Plenty More Fish...

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IKMNification : *Hits camera, Proceeds to hit camera's lens* "Goodness Me" Tim caught himself having a bit too much fun there.

Ricey超極 : Fish from the nile

Phonotical : Here come Nile comments 😒

AkityBakity : The Japanese text on the first toy is a reminder to throw empty cans into the trash! :)

subliminalvibes : I'm slightly alarmed that Tim doesn't know what an Orca looks like.

Michael Weston : "Isn't that saucy?" lol

Read more : Here I am trying to get off youtube and then Tim uploads...

David Jeffery : Unoriginal comments from the nile

Mr_Musicguy : Grand Illusions is the purest channel on youtube.

Poe_TGAHero : "Shark coming towards you!" "WOOF!" Yeah, okay Tim.

Jo•No : What do you call a fish with no eyes? Blind.

Chris Campbell : That puzzle would be an orca

Perfect_Poop : 6:12 Tim, STOP!! That's an endangered species!!

Michael Weston : Can you show us your absolutely favorite toy?

Virolaxion : It's an Orca, one of the most recognised sea animals. Tim, mate, watch more Blue Planet

Mark Byrd : The yoyo is a puffer fish I believe!

Joe G : I'm here from the future: There will be a water of the Nile themed video this month

Elliot Grey : Well, that's a fine kettle of fish

Catobleppa : The fishes jumping out of the water are upside down dolphins, Tim does it again!

big bongus : 5:12 to be fair the sounds were too realistic i shitted my pants

Spongebob SquarePants : What do you call a fish with no eyes a fsh

windyturtle _ : tim really is quite the.... catch

Keita K : First Japanese toy is not fishing somehow they are to encourage throwing cans in a bin

Bob3D2000 : 4:50 Tim, surely the purpose of those magnetic fish is to put them on the walls of your fish tank.

noisyturtle : I love this reoccurring theme of Tim not knowing what an orca is. He is a treasure to be cherished!

angpug1 : Nile from the Fish

Alex Hetherington : Tim doesn't know his animals does he lol .How can he not know the difference between a whale and a shark.

Humanlike : hey everyone! how are yall doing today?

Farsam : I ordered the Christmas cards from ur website. Can’t wait for em to come in today.

Joseph Coombes : Nice one tim

Toy Insanity : Are there any fish in the waters of the Nile?

Mark Byrd : And that puzzle is an orca

briennabradley : Your like a grandpa so kind and fun! I love being here!

Frank Powell : Fishy ... I bet Tim is a Pisces working for scale ...

Ben Bending Rodriguez : That fish was in the yoyo episode.

Gunshock : He's so innocent and wise it makes me smile

Nearly Legit Films : 7:11 very saucy indeed

Glenn Griffon : btw the ruler was upside down. It's not fish, it's dolphins leaping out of the water.

ties pau : 1:39 sliding into your DM's like

Samuel Shaffer : Puffer fish

Khalid Mohammoud : Farst

Zerusu : Let's just ignore that whales are mammals and not fish :D

Prashanth Kn : Hi

Can I get 100 subs by making no videos? : Shark boner 5:00

Moochelable : Not first

Shaneca Rene : I love this I the only one lol <3

Ayse Tetik : Hotel? Trivago.

John Bendy Demon : What do you call fish without eyes? *Fsh*

Sofia Frantz : I love you

twinners 12 : First