De Staat - KITTY KITTY (Official Video)

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Ramzeltron : "When you buy a camera that can zoom."

Aníbal Gleza : And I thought they couldn't top the Witch Doctor's video.

Pyrolight : Torre, front man or psycho killer, take your pick.

bert stoltenborg : Ik vind na dit te hebben gezien dat Vedran de nieuwe James Bond moet worden.

basco1295 : This might be even more interesting to reenact at live shows than the Witch Doctor dance

Dylano Schoonderwaldt : Damn, what a visual again!

Declan John : I'm an American but De Staat is by far my favorite band these days so I knew this song well already. About 2/3 through I started sobbing. I have never had such an emotional response to a music video in my life.

soundwave070 : Goed besteedde subsidie toch wel

Ecresis : I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan, a prog fan, I like Genesis and some Queen and Deep purple too. But somehow this is my new favourite band. How did you do this ?

Daft Funker : Possibly the most underrated band in the northern hemisphere (i can't speak for the southern hemisphere).

Alybagel : Trump, US politics, red vs blue.. Am I close?

matt waters : Volgende keer live word het dus een witch doctor circlepit en een kitty kitty wall of death :)

RaggedFlag : At 1:54 that little eye twitch, chilled me to the bone. Attention to detail is phenomenal, I think I've found myself a new top 3 band.

jajurrian : Dit is zo'n *fucking* lekker nummer. En ik luister normaal graag naar hiphop en techno :')

Jasper : I never thought I'd make one of these comments, but who's here before the tokkies come whining about the subsidies they legitimately received?


I AM INSANITY : top 10 epic anime standoffs

Galileo Rocha Cuevas : Goete morgen uit Mexico! I love De Staat. How cool it is the video was just uploaded before I go to school?

Ingmar Bouwman : Fucking hell dit is zo goed!

joris luijten : Back on track. Can the lyrics be linked to Donald Trump, or am I just imagining things ;)?

mEdnAzz (mijkolsmith) : blue vs red, makes me think political

Joris Briët : you should be selected for eurovision song festival!!!!

Di Frost : this... is...i don't no, maybe because I'm Russian. But this video... it's something I can't live without anymore. Thanks, guys . Music was a discovery for me again. Respect from mother Russia!!! Long live the enemies!!!

Georgius : The track itself was great already, now the clip and all its symbolic is great as well

Juboi : These guys make the best music videos

Quan P.xanti : I always share De Staat's video to ppl who doesn't believe me when I said Dutchies are the craziest! lol

Suckmydictionary : Pretty sure this is about Donald Trump.

MrSnel : This sound has "Blade Runner" all over it. Hella dope!

Joe Ahn : great song and by the way a great video...who else than the witchdoctor masterminds is able to produce art like guys rule...luv from northern proud to be your neighbour😘

Bas : This is one of the best clips I've ever seen! :)

ManThatUFear1423 : That was some next level shit. I’m glad to see their production value going up. Thank god I happened to stumble upon them because they are just awesome.

Rishi : Damn!!! Deze voel ik tot in mijn botten!

Mony singer : Excellent/ smart lyrics & video showing yesterday's/today's political reality, and how the leaders work to stay in power ,,, pitting us against each other

Waxenboss 2460 : Back with a bang I see, simply incredible song and video.

Dan MacMullin : Easily as good as ‘Witch doctor’. Bloody well done.

Sharlye : De Staat is without a doubt my favorite bands now days, I really hope you guys can come to Chile one day.

Marco Grandia : Wat een fokking vette clip. Echt heel lang geleden dat ik een clip online helemaal keek

Jan Hundling : Rare muziek

Pepijn de Putter : Ok, I'm sure Torre Florim is evil!

Tim Arets : Sickste video van ze tot nu toe. Heel vet.

Jart Ligterink : Beste Nederlandse band, by far!

Bart Rennen : Opnieuw een creatieve verademing mannen! Bedankt!!!

MuggendeVlieg : Video is complete and utter gold. Thanks once again guys! If you don't get what the message is the visuals can speak for themselves, which is quite a feat!

Sibren van Es : Damn this video made me zone out for a bit damn

Dazer Eyes : AFAS, see you there. Can't wait.

Saad Dossary : Im glad I clicken on this!!

Eder López Pineda : This guys are Crazy,Love it! 😃

Big Dave : Can't ...stop...playing....this....songggggg....

Adlin Ling : Reminds me of The Streets

Rick La Rondelle : Geweldig! All i can say