Dubstep Dance France -HD-

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Awesome group! Reload in HD for all Fans Tracklist: 1) soFLY - Darknight (guitar : Oddfellow) 2) soFLY - Girls Gone Wild 3) soFLY - Circus 4) soFLY & Vicelow - Yahourt(soon available on Vicelow's Blue Tape 2) 5) T.I, Busta Rhymes, AlphaMega - Hurt (soFLY remix) 6) soFLY - Circus Pt 2 7) soFLY - I am the Best ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dancers: Marion Motin (Swaggers, Quality Street), Julie Moreau (Swaggers), Nicolas Medea (R.A.F Crew) et Marvin Gofin (R.A.F Crew)

Comments from Youtube

Allie Smith : This will forever be one of my favorite videos on the net! LOVE it! ;) 8D

pyrrho314 : my daughter showed this too me and it brought tears to my eyes at the time.  she's dead now, and it reminds me of her.

Justabe1020 : 4:32-4:34.....................one of the hardest moves ever..........she does it perfectly! so much control needed to make that move go nicely.

Kolton King : I will forever love this video.

Fred Noonan : 2:25 Oh. My. God...

Just Barking : Still so sick 6 years later

Baby Jack : Anytime I feel like dancing, I always watch this

ellie : only after so many years of watching this i've noticed the asscrack at 5:24

Ryan Jordan : Watching this video 6 years later. I still have my eyes focused on the red hat. Straight up lit. No more words needed.

lestardkart : 4:33 best girl I've ever seen, level "to hard"

AC2FAN94 : i freaking love this move at 3:13

ImCrypex : I am taking 7th grade French and I am learning about French culture. I will be sharing this with my class :)

Kahzar : I don't know if it falls under the same category, but LES TWINS, those guys are really awesome, you should definitely watch. (Btw, sorry for my english, I'm chilean)

Warand Ian : 2:10 - 2:30 epic

564fresh : Does anyone actually have a link to the song Hurt-soFLY remix?

Daniel : T.I, Busta Rhymes, AlphaMega - Hurt (soFLY remix) I just need this song so much...

Михаил Запорожский : это просто супер!!! масса положительных эмоций!

karma22666 : SoflyMusicHQ page youtube pour deux sons et aussi: SoFly - I am the best

ALex Alex : Songs name?

Denis Nagamine : The red hat dancing is AMAZING!!!

Zoha Rajput : Bravo!👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

Endriu Here : 4:30 Song Please :)

Bryan Mulero : 2019 and still here, been watching this video for years... this will always be one of the sickest dance i've ever seen

XVisionDancer : awesome!

Kevan Nieratka : 7 years later and i still get goose bumps. this video changed my life.

Ben Philpot : le petit bonjour les poop

Mastahcheech : 2:25 is so damn cool.

MegaBabyRawr : lol i am too

Dick Chainey : Whats the name of the second song ?

Fuad Dances : I dance! Check out my channel please!

MrLaughatthis : i hereby submit that this is the best dance video on youtube....any argument to the contrary will be invalid

kenneth romero : super dance , good job

Still : Almost three years later and I'm still getting chills down my spine :)

Edd Tse : Pretty cool, I see elements of jabbawookeez in their routine.

Clash 47 : Best performance i've ever seen!!! Big up!

D'Angelo Kosi : There good dont get me wrong but this is hiphop not dubstep

DeadlyCobra : Mega

kean diedrich : Who are those guys!!!!!! And what happened to SoFly he completely disappeared

Nicki Hanley : This is so awesome! Thanks to the person in the front row who videotaped this!!! Woot!

jade garcia : Epic !!

Fergus Burke : Holy Fuck ! This is EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fergus Burke : Ireland

Маргарита Шуваликова : Напишите пожалуйста треки которые играли в этом видео =) Please write the tracks are played in this video Veuillez écrire les plages sont reproduites dans cette vidéo Ребята молодцы!!!Раз 15ый уже смотрю!!!))) Very cool dance!!! Danse très cool!!!

RiotWallBangr : Most of this is hip hop not dubstep

RBJ alkuwari : i watched this whole video, and my eyes are looked on the Red hot girl

Morgan Whitmore : riiiight?? shes the best!

Damon Boggs : I want the girl in the red hat.... like.... so bad! lol. She needs to get at me! HAHAHAHAHA

Krishna Parmar : can u upload ur sound track?

Kyle Dake : Gets boring real quick