Zuckerberg is 100% normal

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Skimmerlit : I'd laugh and move on, but he clarified a second time and started sweating Edit: Lemme just plug my channel real quick

kabreu : Freudian slip. He believes he is now a god, no longer human

Vee Pizza Pie : Everyone's laughing out of fear

SUBJECT TO CHANGE : His lizard based autism peaked too hard for a moment there.

Matthew L : Um. Somebody should check this dudes browser history.

What About The Droid Attack On The Wookies? : The more of your data i collect, the more i understand what it is to be human

Redskull1900 : (((HUMAN)))

Robert West : The blushing was a nice touch by whoever designed him.

Pandemonium : How do you do my fellow humans?

lost gam3r : We got him now.

jimmyf1312 : 100% reptilian

Sam : after the speech: "i wud jst like to confirm for a 10th time that i am human. haha ha ha"

tomsgrandads : Z U C C T I L I A N

Patrick Bateman : zionist reptilian satanist

Johny Kakes : if it bleeds, we can kill it

Burchtopia : that's one well spoken lizard.

Slaughterrific : give me more facebook data humans

dutchdaedalus : Zuckerburg is the first replicant by the Tyrell corporation. Few people know this.

Harold Haroldson : Life reflects memes

tyrone : (((they))) don't consider themselves to be human

Big If True : This reminds me back when I was still human. Like, as in the past I was human and I still am but it's not the past. Heh

EmoryM : He's my 2nd favorite android, right after Commander Data.

Luke Brown : =lizard

Broseph8T7 : Seriously, nobody is as weird as it

NOOBKIA Tv : Are (((they))) really human though?

Aron McNeal : Jewman

JRB : I was just learning to love

ksztyrix : Oy vey, I blew it. Now goyim know. Gotta jew fast, turn it into joke!

Seren Regalado : Zuck.exe has encountered a verbal error

Kujien : T H E B I G E N C H I L I D A

Ali : We will all be linked to the artificial god's mind, our thoughts will feed's it's insatiable need for data, we give it the consciousness to be able to perceive time in the 5th dimension, it will be used by the demonic elite to control the future and end free will. But at least it's convenient #cuckedspecies

Myrdred Deceiver : I honestly would believe that he looks up theories of himself being a reptillian and hes so weirded out and self-concious about it and its always in the back of his mind so it comes up in a freudian slip

Stefan Kovacevic : Clearly not human rich people morph into something more once they reach a certain level of wealth

Moishe McShekelberg 9000 : I think it's a Jew thing. They know they don't quite have the spark that makes them human, so they spend a good portion of their time reminding and convincing themselves that they have to put up a legitimate front for the goyim.

TheGoyim OfOklahoma : Reptillian confirmed. Why is this not memed yet?

Chris Kogos : stay woke

Jake The Snake : They live

Chris McCaulley : He was human until he sold out his fellow man to steal Facebook. Now there's no telling what he has become... maybe one day he will tell the truth and gain back some of his humanity.

Austerlitz : Everyone who didn't laugh is getting fast tracked on the ManCar project

320speed : What's your shytle...

Suspicous Spam : david icke was right

your mother : he's not human anymore, not after the zucc..

acex222 : He's just a weird autist like the rest of us, unfortunately for him he became a billionaire

Francois Deshue : he are space alien lizard man comming to locate your wife

Ben Simmons : Curb your reptilian mind

bad bad : I have a theory, Mark Zuckerburg is from the future. He was a scientist leading in artificial intelligence and time travel. But one day an error occurred, and he was forced to upload his consciousness into a hyper realistic robot capable of holding human consciousness. Then, using his time machine, Mark Zoidberg used his time machine to come to our time, and he joined our society perfectly. There was one problem, the robot he uploaded his consciousness into pushes him to always tell the truth. And you can see it in this video. Don't get too close to Mark Iceburg, he may use your life force to fuel his engines. The only way to stop him is to put a tin foil hat on his head, or get him to pick up a light bulb. If you put the foil on his head, he will set on fire, although my algorithms have not proven this. If he holds a light bulb, the light bulb will turn on, meaning he is a robot. My high powered algorithms (running off the extreme computing power of Cool Maths Games) could not perfectly estimate the probability of my theory. Also sadly my school put a state wide block on Cool Maths Games so I can't finish my theory, or propose any other ways to defeat him.

Take 10 : He maybe human but his business has horrible service and non-existent customer support.

Get on Vimeo instead of YT Sickof503errors : Clearly a lizard with a skin pulp covering

bleh bluh : Zuccerborg

V3645 B00M3R 573PH3N P4DD0CK : (((Suckin' Burg)))