Sum 41 - Makes No Difference

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[TLG] Grovyle Media™ : Elite Beat Agents brought me here.

clicker967 : Did they rob a pizza store with squirt guns? LOL

alejandro rodrigiuez : I would do anything to go back to these days tbh

Pom Pom : oh my... I am crying... c'; how I miss the old sum 41.

Jack Kang : stealing pizzas with super soakers. typical sum 41 stuff

Joey Carrell : 160 people got squirted by water

James Heesterman : This song makes me want to wear baggy jeans and go skateboarding...

Fernando Torres Lazalde : Somos PXNDX!! :Vv

Swaginator Pro : I don't know why but this video reminds me of Drake and Josh for some reason.

Gabe likes Frogs : Dave mirra made me love this band...

Groose : Woolie the liar stole my pizza

Megan Broo : Elite Beat Agents?

Leonardo Henrique : Dave Mirra 2 ...

MaxxTheEnder : This album reminds me a lot of early blink 182.

Beerlover2007 : Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 anyone? RIP Dave Mirra :(

BustinArou : I'm here because of the Bardock special of DBZ

Collin Holbrook : what the hell ever happened to the good punk rock music of the 90's and early 2000's

MasterBDG701 : Just going to say it: Like if Two Best Friends brought you here.

1 amor : 2018

George Lopez : these guys really were crazy motherfuckers!!! love them!!!

RisingRobe : I'm only 15 and I appreciate old songs as much as old people appreciated songs like these ): love the songs from your generation,I wish nicki minaj would just be gone.

Mike Bogs : Elite Beat Agents and Bardock: Father of Goku introduced me to Sum 41... and I DON'T regret it!

TehutiDG07 : Bardock the father of Goku brought me here

Jersey Jimmy : I would kill to have Deryck's hair.

Gilshanks : Does this remind anyone else of the ending to Bardock: The Father of Goku?

Brian Games : I think this song was in the game the fresh beat agents

Larzz Wright : need a reunion

Herman Li : It would be a honor to be sprayed with water by sum 41 ;)

Amadeus Lechevalier : Elite beat agent... Good Games nintendo DS


Devil Breaker : this is better than blink 182

calcetines con lunares : No hablo ingles XD solo quería decir que...algún día robare pizza con pistolas de agua *-* jycnlotsgnliskl

Benny Fowler : when life was simple

Hurry Ticonderoga : Esto es PANDA! e.e


xSakerx : Sum 41 <3 

TWISTYtheKLOWN : this song makes me happy :-)

Sage Pent : nhl 2002

Daniel Yorke : Pxndx hizo un cover de esta canción no? Creo que si... hace algunos años...XD

Ivan ulises Cisneros Mendoza : This is a Copy of HOLA from PANDA :D

Dee May : Just makes me wanna watch American Pie

Christopher Ruppenthal : remembered playing Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 and this song was on it. always been hoocked on sum 41 since

revdavid11 : 1:16 dat choreography tho...

mason bradley : This is litterly my number 1 favorite song out of all sum41 songs!!!

Jmaster333 : Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

브베배빵빵 : 2017??

jeem182 : Valemadrismo en toda la extensión de la palabra... A huevo, como debe de ser.

Oknice65 Wow : Half hour of power and all killer no killer were by far there best albums

PunkSkaful : listening to this song in 2000's and today makes no difference to me!

Miciso : E B A E B A ! ! !