The Church of Mr. Bubz [Compilation II]

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Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas : Calling all Bubz’ minions! My main man Sparky got into some bad shit. He was hit by a car, and after $10k worth of surgery he’s back in the hospital with necrosis which if untreated can lead to gangrene & septic shock. His Motherwife made a gofundme page to raise money to pay for my boy’s many surgeries. Please help save Sparky. He’s a special kind of Hell raiser. 👇SaveSparky👇

Rishel Schimmel : I love Mr. Bubz too. What a trip he is.

Datt : "Yeah, i got you, i got you on camera" *_growling intensifies_*

Chas Young : That is not a dog. That is a grumpy demon who is too lazy to actually steal your souls.

Kasey Heit : Kermit has competition in the nasty boy department

Josef Stalin : When he is happy, he gets angry; When he is sad, he gets angry; When he is scared, he gets angry; BUT WHEN HE IS ANGRY, H E G E T S A N G R I E R

WB Sims : Bubz side eye is my eternal mood 😂😂😂😂

Lukas Selberg : I love how at 2:40 he's actually being kinda nice and cute and then the other dog triggers him again

Jeroenoman : 2:46 He just explodes into anger, what a character.

Nugget 342 : Owner: "I gotta get up Mr. Bubz!" Mr. Bubz: *"N O Y O U F U C K I N G D O N T"*

xxIluvyouguysxx : “He’s coming for your nightmares” 😂

Elvisneedsboats Bennett : I wish to join the church of Bubs. I will forever snarl at everything and everyone forever. Also I will be sending in my tithe of 10% of all my snausages and pig ears shortly.

QueenCinnella X : I think he just really hates the camera...

Lemonade Child : Yea I got you I got this on camera *bllrreeaagh*

CelesteAlpha626 : 5:22 - Bubz - grrrrmmm - Bubz - greeeehmm -I love you Mr. Bubz - GRRRRRREEEEEEEMMGG

RAGE MASTER : 1:49 that shirt though

Happy Hoovy : Chucky put his soul into a dog's body This is the result

Pinka13 _ _ : He sounds like a very tiny motorcycle

Sporedude135 : I think he is a cross between a dog, a bear cub, a lizard, Alex Jones, and the Doom Guy

Samantha Shaw : 00:24 it sounds like he's saying mommy


bunglesfinger : Mr Bubz is fueled by a very unique form of respiration where he converts love and oxygen into hate and fat.

I know her face : Your dolphin makes some weird noises

MissMiniATVEVO : He gets so pissed when he sees the camera.😂

Plucky Bellhop : How could a dog that gets so much sugar be soo spicy?

Phoebe 7513 : I hope one day he can find inner peace

ENXJ : Cesar Millan: "This is not an aggressive dog. It's not scared either. It's just weird. I've never seen anything like it."

beautiful cutie pie : This dog is adorable but I think he might be possessed by the devil lol.

Stonehawk : ... is it that Mr. Bubz is actually a happy friendly dog, but had a stroke or something so whenever he wants to express contentment it turns into a scary snarl?

D-ray : 1:29 "You love me so much! How much?" "Heaaaauuughhhh!" "Aaawww... :3"

Shawn Don : Yes he growls a lot but you can tell he won’t actually attack anyone, my dog does this also (we make him when we mess with him) but he’s actually the kindest of dogs, they don’t bite to hurt, they’ll just clamp down calmly lol

James Humber : This dog shall live forever because it’s literally too angry to die.

RAGE MASTER : hes coming for your nightmares kiddies

Empty Nuka Cola Bottle : Mr. Bubz has seen some other worldly shit with those eyes

MezzerIsHere : hE thICC hE bIg BonED but most importantly, hE cHoMNk

DronZizzle : 2:45 that freakout lmao

Paul Lucas : 0:10 When you realized the condom popped

Seija Liimatainen : This dog is filled with demonic energy- he's too powerful.

MonsterDude : *200% DOG FACIAL ANIMATION*

A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House : You require the assistance of the Catholic Church, because that dog is possessed by at least 4 different demons.

A BIG MOOD : Some -men- dogs just want to watch the world burn.

Ultimate Corgi God : 0:30 Why does this sound like an otamatone?

Cool I guess : “Mr Bubz?” “AaAAAAGHaaAA#{%^><|%^€$,¥”

tropingreenhorn : Wow Mr. Bubz is like, I'm kind of annoyed by this hooman, but the pets feel good, so it is like alternating between "ooh feels nice" and "meeeh lfdjsg;jfgija"

AdorableChou : Freakiest thing about Mr Bubz is that he *knows* what a camera is. He knows what it is and knows what it does. A lot of the times he starts up his ungodly noises he's aware a camera is on and recording him. That kind of intelligence doesn't happen in dogs. I'm telling you, this is an eldritch horror that's trapped in the shape of a dog, waiting for the moment he can unleash hell.

RandomStranger01 : That's a weird cat

Owen Campbell : he’s so cute but then he gets nasty

Dimitrije Jocic : This dogo need exorcism

Gacha Annie : I am devoted to learning everything about this dog I want to meet this dog like now.

KissMyAspergers : Somebody put a cat inside a dog. That's gotta be illegal somehow.