Kenan Thompson Impersonates Whoopi Goldberg on 'The View'

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amal zuhair : I really miss the snl segments where they immitated Joy and Whoopi. I loved Fred's "so what?" and Kenan doing the Whoopi look.

Matthew Brown : Whoopi is a legend

Cheryl R. Leigh : Kenan looking great!!

Toni H. Justice : "Welcome to good burger! Home of the good burger! May I take your order?"🍔🍟

Carter : Kristen Wiig did a meaaaan Elisabeth Hasselbeck impression on The View SNL skit too! 😂

Destin Omura : That was the worse impressions ever.... everybody was forcing themselves to laugh lol

Renato Fabbro : Meh, there have been better Whoopi impressions.

F A B E. the .G E M I N I : I love me some Whoopi ❤️

Jazz Jazzy : He looks great. He lost all that weight. Yesssss good for you👊👍😎

ᴇᴅʏᴠᴇɢʏ ᴍx : He was so great on that Nickelodeon show... 😁


You Tried It! : unpopular opinion but i find kenan so overrated. he can only do bill cosby. no other good impressions. i would have preferred kel to get the snl gig.

Janet Airlines : Here's my impersonation. " I am moving to canada if trump wins." Oh wait, she's still here.

PotatoPeeler : Who loves orange soda...?

Frank Footer : Where’s Kel?

sassyasme 123 : Hilarious

S.5.7 : Kenan and kel show.

tinaloveseddie : Kenan looking good 🙌😍

S.5.7 : This segment lit.


Arturo Valdemar : That was a lousy Whoopi impression.

S J : Keenan has access to the foundation of youth.. it's in the country called melanin.

Dave : Oh my God that is pathetic

Katia Tannus : He lost weight

MrAP_P : "Except for that guy in the White House" 😂

Nortex15 Razadel7 : 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

evan browne : Keenan Thompson in for damage control. Dem's got to step away from the SNL skit last week. Everything is phony these days. I love Keenan but I feel he is being used in similar fashion to Kanye on the other side. SMH miss the days when you could separate fact from fiction and comedy from PC. It's been a horrible last two years jeez.....

Mark Oliver : Democrats want to control people like a herd of animals and elect Cortez is a socialist pig she and the democratic party want you to give up your freedom for security if you vote Democrat you'll eventually lose both. This message was approved by "The View"

Elaine Donaway : Once upon a time Blacks couldn't and didn't appreciate Whoopi...White people have always admired her and I love my Chocolate sister..she is smart and no butt kisser. Like Sabrina Williams said years ago folks better recognize..I love it. I'm no super star but I'm bad in my own World...Dark Black girl that won her respect..thru Faith being strong and hard work. Proud am I...

Miguel Anselmo : Whoopi is definitely a political tool used by the democrats

Dr Di B BB : Too funny loved the sign off Whoopi is brilliant

lisa koola : i gonna miss him so much on SNL and by doing Whoopi impersonation is awesome ❤️❤️

Julie Anne : I love Whoopi!!!💗💗💗

Lucy W. McMellan : Kenan looks GREAT!


Terrell A'mari : Whoopi doesn’t have braids

kb sharath : exact match

sweetlikez : lmao.. I love it

Alison U : I love him ❤😂

lisa marie williams : Whoopi, I just clicked to look at your shoes and eyewear! You ROCK!

Evelyn Marcano : Love it!

Sue MisoSoup : Amazing!!

Noah Hughes : Kenan always seems so much more serious and almost sad than I would expect. On the show he’s so funny but in person he seems shy and mellow.

Base Bentham : Y’all gonna leave Whoopi alone

Chocolate Capricorn : Who would have known little chubby gentleman from ALL THAT!!!

Elaine Donaway : Very good.

bill jones : meghan got sexxxy feet