Surviving Edged Weapons [reupload]

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DukeBox : thank you for saving this. It was my all time favourite video and I was so sad to see it deleted. it had like 900k views too.

zoe wainwright : ah the good old mexican sacatripae, thanks for the reupload dude!

Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D. : The best way to neutralize someone armed with an edged weapon is by using a fail-safe taser or shooting them in the leg. I learned this on Reddit, the world's foremost law enforcement knowledge base.

Ice Cream Jones : the moral of this story is stab cops

meadslosh : I knew about SEW before RLM made it cool

Daniel Johnson : Thank you, Milwaukee cops vs Ninjas instructional video

whatsmyageagain : love 2:41 "Surprise, CROSSBOW!" leading into disheveled hermit answering the door with a samurai sword



Ryan Butcher : You don't lose the fight! Keep uploading forever. :)

NN D : Hardcore feelings

MrDarkTides : This won the internet years ago.

highlandcommando : Hall of famer right there

c0nqu3r3rlol : thanks, was looking for this

Kit C : Stay tuned for the inspiring speech by a young Donald Trump at the end!

monolyth421 : Knives are all around us

JAMB ジャム : Nostalgic memes are the best

rsato8 : The hero we need

Every Soul A Legion : /frog

Mike Wave : If they take this video down, the fight is on.

Lonus Bjonus : period

HighBrass 777 : can anyone tell me who the Mexican looking guy in the apartment and the guy in the court house are, they move really well?

Primeira Luz : The final speech matches so well with the music.

Prisoner416 : Isn't this missing the start of the video, with the guy postering saying "here's my id, come and take it?"

riptor3000 : this is the best video on youtube

Peter Crowley : Here we go here we go here we go again

Nooby : thank god

Bodhi : I was thinking the bear claw was the actual weapon...

spookyattic : IT'S BACK

jleoriane : Thanks for reuploading this.

Chromatic : Still one of my favorite videos ever.

Whito Dev : I want to know more about that bear claw necklace

foxfact : Thank you for saving this gem!

DCS : Let us make this a meme, friends.

shinobody : Is THIS why American cops shoot everyone unarmed on sight, because from their perspective everyone is wearing 20 possible knives at any time?

KohbyYG : This saved my life! tANA MONGEU CAME AT ME WITH a KNIFE!!!! and i knew that she was keeping razor blades in her hat cuz of thsi video thank you so much! <3<3<3 P.S Theres this buzing ass buzing fly. and you look like a pop tart