Expert bulking trick - drink 1,040 calories in 20 seconds! Bulking tips for fast weight gain!

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In this video I show a secret of the pros of yesteryear by utilizing the most anabolic and androgenic legal substance known to man... Milk. I show how true bulking and determination requires a steel mind and stomach as I take down 2 litres of milk, (over 1,000 calories) in around 20 seconds. Arnie and the bodybuilders of yesteryear were on to something back then... or were they... (Side note this was pure comedy, prolly dont incorporate this into your bulking routine, it was just a good platform to get some cool arnie footage spliced in there that I had just seen that is hilarious). also side note - you prolly will bulk pretty nicely if you just do this every day in addition to what you are currently doing:)

Comments from Youtube

bigbadbearjew : How many ovens does a man really need though???

Ashley Burns : Your an idiot, drinking 1000’s of calories isn’t the same as chewing food and digesting food.... NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE SAME pointless, do you know the process what happened when you chew and swallow food, and what happened when you try drink your food? Do the research before putting out bogus content

AV BulletCatcher : That ' My shit don't stink Mark&Donnie Wahlberg smug face' you have on all the time in your vids pisses me off. Yet, I cannot look away. Good video as usual.