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Crying at the moon : Everything about this is so freaking dope! Can’t wait for more like this men!💕

SocialRichy : This is insane and everything screams exceptional quality. From the logo, to the merch, the van, even the editing of the video. Great first video excited to see more!

Ether 84 : Some great work wicked 😊👍

Priscilla Williams : This is a great 1st episode! You provide clarity of what Daily Bread do and show the uniqueness of Daily Bread, from other providers, sincerely and transparently. Nothing Long made a great decision seeking your company for a new direction of their branding! I am looking forward to more episodes...MORE OF THIS PLEASE!!!!!

John Specs : Great arse concept

Leef Loud : nice vid! Love ur content!

Game Guard : Great channel bro

createdbyibra : Taking Over!

Wolff : Lol it's Santan Dave 😂

Kaelynn Adams : first dislike! jk lol ill undislike(if thats even a word lol) but it bothers me that there is no dislikes

kamalelsayed20 : Very creative. Your work looks sick!!!!!!!!

Friee Fanatic : this was lit as hell

Online Bangla : nice

Pandhan : Superb !....

Harriconn 34 : Bruh everyone did subscribe to you then watched this video

KaSa MuSa கசமுசா : Done subscribe it’s u r turn

JW ORG Entertainment : Done, sub back

RHV Entertainment : Done sub back

Jackilyn Hung : Done

criotene : I can see this channel growing, its very tough to grow, but you did it so well!

Gaming Guys : Make more! You have a talent for this! I can only dream of doing what you do. Excellent video and you my friend are an awesome onscreen presence! I'm camera shy on my videos but maybe just maybe.... Thank you very much!

Ivan Matasovic : Please sub me back man....tnx

TNT PERFORMANCE CARS UK : cool vid make more plz

DANCE WIT' YAN 27 : Cool vid, buddy! Subscribed to you. Hope you sub back. Thank you. 😊

Nem Sei o Que Dizem - Podcast : Cool and subscribed!

waro words : I feel good. I am really pumping (I do not mean faltulance)

Polaroid Kinz : Wowza this is amazing!❤💕

TabaskoSweet : Awsome video keep it up!

TPS House : Nice!!!

ngongster : cool vid

SUP Dude : nice!

TheStranjah : Great concept and great job. Can people holler if they want to get the full Daily Bread treatment?

ImBuck : Nice video

Mysteries And Thoughts : amazing

Wizardatwill : Dope

Rebeckahsscanner : SPICY MEMES

Saadon Aksah : Lit!

Nate Gordon : This is mad, keep it up man. Sick first video.

Sasu Sasu : Yess! Here for more of this!

BAEFIT NiC : “Wasted” loooooool

Ashley and Chylee : Such a great first video. Can't wait for more content

Abiel Vlogs : great ideas man very helpful

RedPandainFlan : I love the camera quality

Julian Boaitey : YES!

Idée Cuisine : Very good work ! thanks and big like from france :D


A. S. music : wow