The Church of Mr. Bubz [Compilation II]

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Rishel Schimmel : I love Mr. Bubz too. What a trip he is.

James Humber : This dog shall live forever because it’s literally too angry to die.

Chris : that guy talking in his normal voice instead of the high-pitched one was a helluva plot twist 🤔

Kædie Cøble : You should really take your cat to the vet

Hanna .Yoselevich : I can’t tell if he’s happy or angry

Witch's Brew Sims : Bubz side eye is my eternal mood 😂😂😂😂

Kys : He kinda *thicc*

Frost Gamer : 3:41 totally fine... Sees camera *N Y A A A A A A A A G H*

-confusing life- : Mr.Bubz is like that one moody ass friend who everybody is trying to make happy *But when they are happy* *Its scary*

Sirius Rehkind : Did you try to turn it off and on again?!

Elvisneedsboats Bennett : I wish to join the church of Bubs. I will forever snarl at everything and everyone forever. Also I will be sending in my tithe of 10% of all my snausages and pig ears shortly.

Dat Fat Unicorn : 4:51 “Sheriff Bubz” Protector of Anngerr Town Abilities : Menacing Side Eye : -10 Resolve Snarl : -5 Resolve +10 Fear Snap : 5 - 20 Damage Ultimate : Transforms into “BelzeBubz The Hateful One” +100 Attack Power

TRAV AVIS : 4:50 Red Bubs Redemption

Chris Remerscheid : Here we see the desendent of the mighty wolf, a being of pure carnal rage and power, the all-father, Mr.Bubs.

byslexia : *bubz magnificent mind* happiness: awkwardly moan anger: awkwardly moan sadness: awkwardly moan confusion: awkwardly moan literally any other emotion: just awkwardly moan

Santa Hoovy : Chucky put his soul into a dog's body This is the result

GreenGrounds : 1:39 Bubz merchandise when?? 😂

Kasey Heit : Kermit has competition in the nasty boy department

Maria Cherry : I l o v e y o u M r. B u b z

Cheesy : 1:04 is everyone gonna ignore how fast he went from demon to happy lil dog

bunglesfinger : Mr Bubz is fueled by a very unique form of respiration where he converts love and oxygen into hate and fat.

xxIluvyouguysxx : “He’s coming for your nightmares” 😂

lukas wildau : We all breathe at the mercy of Mr.Bubz

D.J. Menuet : Oh my God, Mr. Bubz dressed as Freddy Krueger made me laugh do hard I woke my cat up! Too bad his little claw glove fell off.

Samantha Shaw : 00:24 it sounds like he's saying mommy

QueenCinnella X : I think he just really hates the camera...

Eric M. : 3:51 pure death stare

nathan vanmeter : Does he have a disability I’m So confused 😂

The Space Moon : *I don't think Mr bubz is happy*

ENXJ : Cesar Millan: "This is not an aggressive dog. It's not scared either. It's just weird. I've never seen anything like it."


captain punch : I love mister bubz and his bubble gum burrito body because despite how angry he looks he’s still a good boy

I like to scream for no reason : Mom: Did you like the iCe cReAm? Mr Bubz: mlem mlem

10 Thousand subscribers With out no Videos : Buy a replay button 0:00 0:00 It cost a like.

Levi Skardsen : Mr Bubz is a Vietnam flashback that took living form.

Sasha Carter : Mr Bubs is my spirit animal

Cnstinini : He tamed a demon.

Suzzanne Stofko : Omg the Freddy costume! 😂😂

Mr. I am everywhere : 4:50 bubz the god in his most finest form

Jessica Gould : When you want attention but hate people

The Watermelon Factory : do dogs have whiskers?

Edgard O' Yacante : He wants to take your life

Chas Young : That is not a dog. That is a grumpy demon who is too lazy to actually steal your souls.

Tojiru Records : It’s the reincarnation of dobby

The Squad : 10 bucks says mr bubs is actually a reincarnation of an ancient god and hes so angry all the time because hes a fat little dog

Dylan Barco : Freddy Kruger Bubs is my spirit animal

Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot : 4:50 accurate response

Stonehawk : ... is it that Mr. Bubz is actually a happy friendly dog, but had a stroke or something so whenever he wants to express contentment it turns into a scary snarl?

Hate Monger : Mr bubz looks fucking stressed out all the time.. he need to relax.. 💊💊💊

Eeriel Constantine : The owners voice with Bubz is the literal best XD