Important Message from Beach Doggo

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1111 2222 : handsome shiberino living the dream

Danker Beef : much knowledge *acquired .*

Da Dragon Durp : I is doggo and I am son of a beach

Morgan Lemons : Important indeed

Bumper210 : Ocean boy

Butters The Bean : Nice sandals.

Rick Sanchez C1-37 : DOGGO

Marcos Santos : I think this has more of an impact to clean the environment than those weird PSAs

Słuchacz : And this is how a dog changed my life.

Sparious : The reason why I will recycle and never do a litter ever again in my life

Brandon Reck : *Doggo needs a long break to tell you to not litter our beautiful beaches!*

Ambr : “This inspired Me More than That Earth Chan Meme”

lapis lazuli the gem wolf : Good way to tell people to recycle

Some Guy Kai : We can expect pollution levels to go down by 110% in the next few weeks

SuperDes : Every time we drink a Bepis we must recycle it.

Bootiful Doge : *beach doggo relax very gud*

Atomicz TGETYC : Let us all do a heckin recycle for the beach _s h o b e_

José Oliveira : Respectful memes.

XPlayer04 : The only hero our world needs.

Sir Brown : i hep u fren

Natalie Younger-Sahagun : **falls at beech doggos paws** ANYTHIN 4 U BEECH DOGGO **Does a recyclin**

SUICIDE GHOSTX : he da sand gaurdian

Mixed : Hai fren hav a good day, i wish u lot of bepis ant chimken nuggers


Ani's Trash Can : You have my word, you cute little pupper 💙🐕

Rosa Espinoza : We should all save the doggos beach 🌴!!!!!

Shuriken Playz : This made my day

Neptuniumm : Poseidon is quaking

Isaid Quintanilla : I will never litter in de beach agan

HaSTaxHaX : Recyccle advertoisement donn right

SeaSailorZ /CT : Me and my family are recycling everyday fren #doggoswillsavethebeach

stox : the most beautiful life form that has ever been placed on the face of earth

ThatOneCamper : 0:33 *top ten anime plot twists*

Hey It’s me : Better than 99% recycling spots

sam games : Doggo very nice and inspirational.

Daniel Cline : Henlo sir

Mochi Mochi : This doggo is a wise boye, you listen.

Aria Shisobu : I do a recylyn

Sam Does Stuff : Anything for you, O holy beach doggo.

DamagedJefff : A Great Message From Beach Doggo Save The Beach 1 Recycle at a time #RECYCLEFORBEACHDOGGO

JSL Design : Hoomans accepted request 👍🏖


Thomas J : Everyone we must give handsom shobe a bepis and save de beach !1!!

Someone Commented: : *The advantages of having a shibe* 1. _advertisement_

Ten lov3s his fruits : "i love my beach" of course you do, you -smash-

Rosa Espinoza : Nice galasses though

B. Pro : No bleach doggo

ZSpot H&G : Y O W A D D U P

DerpTheF0X : 0:34 Best part of the video.

Ethan Gamer tv :