Q - We Are The Plan

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Storm Is Upon Us : YouTube froze the likes on this video 24 hours after going live. Suppression = tyranny. YOU WILL NOT WIN!

KiddKoalaz : Whoa... finally l've dug deep enough in youtube's mess for something worth more than anything.. liked, subscribed, and shared. (Although if I share this, I feel like people around me would think I'm crazy) So this is what my uncle has been telling me.. this is fucking scary and inspirational at the same time.

Amazing Polly : I love Joe's message rich videos! #MAGA! #MEGA!!

chin pok Fong : storm is upon us Hello, I am a Chinese in Hong Kong, we are the people who support Trump, hope the video can have Chinese subtitles, can make more people know what happened! Let more people wake up! Efforts! We will always support

piasau49 : Must vote. Keep house away from Democrats.

Beyond Coincidence In a Thimble : Amazing productions. The clips, music, and narration. I'm a black man. Now, a former liberal. As I write with tears in my eyes, and hope in my soul; More than ever, I am proud to be an American. Thank you.

Neil Legacy : Trump is best president u guys have had in many years,his doing affects us all.Im Canadian your neighbour.

www.efonix.se : Wow! This isn't about politic. This is about our life! Very well done ... positive information ...


EDITING REALITY : I will add to this, I know this for a fact because I'm around alot of the people who work for Marinette Marine in Marinette,Wisconsin, this is where I live.The company is fabricating the LCS's combat ships, they're making them with substandard materials, there lucky to even be able to.pull out of port after their done building them. I've heard that they will not stand up to any kind of weapon. What about the people who serve our country, don't they deserve the best possible equipment to do their job. It's like they don't want anyone to survive any kind of military escalation. They have so many problems building them, hiring employment companies to find people who are untrained. Paying the least amount of money for something that should be top of the line. This is not the place to cut costs. Don't are service men and women deserve the best, especially when lives are at stake. Lockheed Martin is an investor, the company is owned by Fincantieri a holding company.


Kathleen Drumm : The Great Awakening is coming! No way to stop this now.. The dye is cast The stage is set, The plan's in action We can Not unknow what has been shown to us! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

john dawson : And God Bless President Trump, And ALL the Saints working behind the scenes to Make This Country Great Again.


Saddle Tramp : I love happy endings.

shrebus : John F. Kennedy would be so proud!

Real News Social & Politic : Thanks God for Président Trump!

Charles Edwards : May God Bless the U.S.A., Amen!!!!!

Randy Moore : God bless America and God bless President Trump and the good people working to give us back our country!! Damn the globalists to hell!!

Auberjen : Thank you, in Q I trust. God bless America & the world. Amen from the UK

Dean : I and those close to me feel that a evil was avoided when Trump won the presidency. Even without outside influence you could feel what was lurking from the leftist globalists.

Marcher Clarke : THANK YOU JESUS!!!!THANK YOU soldiers OF TRUTH and Light!!!

Jennifer Gray : I must say, that was the most well put together, well explained video I have seen so far! A perfect video for a beginner or for red pilling! Thank you so much! I’ll get a lot of use out if this one!! 😊

CAESAR : Diversity Is Not A Strength It Is A Weakness!🔥

James Red Pills America : I am going to mirrorr this video on my channel! GREAT WORK, AS USUAL!!

linda darnell kozak : I am a canadian but I admire my neighbors to the south, God bless america, God bless Trump

Bryan Cooper : My story is the same as "Gunners" below. I am also 55 and have been part of the Cal. Militia. What is funny is that every male in my state is part of the Militia and doesn't know it - because if our Governor were to call us all up - and tell us to muster within 48 hours and you don't -- you will go to jail! All we do is prepare for the worst. I am a "Sheepdog" or a "3%er" and the sheepdogs know what that means. We are ready for anything. The libs would never know what hit them. Former Navy/US Customs.

Woddiyow : Q please help us in Australia we are experiencing the same situations in this country

Wolfgang Shrenk : It's The Illuminati, The Council Of 13, The Committee Of 300, The Masons, The Khazarian Mafia and they're Evil Kalergi Plan. The Rothschilds, The Warburg Family, The Rockefeller Family, The Schiff Family, The Soros Family, The Oppenhiemer Family and The Morgan Family.

Craig Pennington : The truth has been spoken and as an American veteran, I too took that oath and will defend it if needed. I hope it will not be needed again. Our way of life is severely threatened and we must act now. Believe it or not,your vote counts.

Randy Phillips : Everytime I cone back to view the video my "like" is not there

Elizabeth Saint : SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT the plan Those who are willing to fight: Buy live baby chickens and release Them at 6-8 weeks old into wilderness areas, secretly. Yes, some will be prey. Many will survive and reproduce. Food is precious in the time of collapse. Ability to hunt and restart farms can mean life. Therefore do this and humanity will stand a chance. Q

Play like a Sir : #WWG1WGA austria, europe.



KiddKoalaz : I am planning to join the U.S. Navy soon. I just want to make sure I'm on the good side. Am I? I want peace for the world. I want to fight against globalism. I was born and raised in California. I want the best for all countries, I want the best for United States.

CAESAR : Michelle Obama Is A Man, It's A Transvestite!🔥

Luke O'Connell : Trump nailed it in Texas !! He is the people’s president

Erin Moffett : This is incredible, has me tearing up about to full on cry. Thank Q and thank YOU all Patriots! United we Stand!!!

Randy Phillips : Trump 2020 it is not over yet

James Moore : Nov 6, 2018 will be our very last chance to save our nation from Hell. If Democrats win it is all over people. Make no mistake, we will be finished....Antifa, BLM, La Raza and chaos will rule our days and nights.....We must not let the enemies of our nation win. We MUST defeat them NOV 6

alhalhalal1 : 100% correct and accurate.

insertnamehere : Kind of weird how I can type "we are the plan" into youtubes search engine, and this video is nowhere to be found. I have to type, "we are the plan" into google and go to videos to find this videos ON YOUTUBE. Explanations are welcome.

scottie22slick : Together we stand strong. One love from Cincinnati...

Sujittra L. : Thanks to Trump and those who are awakened. Let us shine and turn off the bad media...And so many more more that we have to free ourselves to freedom and liberty ..and others

wayne hammond : Best Video in America !! every one needs to watch this and see the TRUTH

Chuck Terrell : When it's all said and done and a movie is to be made of this amazing time, I hope you are the director of the film..

Erin Moffett : "Also, I am NOT JFK Jnr. Not even close. Just an average Joe." HARDLY. This is phenomenal. I watched it 6 times today, three with my MOM! She loves it! I love it! THANK Q AND THANK JOE!

Matt H : Trump has been doung the right thing by turning the media into a laughing stock. We must destroy any credibility the globalist media has.

MegF : Get out and VOTE in Mid-Terms!!!!! No, it isn't over. You have to get out and vote! The mid-Terms are as important as the Trump election. You gotta vote!