Sum 41 - Makes No Difference
This music video got Sum 41 signed to a major record label times have changed

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Music video by Sum 41 performing Makes No Difference. (C) 2000 The Island Def Jam Music Group


James Heesterman : This song makes me want to wear baggy jeans and go skateboarding...

Jack Kang : stealing pizzas with super soakers. typical sum 41 stuff

clicker967 : Did they rob a pizza store with squirt guns? LOL

Justin Flores : Damn, sometimes I just sit back and wonder how life was back then in the 2000s. I just wish I was a part of it

Joey Carrell : 160 people got squirted by water

Flakka Stunts : It would be a honor to be sprayed with water by sum 41 ;)

Jersey Jimmy : I would kill to have Deryck's hair.

Karen Burnett : oh my... I am crying... c'; how I miss the old sum 41.

Anggada Jatmiko : Hell, they're having a fuckload of fun XD

Aya Afterlife : If only we could go back to the glorious days of he early 2000s were nearly everybody simply listened to alternative music like punk just like how nearly everyone listens to pop nowadays..

Ricky Rex : Nostalgia.

Collin Holbrook : what the hell ever happened to the good punk rock music of the 90's and early 2000's

Groose : Woolie the liar stole my pizza

Swaginator Pro : I don't know why but this video reminds me of Drake and Josh for some reason.

Devil Breaker : this is better than blink 182

Hurry Ticonderoga : Esto es PANDA! e.e


Fernando Torres Lazalde : Somos PXNDX!! :Vv

[TLG] Grovyle Media™ : Elite Beat Agents brought me here.

PunkSkaful : listening to this song in 2000's and today makes no difference to me!

Gabe likes Frogs : Dave mirra made me love this band...

Amadeus Lechevalier : Elite beat agent... Good Games nintendo DS

JN RF : Agents are... GO!!!!!

Beerlover2007 : Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 anyone? RIP Dave Mirra :(

Dee May : Just makes me wanna watch American Pie

Megan Broo : Elite Beat Agents?

MaxxTheEnder : This album reminds me a lot of early blink 182.

suck my dirnt : 90's and early 2000's were the best

Jmaster333 : Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

Will Jamerson : Holy shit cone isn't playing a p bass

Benny Fowler : when life was simple


Drekherd : Anyone here from Bardock the father of Goku?

Moby Derluxer : 1:57 nice steps.

Leonardo Henrique : Dave Mirra 2 ...

TWISTYtheKLOWN : this song makes me happy :-)

Andrei Stoica : That choreography xD 1:48

xSakerx : Sum 41 <3 

Zachary Dwayne Strombolov : Outro is Second Chance For Max Headroom by Sum 41, off of Half Hour of Power

mason bradley : This is litterly my number 1 favorite song out of all sum41 songs!!!

Gilshanks : Does this remind anyone else of the ending to Bardock: The Father of Goku?

TehutiDG07 : Bardock the father of Goku brought me here

Mike Bogs : Elite Beat Agents and Bardock: Father of Goku introduced me to Sum 41... and I DON'T regret it!

Visual Mafia : Will sum 41 come to the office please.. 

jeem182 : Valemadrismo en toda la extensión de la palabra... A huevo, como debe de ser.

Miciso : E B A E B A ! ! !

Tom Meyer : I love this song and adore the band for life!! !!

Sara : HOLY SHIT, sweet memories

THEGREATMAX : Makes some difference