Hopsin - The Purge

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Julian Keogel : Like the style of the song

Aaron Miles : holy fuck this is actually fire, idk about the second track happy ending tho.

tynadine etters : Marcus this is Noah you are cool

OrBit H0aX : when you realise how dark the dinner party scene is 0.0

Michael Cook : You should reach out to redman

Stephanie Bradley : this mother fucker rapping all over trap ass sounding mainstream garbage. Rapping like the rappers he always hated on. Still got bars and wordplay, but it's not as enjoyable when you wanna rap like a Hopsin/Two Chains hybrid.

ajenee7773 : Check out this Dragon Ball Super Music Video Hop! https://youtu.be/MKHrH_UzfzE

Pink T : No one noticed Shane O'Neil though

ΔRES : I don't comment on songs, but this is sicc.

Jose Delgado : This cat done trashed the establishment like blockchain technology about to do lmao

Sidney Boakye : HOW DID I JUST SEE THIS?!?!?!?

David H : You're a fucking sellout Hopsin. I saw your interview where you abandoned everything you once stood for. Fuck you. You don't deserve to sit in my fucking kitchen chair, nonetheless a politicians chair, you fucking sellout bitch.

SUICIDAL Eggplant : Hopsin is the only rapper that would spend his money on his haircut and cool eye contacts

Robert Perkey : Hop is fucking amazing. I hate to say it but move over Em. Hop is number 1

Kenzie Lachlan : Where can I get that America hoodie hopsin uses

Lyxro Kid : ive listened to the song 16 times and i know all the words

Jon Samuels : YOUTUBE IS DEAD.........HOP KILLED IT!!!!

Top Selenator : How the fuck isn't this man performing on frontera of millions of people?

Shaving Pvt. Ryan : Track of the year. The flow, the video, the beat, everything fits perfectly. Fucking good song


honey badger : So were the guys with colored dreads supposed to be soundcloud rappers ?

Lazarus : Have this on repeat

ocean side : Most underated rapper in the history of hiphop

Rhynoceraus Rex : Don't like that you signed homie. Especially with that 23 posted on your shirt. Some cult shit straight in my face. Whether intentional or not. Got me worried bro..

Slimmersoild 86 : The song that made me hit the bell

atripa645 : These flags don't run... my friends

Ab Naz Kenya : Is their a place i can like twice? This shit is Dope🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

F.D.S. FromDaStreets : I think you deserve an Oscar and a Golden Globe for playing me in this song -Anobodi

Forza horizon Fan : Who watch this after election year and anarchy

Dr. Fate : How can anyone give this a thumbs down

Micah Silago : I can see why people say he's corny. but the lyrics was fire!🔥

Kolton Hilst : and this is the right answer

issei hyoudou : fucking boss like always keep this shit up hopsin

Logan Jackson : Dank music video !!!

alphaleader 23 : Hopsin make more music please bro love your old music

PheonixS117 : Please keep the white contacts Hop.

The steampunk 1348 : i don't really like the chorus, but everthing is amazing

Jamison Owens : Tech where you at ya boy blowin up with out you.

Feer : its aight but it aint fire though

Brent Johnson : Not nearly as good as moonlight or raw...

wiiagent : daaaamn that was a cool new video man, damn

Ysabell Courtney : This music video is fun af to watch lmfao

Rogue Ghost9 : Bro Hopsin you did a good job mann

Royal P Music : dope shout to hopsin..rap fans be sure to Also peep new artist Royal P vid Monsters Ball https://youtu.be/UI6ReevSTtE

Alejandro Vital : Bro it's about Peace

Cod Vibrant : This song set my house on🔥🔥🔥

damian guerra : A Twisted insane and Hopsin colab would be pretty fucking sick

Your gf Misses me : We all gone act like we ain’t just see the fat Korean dance battle trump?

Adam Q : God damn I love his new stuff. I hope the whole cd is this sound

solo music : collab with token that be crazy