De Staat - KITTY KITTY (Official Video)

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Ramzeltron : "When you buy a camera that can zoom."

Aníbal Gleza : And I thought they couldn't top the Witch Doctor's video.

basco1295 : This might be even more interesting to reenact at live shows than the Witch Doctor dance

Pyrolight : Torre, front man or psycho killer, take your pick.

HarpyNL : At 1:54 that little eye twitch, chilled me to the bone. Attention to detail is phenomenal, I think I've found myself a new top 3 band.

soundwave070 : Goed besteedde subsidie toch wel

Dylano Schoonderwaldt : Damn, what a visual again!

Declan John : I'm an American but De Staat is by far my favorite band these days so I knew this song well already. About 2/3 through I started sobbing. I have never had such an emotional response to a music video in my life.

Dr. Fleischkanu : I do love how both sides are called out on this. Left: (While blue) Gang of undertakers Make the new news faker Swear me in, hater Right: (While red) Big deal maker Orange entertainer Swamp it up, gator

bert stoltenborg : Ik vind na dit te hebben gezien dat Vedran de nieuwe James Bond moet worden.

Ecresis : I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan, a prog fan, I like Genesis and some Queen and Deep purple too. But somehow this is my new favourite band. How did you do this ?

matt waters : Volgende keer live word het dus een witch doctor circlepit en een kitty kitty wall of death :)

Daft Funker : Possibly the most underrated band in the northern hemisphere (i can't speak for the southern hemisphere).

Matthew VandenBerg : Dutch Rock band creates anti-Trump song, rest of the world doesn't have the decency to make it famous. There are 2 reasons for this: 1. People aren't as butt-hurt about Trump as we've been led to believe. (Let's be honest, mainstream media loves it's sensationalism.) 2. People have no ability to appreciate genuinely interesting and cool music. ("Despacito" has over *FIVE BILLION VIEWS.* Fuck those people.)

Alybagel : Trump, US politics, red vs blue.. Am I close?

jajurrian : Dit is zo'n *fucking* lekker nummer. En ik luister normaal graag naar hiphop en techno :')

Jasper : I never thought I'd make one of these comments, but who's here before the tokkies come whining about the subsidies they legitimately received?


Galileo Rocha Cuevas : Goete morgen uit Mexico! I love De Staat. How cool it is the video was just uploaded before I go to school?

I AM INSANITY : top 10 epic anime standoffs

Di Frost : this... is...i don't no, maybe because I'm Russian. But this video... it's something I can't live without anymore. Thanks, guys . Music was a discovery for me again. Respect from mother Russia!!! Long live the enemies!!!

joris luijten : Back on track. Can the lyrics be linked to Donald Trump, or am I just imagining things ;)?

Joris Briët : you should be selected for eurovision song festival!!!!

Quan P.xanti : I always share De Staat's video to ppl who doesn't believe me when I said Dutchies are the craziest! lol

MrSnel : This sound has "Blade Runner" all over it. Hella dope!

PrinceGastronome : That's it...I'm buying your entire discography.

MuggendeVlieg : Video is complete and utter gold. Thanks once again guys! If you don't get what the message is the visuals can speak for themselves, which is quite a feat!

ManThatUFear1423 : That was some next level shit. I’m glad to see their production value going up. Thank god I happened to stumble upon them because they are just awesome.

Martial Mernier : You guys are just brilliant. So original. I'm a big fan. Keep going.

mEdnAzz (mijkolsmith) : blue vs red, makes me think political

Sandro Stutz : An army of Vedran Mircetics ? Niiiice

Georgius : The track itself was great already, now the clip and all its symbolic is great as well

Dan MacMullin : Easily as good as ‘Witch doctor’. Bloody well done.

Juboi : These guys make the best music videos

Samurai Jacques : De Staat consistently produces the most innovative videos in music. If we still had MTV they'd be in heavy rotation.

Eureka_sevenfold : this video is so hypnotic

Pepijn de Putter : Ok, I'm sure Torre Florim is evil!

Cakulha : If you like this listen to 'Is It Always Binary' by Soulwax

Bas : This is one of the best clips I've ever seen! :)

Joe Ahn : great song and by the way a great video...who else than the witchdoctor masterminds is able to produce art like guys rule...luv from northern proud to be your neighbour😘

Waxenboss 2460 : Back with a bang I see, simply incredible song and video.

Akarui : Ik ben zeer tevreden dat ik jullie heb gevonden.

Tim Arets : Sickste video van ze tot nu toe. Heel vet.

Marco Grandia : Wat een fokking vette clip. Echt heel lang geleden dat ik een clip online helemaal keek

Scott Shadows : De gitarist in deze video: laatste keer dat ik te laat kom bij een band bespreking 😂😂

Sharlye : De Staat is without a doubt my favorite bands now days, I really hope you guys can come to Chile one day.

Saad Dossary : Im glad I clicken on this!!

Connor Tillemans : long life the enemy

Grant The Hierophant : Absolutely astounding, completely blew me out of the water!

1stAxelKain : Consistently great music, that freaking drum solo!!! Moreover, your Music VIDEO itself is astounding! Incredible videograpy!