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Crying at the moon : Everything about this is so freaking dope! Can’t wait for more like this men!💕

Friee Fanatic : this was lit as hell

Pandhan : Superb !....

SocialRichy : This is insane and everything screams exceptional quality. From the logo, to the merch, the van, even the editing of the video. Great first video excited to see more!

createdbyibra : Taking Over!

John Specs : Great arse concept

Priscilla Williams : This is a great 1st episode! You provide clarity of what Daily Bread do and show the uniqueness of Daily Bread, from other providers, sincerely and transparently. Nothing Long made a great decision seeking your company for a new direction of their branding! I am looking forward to more episodes...MORE OF THIS PLEASE!!!!!

kamalelsayed20 : Very creative. Your work looks sick!!!!!!!!

Heated News : nice

Kaelynn Adams : first dislike! jk lol ill undislike(if thats even a word lol) but it bothers me that there is no dislikes

Game Guard : Great channel bro

chopxgodz : great

Ether 84 : Some great work wicked 😊👍

Leef Loud : nice vid! Love ur content!

BAEFIT NiC : “Wasted” loooooool

Fire Water SHITTT : heheheh

SUP Dude : nice!

A. S. music : wow

Nate Gordon : This is mad, keep it up man. Sick first video.


Julian Boaitey : YES!

TheStranjah : Great concept and great job. Can people holler if they want to get the full Daily Bread treatment?

ImBuck : Nice video

Denny : I subbed

Rebeckahsscanner : SPICY MEMES

Idée Cuisine : Very good work ! thanks and big like from france :D

Abiel Vlogs : great ideas man very helpful

Sasu Sasu : Yess! Here for more of this!

Ashley and Chylee : Such a great first video. Can't wait for more content

RedPandainFlan : I love the camera quality