Cunk On Britain

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Philomena Cunk takes us on a journey right up Britain's history, to discover who we really are, how we got here and why. More here


hindsight : She literally walks through the entire United Kingdom. Not even a real documentary can visit that many places within 30 minutes.

FlorisX92 : β€œKing Arthur came a lot, didn’t he?” πŸ˜‚

indiciaobscure : Ancient man to Ed Sheerhan basically killed me

Loadie M : "luckily a bystander was there to do a quick tapestry. this is the baywatch tapestry...."

john kennedy : " built by one man...Norman Architecture.." Absolute genius! :D

Real.Piece.Of.Work : "a bystander took this oil painting" cracked me up, so damn funny!

Lou Nas : The patient but irritated attitude of the interviewees.brilliant!

NetoD20 : This show should be called Philomena Cunk Trolls Academics

krisitak : Classy British humour.

Jaime Li : "(...) The only thing to eat, was bread. It was a particularly challenging time for the gluten intolerant but luckily, nobody was yet middle class(...)" Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

RichAustin21 : I'm a secondary school history teacher...and this is the best thing I have ever seen!!!

GNZ GNZ : Perhaps most impressive of all, the Romans invented roads. Before roads was invented they got to travel around by standing around at the edge of yer village and seeing how far you could jump. I'm in tears this is brilliant

Max Headroom : King Arthur came a lot that conversation wasn't awkward was it πŸ˜€.

Twister Mw1981 : Those experts have some patience

Ambassador Of Mercy : 'the across ones who ate grass, and the up and down ones who ate the across ones' I can already tell that this is going to be great

Sammy Gent : Just discovered this. Best thing on TV at the moment. Hope they do more.

Pranglebot A : The Baywatch tapestry. I'm done.

Alastair Walker : This will actually be GCSE History Key Stage 3 in about 5 years.

The Nomad : "Back then, they were cutting-edge, because they had a cutting edge" - funniest line ever

Olaf Weyer : Those quick thinking bystanders...

All depends dunnit : Of course none of this would work if Diane didn't play it all dead straight. The slightest hint of Philomena knowing better would kill it xxx

Matty Mo : He couldn't fly or tolerate Gwyneth Paltrow. HAhahahahaha!

Soldatmesteren Junkyard : Britain got the best hill filth.

Nick Pollard : Having watched the full series, I was disappointed that we never got a full answer to "Why did they call John Major 'the Prince of Onions'?".

Dillon Minasian : Thx my dude. Was gunna VPN to UK for iPlayer but you saved us all the chore

2Lysergic4Insurgent7 : could you imagine her and Carl Pilkington doing a show?

Sarah : 21:21 "What's the most political thing that's ever happened in Britain" is actually a really interesting question. It's not a question that could ever have a scholarly answer, but a list by some historians and political scientists of "X might be a candidate because Y" could be a really interesting discussion.

kris wilkinson : I LOVE CUNK ❀️

Rupinder Sayal : Cunk is HILARIOUS!! Thanks for the upload!


Arnold G : 16 people that are related to those interviewed gave it thumbs down..

Paddy le Blanc : Disturbingly I find myself strongly attracted to Ms. Cunk

Ken Lee : Omg cannot stop laughing but I’m actually learning as well Great series

Ethan : β€œLike a sort of gory Scottish PEZ” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Stefan Baier Nielsen : 21:20 best question ever

hiraga sakoto : from all the place, why did she had to stand on the balls? 7:40

michael snow : whats the most political thing thats happened in england?

Daniel Wu : I’m deadπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Tyler Meers : But what is clocks?

mattelliottmusic : Thanks for the upload!

Crazy'z Mod'z : Philomena Cunk that is quite a name... how are your parents?

Finder Outer : I was guided here by 9GAG, take me to your leader. : @13:30 That guy who *caused the dragon species to become extinct.* Imagine if people had any concept of endangered animal species at that time. We could have had domesticated dragons on our planets.

blupunk01 : Finally, a compact yet comprehensive history of Britain that I as an American don't have to pause and look for something else in the sidebar after six minutes.

Alfred Lawrence : A historic Tour de Force from Philomena.

Chaz Baz : "Like Plymouth today" I'm dead

Alice Oldershaw : "Like when someone opens an artisan bakery in Hull"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Jenen Ahmad : she sounds like my essays when I run out of words to write lmao

Keyboard Dancers : 17:08 I lost it at the Baywatch Tapestry!!! Ha, Ha, Ha!!