Important Message from Beach Doggo

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1111 2222 : handsome shiberino living the dream

Darth Vader : Lesson have been learned,save beach doggo’s home beach

Clorox Bleach Meadow Scent : I feel my tears running down my cheeks

zwrite : If you are wondering why I am picking up water bottles all over my school's field. Well, here's why. It all started with this video I saw on the internet...

Echo Wolf : This video is why people recycle

Butters The Bean : Nice sandals.


Agg : a e s t h e t i c

diamondminer65 : This is gonna save the earth

Logan Reddings : This is qualiti messig. Origine idea and importen tawpick. Should advertis moar my fren

Brandon Reck : *Doggo needs a long break to tell you to not litter our beautiful beaches!*

Razvan Gaming200 : lil tay? tati?

George Deane : Globalwarming.exe has stopped working System may have been enlightened by doggo on beech, click for more info

Pips : Much vice city!

Agent Smith : Inspired me to sort my garbage for the day.

Morgan Lemons : Important indeed

ChaseRulez 343 : He protec He attac But most importantly, He relac

Lava Llama : The only way to get humans to recycle is to have de legendary beach doggo tell them

Philip 154 : mai favourtite video from now on.. what a good doggo...

kamilladoc : he attac he protecc but most importantly HE KLIN HIS BEACH

Bootiful Shiba Inu : *beach doggo relax very gud*

xX YOLOSO Xx : Thancc

SquidForest : This video disserves a lot more views!

The Insensible Anthropod : Beach Doggo should be hailed ambassador for enviromintel progrum

Cringegod X : 100/10 $paghet

Cody mach3 : WHO DISLIKES THIS STUFF!?!?!?!?!?

Mr. Geladu : everything for u beach doggo!

lonelycookie এ : Y 216 hoomans diswike?!?!!


Danker Beef : much knowledge *acquired .*

party foxy 6 : So frickherin' gorgeous!!!

knobbelboifan 1 : Handsome doggo is love hooman because hooman help save doggos land. Hoomans are vital to life. #hoomansavedoggobeach

Mk Blade : this made me start recycling

Clorox Bleach Meadow Scent : am beach doggo :)

Ani's Trash Can : You have my word, you cute little pupper 💙🐕

Tycho van Steeg : Save beach from the God beach doggo. Save. The dream

shiibehh : anytin for ur beach shoberino

Nick Figures : Shobe doin a remlax

a kawaii potato. : This shuld be a add for recycling, that doggo wuld make more ppl come and clean than actual ppl😂😂

Da Dragon Durp : I is doggo and I am son of a beach

TheNavySeaLion : This is single handedly going to save our entire ecosystem

Sr. SHIBE DOGGO : *...*

swag mode YT : Shit we gotta throw away the ocean now

PrivateChicken : Doggo habing a freakin *RELACC*

HaSTaxHaX : Recyccle advertoisement donn right

Sreehari Madhu : Best commercial for Environment protection 👌👌

Koala-fide : I don't lissen to my parents or teachers when they say to recycle but now it has a whole new meaning to me.

Chris Tan : Doggo own da beach

Niceam '-' : Pollution drops to 0%

Thomas J : Everyone we must give handsom shobe a bepis and save de beach !1!!