Turning a wooden bowl on a Table Saw! INCREDIBLE!
Man turns a amazing wooden bowl using a table saw and a cordless drill

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EVERALDO BENI : Fantastic . Beni from Brazil

Simon Larkin : If you have given credit to the guy who came up with this ie Izzy Swan, I would've subscribed.

OBEH : Мужик, ты молодец большой. Хорошее приспособление, сделано аккуратно и с головой. Мои восхищения.

Kalle Klæp : That's the first jig of that kind I ever see and I'm impressed! A genius way to turn a bowl without a lathe. I figure if you use the finest blade you can find (maybe a blade for metal) there would be minimal chance for ripping and the need for sanding would be vastly reduced too.

Dan Quigg : Place your table saw under your drill press & use the drill press to spin the bowl for the internal carving. Maybe a stiffer blade would help with the chatter? Maybe a blade with teeth that are 'rounded' on the edges rather than square or angled like a typical saw blade? Good luck & BE SAFE!!

PickleBreak : That bowl is gorgeous!! I guess you won't be making sets of 12 to sell for dining ware..??! haha

pelu massa : Parabéns, muito criativo.

Chris young : That drill is too much for that. You should try to find an electric motor that can be fixed to the jig that doesn’t have the brakes.

vikram khaira : Grt vdo ...keep up

seedorfj : Most corded drills don't have a brake, I picked a cheap one up for all of $20 new, probably less than you spent on the wood.

jocely Nicodemos : Parabéns muito boa essa ideia....

saxonforge : If you clamp your drill you can just lock the trigger and not have to struggle with both hands. Torque spin will turn the drill in one direction so all you need is a solid post for the grip to rest on. Thanks for the video, I learned a lot. Cheers from Canada

Luke Ducharme : Glue a scrap piece of wood on the bottom with a piece of paper between then there won’t be any screw holes in the finished piece. Just an idea.

Senor Gato : Ever since I saw the title of your video, I always wondered if this was possible. Now that I see it is, I'm still not going to try it! That looked terrifying! Great job and nice work.

Shawn H Corey : Nice. I think I would rid a pulley-and-belt system for the drill to spin the bowl. That way if something goes wrong or something stops suddenly, the belt would slip with (hopefully) little damage to anything.

John B : You better be careful, I have a table saw with a 14 inch blade, and a 3 inch square piece of 1x4  came flying off and  hit me in the chest. It was like getting kicked by a horse, and 20 years later I can still feel it.

mtstew123 : This was an interesting way to make wooden bowls. Great video demonstration. It would be useful if producing several identical bowls quickly. Watching the video I noticed much of your chatter turning the inside. It looked like the saw dust was lifting your bowl edge as it built up inside. Perhaps, routing gussets in the plywood below the bowl would reduce the issue? I could see adding poly wheels to the outer bowl edges at 3 or more points to reduce vibrations as well. Yet, all in all it was cool to watch, thanks for posting it...

bomaite1 : Would it be safer to let the bowl turn slower? I am not a wood turner, so I am just looking with an inexperienced eye, but the blade is already going fast enough. I don't know what you gain by turning the bowl so fast. Lots of sawdust for the chicken coop. Bowl looks great.

Mathieu Ochoa : Bonne idée super boulot 👏

Yo Mama : If you had a drill that had a locking trigger that would free up one hand I don't know if the variable speed helps at all. TURNED out nice, surprised!

Antonio Ferreira : Muito bom ;-)

JT Sather : You are both mad and genius. When you started turning the inside I was expecting it to fly through the air. Excellent result!!

Ian Stradian : I think your chattering problem is due to the large blade flexing during the turn/cut. A stacked dado blade set may eliminate this flexing and reduce the chattering. Just a thought. Nice project, thank you for inviting us all along on your project.

Rafito rafit : Muy ingenioso su método. Felicitaciones!

John Eaton : Wow excellent you my friend are a genius thanks for sharing

DanL Boom : Outstanding! Good technique.

Salvador menacho : Great...!!! Impressive...!!! You are a genius...!!! Thanks...

William Guenthner : Clever but absurdly dangerous.

Justin Koffler : I think if you use a non-brushless motor drill it won't stop so quickly.

asdf asf : I will try the same ! Nice job dude !

lambiepie : Your design for making wood turning possible on a table saw is very smart. Cudos and more.

Pi Murdock : Nice! Those dewalts look braaand new!! Sweet toys.

Source Port Services : Love the bowl! That would be nerve-wracking! 😓😲😥 "Turned" out great in the end. 😜🤓

Ivy King : The waste of beautifull triple a grade wood is just heartwrenching.

Dr. kwame : wow. i was amazed by your splendid work.

welch templar motorcycles : How about mounting the broken half’s to plinths add a lamp holder and you ‘ve got two beautiful wall lights, uplighters or down lighters ? Only a suggestion.

Paint Tool SAI tutorials by Jakob Dam : Thanks for showing! Very inspiring - and very fine result! Great if one owns a table saw and powerful drill, and like me, have a lathe that's too small for bowls of this size.

Michael Rudkin : Brilliant idea, and the table saw blade will give you exactly the same size bowl each and every time. And your jig will give a nice, neat and repeatable result.

ericrosswiksten : Brilliant! I love seeing thinking outside the box.

Inept Duck : That's impressive man. Very Creative use of a table saw. Nicely done.

Randall Moore : Who would have thought this could have gone from theoretical to practical! nice work!

richard defour : Very interesting way of turning wood, nice oiece of wood and nice job. Thanks for sharing.

izzy swan : Nice Work

Shane Peavy : "so, I don't think I wanna do this again." 🤣

Sean Dolan : The outside went great. A few thoughts for the inside. A zip tie around the trigger of the drill would make it a one handed operation, you could also stand off to the side as you raised the blade into the inside of the bowl to be out of the line of fire. Also what about adding blocking between the center pivoting section of the jig and the base sheet. This might solidify it a bit to reduce the chatter. Great work!

Airborne Ranger : That is a beautiful bowl. I think I'll make one of those jigs.

Alex Evsiukov : Здорово! А для шуруповерта можно прикрутить свою поддержку, освободить руки.

Ray Robidoux : Hi, The reason for the chatter when doing the inside of the bowl is because the blade is cutting on both the front and the back of the blade. You centered your jig on the center line of the saw. If you move the jig forward by say a 1/4 inch, then the saw will only cut on the front of the blade and the back of the blade will not contact the bowl, Thus eliminating the chatter. Ray

No worries Mate : Great jig! Love the bowl. Kids don’t try this at home.