The Ohio State Marching Band : 50th Reunion Show

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Terry Brogan : Tony Violi is amazing! 100 yrs! And TBDBITL current and alums too! Go Bucks! O - H!!

carl : when something this big happens, maybe use some half decent mics and get some adequate audio. such a shame.

ethan hatcher : I was there for this, nothing compares to seeing it live. When the alumni band did the ramp entrance and played “buckeye battle cry,” I cried man. Maybe you have to be a bandie to feel this way, but I started crying. Cried again when the 100 year old dotted the i

Adam Henderly : Outstanding performance I give you all a superior rating

Cluckie Duckie : Fantastic!

Pam Hallfrisch : Loved it beginning to end! Never tire of the magic of script Ohio!

Mike Martinez : I was in C deck for this. It was amazing

Michele Venable : I did not attend nor graduate from Ohio State University, but wish I had! However, I was born in Bucyrus, Ohio, and am beaming with pride at my favorite home state band. Best Damn Band in the Land for sure!!!!

Robb Topolski : Wonderful!

Doris Fischer : Outstanding!

Diane Peters : To ‘dot the i is VERY special, and Tony will always remember this moment...sooooo wonderful!!!

James Ashurst : sooners will stomp you again