The Taipan Vs The Black Mamba, Who is the Most Dangerous Snake?
Whos the more dangerous snake The taipan or the black mamba

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Being found on every conitnent on earth but one, there is few countries around the world that don't have a snake that achieves some level of "legendary" status, and in this video we are comparing two snakes that are both certianly legends, the Taipan, and the Black Mamba. A special thanks also has to go out to our mate Dingo Dinkelman for letting us borrow some of his footage for our video, and here is a link to his video making the same comparision of Taipan vs Black Mamba! Size: While inland taipans grow to a maximum of around 1.8 meters long the black mamba is capable of growing to an astounding 4.5 meters in length, however today black mambas usually grow to around 3 meters, which still makes them significantly bigger snakes then the inland taipan. The Coastal taipan however has been recorded at 3 meters long (although averages just under 2) which makes it the fourth longest venomous snake in earth, behind the mamba who is number two Personality: Black mambas are famous for having a cantankerous personality, they are flighty, alert snakes that are ready to bite is they cannot escape. While the inland taipan is by comparison a fairly placid animal, the coastal taipan has a reputation for being a very skittish species of its own and bites several hundred people a year in Papua New Guinea Venom: The inland taipan is well known to possess the most toxic venom of any snake on earth, and while the black mamba doesn’t fall far behind, it remains four times less toxic the coastal taipan, which is three times less toxic than the inland taipan! Having such potent venom however the inland taipan doesn’t need a prey volume of venom, and typically injects 40-100ml compared the the black mamba who can inject up to 400ml or the coastal taipan who objects 120-400ml Speed: While taipans of all species, just like most Elapids are capable of moving quickly when threatened, the black mamba remains the fastest snake in earth. This lightening speed generally allows it to avoid humans, but when being handled can also mean things go wrong very quickly! At the end of the day these factors are why the black mamba has to be one of the most dangerous snakes on earth to handle, yet the coastal taipan kills significantly more people in the wild, particularly in Papua New Guinea, the inland taipan in the other hand has only caused a few bites and no deaths to date


Scottys Zoo. : Gday mate! As usual, fantastic video. Gotta love slug! Both my inlands are in winter coloration now. Got to say I'm not a huge fan of Mr DD, but I would really love to actually see a mamba in the wild.. I think the hype around the mamba is very similar to the hype the Coastal got in the early twentieth century, as out lined in the book Venom. Being the huge reliance on tribal lore and word of mouth exaggerating the actual facts. Just my opinion though. I also reckon the individual makes a huge difference too, I've got four coastals and they vary hugely in temperament.. Keep up the good work, love watching the channel!!

Lori Minick : Idk you two are buddy’s......more like mates 😂 but that’s so awesome, you guys need to do a video together! Two of my favorites

Charles Hendricks : INTENSE! and great comparisons... but not great companions lol.

brent p : Love your work! Brave man, no matter what snake you’re handling. Stay safe.

Ben Dover : My dude you have got to have balls big enough to be carried in a dump truck to handle that Taipan snake or a Black Mamba. Great video!👍✌👌

kevin Poo : Love your videos. Here in the US our few venemous snakes are tame by comparison! I wouldn't want to take a bite from any of them :)

The Wildlife Brothers : This was awesome Nick, probably the most thorough and informative wildlife comparison video I’ve ever seen! You did a great job covering so many interesting criteria, and I especially liked the distinctions you drew between danger for handlers and danger for the general public. You covered all three species well and represented them positively, it is clear no snakes were being demonized. Also, a Dingo and Wicked Wildlife collab absolutely made my day! Perhaps we can work together again soon! Cheers Nick - Harrison

Antonio Lampis : That was awesome, mate, the way you were handling that fierce snake. Unbelievable.

Dingo Dinkelman : Great video mate. Informative and entertaining. Good job🐍🐍

Coop's Reptiles : Great video just watched dingos a few days ago!

Mr Taipan : Hey Nick great video thanks. Just a quick question for u, aren't u concerned about mites when putting the snakes on the ground? 👍👍👍🐸🐢🦎🐍🐊

Gotta love carpet pythons : l am so glad that you did this as you are right, they are both like getting hit with a Mac track. Mamba l wouldnt want to mess with or a Taipan but l feel that the Mamba is certainly the more crazy in behavior for me and more likely to be unpredictable . Toxity does makes the Taipan the only thing more dangerous then the Mamba. In the end dont mess with either of them, LOL

blainethemono19 : A lot of literature and even other videos show coastal taipans as way more aggressive. I remember a video of a Steve Irwin picking up a coastal and immediately saying he wanted to put him down because of how nimble and aggressive they are. This coastal was way more calm. Is that odd or do you think the other videos are off?

ReptileMountain.TV : Fantastic topic! Love it!

john schlesinger : Thanks for a great video. I like what Viperkeeper (a favourite of mine on YouTube) says: “The most venomous snake in the world is the one that just bit you”. He also gets really pissed off with people who ask “which is the most dangerous snake?” - his answer: “wht’s the diff between falling off a 30 ft skyscraper or a 60ft one? You’ll die anyway. The venom/temperament/habitat/access to medical facilities need to be taken into account. The biggest killers are the sawscale vipers: a bite from one of these will probably kill a human in about 24 hours; next, russell’s viper: death in about 12 hours: bites from these two account for the vast majority of fatalities. The Australian venomous snakes are the most toxic in the world: and I must correct you: some of the sea snakes hhave more potent venom than the taipans, but annual fatalities from snake bites in Australia average at 5 per year - virtually nothing compared to India and Pakistan.

Snake Artist : awesome video