The Ohio State Marching Band : 50th Reunion Show
The Ohio State University Marching Band performs its halftime show with 700 alumni members

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On Saturday, Sept. 22, as part of the Ohio State vs. Tulane football game, The Ohio State University Marching Band and the TBDBITL Alumni Club will celebrate the 50th band alumni reunion. More than 770 alumni of The Best Damn Band in the Land have registered to participate, including more than 662 marched on the field for halftime alongside the current band — creating a combined ensemble of over 850 musicians. As part of the reunion festivities, 100-year-old Ohio State alumnus Anthony Violi of Steubenville, Ohio, a lifelong music educator who played trumpet in the band from 1937-1942, dotted the i in the home-side Script Ohio at halftime. In this quadruple Script Ohio, a staple of the reunion game since its first appearance in 1977, the current band will perform facing the student section at the south end of the stadium, while the alumni band simultaneously will perform three separate Scripts facing the north, east and west sides. While sousaphone players are typically the only ones to dot the i, both in the student and alumi bands, on rare occasions exceptions are made for exceptional individuals. Violi will join the ranks of other honorary i-dotters selected by the band’s alumni for the reunion game, including former band directors Jack Evans and Paul Droste (along with their wives Carol and Anne, respectively), John and Annie Glenn, and Les Wexner. Others selected as i-dotters for the student band over the years include former coaches Woody Hayes and Earle Bruce, Bob Hope, Jack Nicklaus, and former band director Jon Woods. In all, the honor has been extended to fewer than 20 individuals over Script Ohio’s 82-year history. The first alumni reunion was held in 1966 with about 200 former band members in attendance and featured the first-ever double Script Ohio. After a brief hiatus from 1968-1970, the Marching Band has held its reunion every year since 1971 — making this year’s the 50th.


carl : when something this big happens, maybe use some half decent mics and get some adequate audio. such a shame.

ethan hatcher : I was there for this, nothing compares to seeing it live. When the alumni band did the ramp entrance and played “buckeye battle cry,” I cried man. Maybe you have to be a bandie to feel this way, but I started crying. Cried again when the 100 year old dotted the i

Adam Henderly : Outstanding performance I give you all a superior rating

Theduckhunter50 : Damn that was amazing, but 4 different drumlines, 4 tempos oof

Mike Martinez : I was in C deck for this. It was amazing

Pam Hallfrisch : Loved it beginning to end! Never tire of the magic of script Ohio!

DragonFox84 : the fact that the alumni came back and are just as good as when they left just shows they practiced to much that its embedded into them. if i didnt know this was a reunion show i would have thought this was the current whole band they all still had it. im sure some prob recent alumni but still, im sure this show didnt give them a lot of time to rehearse. im not even a ohio fan and this was awesome.

Alyssa Hughes : Idc if it is a college marching band or high school band we spend a lot of time working so sit your ass down and wait to go to get a hotdog and watch and enjoy it

Diane Peters : To ‘dot the i is VERY special, and Tony will always remember this moment...sooooo wonderful!!!

Michele Venable : I did not attend nor graduate from Ohio State University, but wish I had! However, I was born in Bucyrus, Ohio, and am beaming with pride at my favorite home state band. Best Damn Band in the Land for sure!!!!

Cluckie Duckie : Fantastic!

Doris Fischer : Outstanding!

Robb Topolski : Wonderful!

James Ashurst : sooners will stomp you again