epic 80s news promo

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Best. Promo. EVVAR PS. I do not own this video PPS. Thanks to the ones commenting that it was a promo, not an intro


Tekedi : The cinematography of this damn thing is amazing. If only more news shows knew the value. 

Jaylen Parson : this is the most intense thing I have ever seen in my life

PIX Promos & More : This certainly was Epic...except I think this was a Promo instead of an actual open.

Kelli Xylon : Two things... 1.) This isn't an intro it is a one minute promo for the news division of the station. 2.) The station in the promo is WITI in Milwaukee. This was when it was a CBS affiliate. It would become a Fox affiliate in 1994. Not to knock anyone, but I wanted to point out a couple of things.

M Mc : That gave me chills!

Duane Locsin : The world was action packed in the 80's!!!!

Liquid Snake : This is too damn epic lol. Was this kind of thing really needed for a News station lol!

Scotty Logan : prod. by Prestige Worldwide

Raixor : I would LOVE to have seen that drummer's face when he learned he got this job.

mmodnao : So intense I am now afraid of going out my computer room.

Cemal Kuguoglu : Yatay bakış yatay bakış

holden : I'm going to have this implanted in my brain's memory bank when we have the technology.

mapuche91 : wouaaa :o :D

Jahar Rolling Stone : 0:51 to 0:53 is epic. i could watch this shit all day.

BEARONICA : That's Wisconsin for ya.

Jason Thomas Dolan : Worst news opener ever! Even considering it was the 1980s. I almost fell asleep half way through it.

dti407 : If you're one of the four people that gave this a thumbs down, you're un-american.

buzman1985 : 0:16

Matt Villanueva : that was one white ass news cast

AjaOfVeelox : Lmao!

goback3spaces : Yeah, the only thing missing is the gratuitous miniskirts and cheesecake shots.

Michael Taylor : You just know these guys wouldn't screw up the names of some pilots.

Randy T. : Reminded you of Gerry also, huh? I was gonna type that it reminded me of the opening of the TV series 'U.F.O.' by Gerry.

BassMastr526 : 0:47 hes interviewing the firefighter while the fire is still blazing in the window lol

McKinley Falkowski : Nice

DocZombiePhD : What? Why is a tree good? Why is a sunset good? Why is boobs good?

DocZombiePhD : "Great work, today, guys. Unfortunately, we can't pay anyone this year. We spent the whole budget on the intro."

TheBighurt314 : 100% sure this was Will Ferrell's idea source for Anchor Man

th3spy : I don't see why this is so great?

Brandinooo95 : This is definitely a promo instead of an actual intro (just look up WITI TV6 things on YouTube to see some 80s intros from this station) but that doesn't make it any less EPIC!!!!!!!

goback3spaces : NEWS: 1985! A Gerry and Sylvia Anderson production.

Rexcetera : God the 80s were horrible. I wonder if they set the fire just for this?

Alan M : Is this real life..? srs

BobBX542 : Dude, this is so 80's, it doesn't even seem like a real news thing to me. It's like the intro to a bad/good 80's show where the news team fights crime. During the day, we report the news. At night, we MAKE the news."

Anthony Saints : Ron Burgundy at 0:22

ScrubLife : Go fuck yourself, Milwalkee

GnC Films : Stay classy, Wisconsin.

Wolfgang Von Zubaz : How could those dirty commies ever think they'd win the Cold War after watching this

thebrick2k : I am so glad this is back on youtube.

Joe : Another reason to be proud to be from Milwaukee...

achigreek : Fireman is all like: Fire... what fire? I got an interview to give!!

rufusbaron : Local news is filled with cocaine abusers and rapists these days. Back then it was honest work


PaulDeRouenMusic : That must have cost a fortune in 80s dollars.

ColinZeal : If you´re not PSYCHED to see the latest news after this - you never will be.

ian9outof10 : I can't stop watching, someone send help.

ian9outof10 : This is amazing, and check out that steadicam work too, solid stuff.

RachaelFive : This is important news! 

mrzero1982 : God damn... Did the news begin at 557 to compensate for this long ass opening?!