Hopsin - The Purge

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Tantu Beats : This must go so hard during a live set

sennsir_ : Since when does the KKK drink imported beer!? 🤣

James Darnley : Hopsin is one of the most under rated rappers ever

OMAR ES LOCO : Hop is creative af

Vernon Tauro : Thsis is actually a diss track to all the mumble rappers who have rainbow dreads whose names start with lil

Iker Plan : Epic clip!

Spartan Yt : one of my favourite movies turned into a song fuck yea

JaredTheXMan : He should make a song with Joyner Lucas🔥👏🏽

Rap News MA : #fuckyouman 🔥

ZodiaK1 : so at the beginning those are definitely supposed to be like those mumble rap fuckboys right?

Buddima Dalpathadu : Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! Who else has been waiting for this day to come!?!?!?!?

Dank Meme : Joyner Lucas X. Hopsin

silvertoothtiger20 : To say this is bad simply means you're not educated in #HipHop

Riley mp : is tht lil pump at 0:40

Shelby O'Reilly : Ligit smiled for 3:25 amazing as per :)

Savage Jazz : This is fire 🔥

Szym onek : This beat is dope as fuck!

Charlie Wethington : Love that he didn't swing right or left politically! Top 5 reason to love Hopsin


Edward Martinez : 0:45 when watching anime your whole life finally pays off

sennsir_ : YESSS!!! Awesome content! I love the global relevancy! Much love, brother!

swaggarifickid1 : Hopsin been dumb lit

Elijah Hall : How you kicking through a door with just a head

AZEND99 : He's a underrated raper but once you listen to him your like dam

Mike Ossola : This right here is a breakthrough. Period. The music, the imagery, the message...You're killin' it, Hopsin

photomorti : dopest rapper out there

Avis -Magie : Qui est la grâce à madhi?

Rhynoceraus Rex : Don't like that you signed homie. Especially with that 23 posted on your shirt. Some cult shit straight in my face. Whether intentional or not. Got me worried bro..

Kingo Ninja : Ive been watching this for like days straight hoping id get sick of it already but everytime i listen to it i get hyped af

Bato's Vision : those guys in the beginning he whooped was that suppose to be XXXTentacion and Lil Pump? Edit: after watching more im going XXXTentacion , Lil Pump , 6ix9ine ,and maybe TrippyRedd im not sure for the last one.

Bleak Narratives : Dope track. Unfortunately I'm going to require the deleted footage of the girls on the bus... For science. Of course.

Ngabo Ndagijimana : lol those guards i call them lil pumpers XD

Dragz BST : My walk in song on UFC 3 ♥

Joe Mladenik : Hopsin is so bomb.

Gece&AyazAy : Hooooopsiiiiiinnnn

pape mansour dia : EA UFC 3

Int 311 : 1:01

Clearout : Is that ethan from h3h3 on 1:29 on the right side?

Richi G : Them lil pump dreads lmao

Savage Jazz : The way he was swinging them nunchucks tho! 😂

alex almeida : #Eminem feat Hospin

Jaymie Blue : Roses are Red Violets are Blue Last time something dropped this hard It ended World War 2

Abby Locke : if the purge movies were actually like this i would actually watch them on repeat LOL

Eric J : Rumor is hop is on Eminem new album 😬😬🤫


KInRick24 : watch me......

Noah Moore : lil pump

- : Mahdi ba

SDHJ Gorilla : Imagine a Eminem x Hopsin collab...they would work so well together

GoldPranks TV : Here before Millions of Views 👁