball for Bama, and has two sons. When the 30 for 30 feature came on he sat down with his kids and told me that he told them " You need to watch this. You will be watching the greatest athlete who ever lived". Remember, this is from a guy who played for Bama and wore the crimson jersey. After they had watched they both just sat there and said "WOW". Bo is that rare, rare human who is, in fact, a living legend. He is an absolute treasure for Auburn University and every time he is shown on TV every Auburn man stands a little taller. He epitomizes what it means to be an AUBURN MAN and makes me very proud to be an Alumni of Auburn University.

bigsleep32 : I'll tell you when my son is 8 years old he will know who Bo Jackson is. It's every father's job to educate their kids not just on who's popular right now but the all time greats and that goes for everything not just sports.

N Wibawa : When the kid becomes a father one day, he'd tell his kid that he literally stood beside and talked to superman himself.

Kenyatta Powell : bo jackson was truly amazing I just wish he could've played longer. He deserved a super bowl ring

Charlie you : 48 thumbs down??? Must be Bama fans

Jose Stickman : Damn! I knew Bo was great but not that GREAT. Double damn!!!! He was not bragging, just stating facts. I like that Man.

Trey Ward : How is everybody not losing their shit over bo jackson at their practice

Jody K : Bo Knows .. their generation don’t have a clue!

Robert Cullen : I remember the whitesox told Laroche they don't want his kid hanging around anymore, so he retired. That was funny.

Big Chap : I run up da field I run down da field Cause I'm Bo Jackson *young folks don't know what I'm talking about

BIGGSHAUN : The number of people I would’ve killed to have been that kid....

TheIceWatkins : Haha, wow. This is that little LaRoche kid who was a "leader" in the clubhouse and his dad retired because he couldn't hang around in there anymore? Pathetic. He's not 3 years old. He's old enough to know who Bo f'ing Jackson is, especially since all he did was hang around professional baseball with his dad his whole life. Glad Kenny Williams told this kid to go home.

Steven Cardarelli : Kid has no idea he’s talking to the best athlete on the planet

reginaldino enchillada : Wow. Where's deion Sanders at? I'm the Only person to play in the pro bowl And the all Star game. Ever. In other words, son I was a beast. They couldn't stop me they could only hope to limit the amount of damage, that I was gonna do. I was ridiculous. I ran thru walls to make catches, broke bats over my knee when they didn't work right, ran thru a defense to win the game and just went straight into the locker room. It was pretty much like if u try to tackle me right now, kid. In football and baseball.

Joshua Lathan Sr. : Slapping his hat like if you don't "know" anything, "know" these three things.

Steven Bemos : Thank you for all the memories Bo

ABL36 : You should know who I am because I'm the best

Joshua Staggs : "Bo knows" this kid doesn't know:) lol...poor kid...standing and getting slapped in the head by a legend and has know idea:)

Gabriel Flintosh : If he didn't get hurt he would go down as the greatest running back of all time. If he would have just played baseball he would be in the HOF now.

Fabio B : That kid will in time learn who Bo really is and all he has to do is watch Bo run up the Wall or throw out Harold Reynolds at the plate and he'll never forget it or Bo ever again.

Brittany Garrison : The GOAT

Larry Atkins : Bo Jackson is my favorite athlete of all-time. He was actually able to do about anything.