The Church of Mr. Bubz [Compilation II]
Mr Bubz Compilation 2

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"In the end your Gods will forsake you, but I shall always be here." This is the second compilation! Watch the first one: Watch the third one: I love this devilish little dog, but I'm sadly not Mr. Bubz' owner; However you can check them out on their Instagram, watch the original videos and get even more of Bubz.😊 Check out their website; ... and check out their merch too! If the owners/creators find their way to this fan compilation video and are not happy with it, I am more than happy to remove it. Just DM me on Insta and it will be done.👍🏼


James Humber : This dog shall live forever because it’s literally too angry to die.

Nugget 342 : Owner: "I gotta get up Mr. Bubz!" Mr. Bubz: *"N O Y O U F U C K I N G D O N T"*

Phoebe 7513 : I hope one day he can find inner peace

CelesteAlpha626 : 5:22 - Bubz - grrrrmmm - Bubz - greeeehmm -I love you Mr. Bubz - GRRRRRREEEEEEEMMGG

Cool I guess : “Mr Bubz?” “AaAAAAGHaaAA#{%^><|%^€$,¥”

bunglesfinger : Mr Bubz is fueled by a very unique form of respiration where he converts love and oxygen into hate and fat.

Gacha Annie : I am devoted to learning everything about this dog I want to meet this dog like now.

MonsterDude : *200% DOG FACIAL ANIMATION*

RAGE MASTER : 1:49 that shirt though

Kenta204 : Operator: 911 what’s your emergency? Bubz: BLEERRHHH

首乳 : The first one will always be my favorite. 0:00 - 0:14

JakeTheTankmaster : I just love how big and goofy his eyes are

Project 57 Reboot : "he loves his costume!" Bubz: *Screaming/Growling*

ŋıƈƙყ ƙąɬ : 2:38 I like how his body is just a blob with two sticks coming out XD

Marcus Roux : 3:18 *insanity* 3:28 normal dog instincts kick in 3:34 *aand back to insanity*

broken Aura : 3:09 oml 😂😂😂😂😥😥😥 I can't breathe. Best noise I've ever heard

RAGE MASTER : hes coming for your nightmares kiddies

F u c c : When he is happy, he gets angry; When he is sad, he gets angry; When he is scared, he gets angry; BUT WHEN HE IS ANGRY, H E G E T S A N G R I E R

Owen Campbell : he’s so cute but then he gets nasty

tropingreenhorn : Wow Mr. Bubz is like, I'm kind of annoyed by this hooman, but the pets feel good, so it is like alternating between "ooh feels nice" and "meeeh lfdjsg;jfgija"

Its your birb B : He prottecc He attacc But mOst importAntLy *He gave me my smile back*

A BIG MOOD : Some -men- dogs just want to watch the world burn.

ENXJ : Cesar Millan: "This is not an aggressive dog. It's not scared either. It's just weird. I've never seen anything like it."

Shawn D : Yes he growls a lot but you can tell he won’t actually attack anyone, my dog does this also (we make him when we mess with him) but he’s actually the kindest of dogs, they don’t bite to hurt, they’ll just clamp down calmly lol

Kaitlyn O'Neill : 5:01 I'm PRETTY SURE he beat you to that rawr

A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House : You require the assistance of the Catholic Church, because that dog is possessed by at least 4 different demons.

Comic Sans : i think this man is keeping the evil at bay

Kasey Heit : Kermit has competition in the nasty boy department

Allythe rally : 4:50 "Mr.Bubz loves his costume" Mr.Bubs: *Starts growling* "He's going to be coming into your nightmares, Mr.Bubz" Mr.Bubz: *growling intensifies* "Rawr -^•^-" Mr.Bubz: *Demonic growling*

Kimmy _G : Bubblegum burrito body😂😂most accurate thing ever!!!

Dimitrije Jocic : This dogo need exorcism

Onyx Crystalz The Lambling : _That is a Thicc demon… Not. A. Dog._

Creative Username : The guy and the dog together are just like a optimistic friend with a negative person and im living for it

Maikerr Ioerr : 1:57 mr bubs looks like gizmo from gremlins

Herje Don : 5:20 Those eyes looking different ways actually make him more perfect

TheCandyLover87_RBLX : 2:20 ok that scared me ;-;

Suya Natsuri : Mr Bubz should meet kermit

New eraツ : "Yeah, i got you, i got you on camera" *_growling intensifies_*

David Burgess : i think that guy's high voice just drives him nuts 😂

Ultimate Corgi God : 0:30 Why does this sound like an otamatone?

Wentra w : This dog is the source of all evil wrapped in cuteness. Ingenius!

Dannycen Ann Maturan : Imagine having a conference with Mr. Bubz, Kermit and Quincy (humping his Barney toy) 😂😂

Chas Young : That is not a dog. That is a grumpy demon who is too lazy to actually steal your souls.

It's ya boi Guzma : Bakugo if he reincarnated as a dog

Claymore : 50% Raptor / 50% Chainsaw

spess explorur : 2:49 (pause and click) That face says much

Johan Gustavsson : I hereby damn my soul for an eternity in service of Mr. Bubz, the second Prince of Hell, my new Lord and Master.

Mamandu 0 : You were warned NOT to feed it after Midnight and look what happened

dangboof : me and mr bubz share the same stress level. =x