Q - We Are The Plan

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Joe M : YouTube froze the likes on this video 24 hours after going live. Suppression = tyranny. YOU WILL NOT WIN!

KiddKoalaz : I am planning to join the U.S. Navy soon. I just want to make sure I'm on the good side. Am I? I want peace for the world. I want to fight against globalism. I was born and raised in California. I want the best for all countries, I want the best for United States.

KiddKoalaz : Whoa... finally l've dug deep enough in youtube's mess for something worth more than anything.. liked, subscribed, and shared. (Although if I share this, I feel like people around me would think I'm crazy) So this is what my uncle has been telling me.. this is fucking scary and inspirational at the same time.

chin pok Fong : storm is upon us Hello, I am a Chinese in Hong Kong, we are the people who support Trump, hope the video can have Chinese subtitles, can make more people know what happened! Let more people wake up! Efforts! We will always support

shrebus : John F. Kennedy would be so proud!

piasau49 : Must vote. Keep house away from Democrats.

Dean : I and those close to me feel that a evil was avoided when Trump won the presidency. Even without outside influence you could feel what was lurking from the leftist globalists.

caty cha : Thank you from France

Maria Madalena Bernardo : I can not wait for the moment when the globalists are finally defeated.

Robert The Doll : These globalist elites need tried with treason then hung on the gallows

Zepherian : The danger of this video is it makes people think the job is done. No high level deepstate leader is in jail. We do not have free energy. We still pay exorbitant taxes based on lies and we still use fiat debt based money. There is still a functioning economic elite. Drugs and crime are still commonplace. Human trafficking is still common. There are good signs, especially the apparent failure of the false flag system of war instigations, but when the kids ask "are we there yet?" please tell the truth and say "no". I'm hopeful but vigilant. Oh, and you're all still getting microwaved to death by the cell phone system and poisoned by chemtrails, don't forget those...

MrMarco855 : We have to be aware that President Trump is under extreme pressure and threat. He needs our prayers, and any help we can offer. We need to let it be known that we stand with him, and the media we stand against. The puppets in the media are enemies of the people and we have to reduce them to insignificance. I refuse to look at their disgusting faces, they're traitors to the citizens and a danger to our sovereignty and well being.

Signs of the End Times : Remember one thing everyone if Trump wasn't chosen to be President then everything would have gone down just as this video has said. Trump is a man not of his own, but chosen by God Almighty to fulfill his will and to revert all Political Damage done by the Cabal. Thanks for this video Q.

Corey Frith : Thanks for confirming what I thought I already knew. God is in control. Thank you Jesus

Jerry Mbaya : We say "NO MORE" to the globalists. may GOD bless America and the World.

Ronnie Murray : Arrest the traitors...

MrMarco855 : It took 53 years to replace the last real patriotic president with this real patriotic president. Let's do what it takes to give him 8 years, and replace him with another just like him.

The Backyard Vegan : God bless you Patriots from around the world

Erin Moffett : This is incredible, has me tearing up about to full on cry. Thank Q and thank YOU all Patriots! United we Stand!!!

Jennifer Small : "You will need to reset everything you thought you knew about the world." No shite - excuse my language please. But between Q and YouTube, I've learned that American history was reset with the creation of the Federal Reserve, followed by the usurpation of the Constitution by the CIA . But the secret's out; and a new era will soon begin.

Star Catcher : Screw the globalists who want to control and divide us. Thank you Q! Thank you Patriots!!!

Chuck Terrell : When it's all said and done and a movie is to be made of this amazing time, I hope you are the director of the film..

KOLUMBIA R : Danke Grüße aus Germany Frankfurt am Main Thank you "Q" Thank you republican Thank you DANKE DANKE Gracias Storm is Upon Us ich liebe euch Republican I love you all

Saddle Tramp : I love happy endings.


Play like a Sir : #WWG1WGA austria, europe.

Olaf Snowball : Thanks for this great video, editing, music, narrating ..... awesome. After watching this video and reading many of the comments I say this is the real America the land of free beacon of light. I'm not an American but I support you 100%


Auberjen : Thank you, in Q I trust. God bless America & the world. Amen from the UK

Gisbert Janhoff : Ganz herzlichen Dank !!! My god bless America and the world !!!

Deanna Read : Dark to light!!!!

John Miller : Sieze all the assets and properties of the Globalist elite. And hang them all.

Linda Diaz : All thing's which have been hidden are now being revealed. Yes God bless America🗽

James Red Pills America : I am going to mirrorr this video on my channel! GREAT WORK, AS USUAL!!

Phil : funny how Israel was not mentioned in this video? Why is that?

Branetta Brooks : They are actual Aliens in human bodies. They are the Seed of Satan!!! GOD Warns of Evil on the Earth. Hillary should go to prison for ignoring the continuous plea for help from our fellow American Marines in Bengazi, & selling America's Uranium to Russia. Obama's should be charged & imprisoned for using a Fake Birth Certificate, among many other things! Obama even bowed down to his Muslim Leader in Iran! And he gave Iran 3 or more of our top fighter jets, billions of dollars also. I'm retired Military. When Obama downsized our Military, it was so small. Here at Fort Bragg ( we are the 2nd or 3rd largest Base ), when our soldiers went to war, we were like a Ghost Town! That should have never been!!! If anyone would've attacked us in America, We Would've Not Been Able To Defend ourselves!!! I pray our ALMIGHTY HEAVENLY FATHER who Created the Heaven's, Earth, & all within them, causes Hillary & Obama to be punished to the fullest extent of the Law!!! And stripped of their citizenship!!!

David Bruce : I love these videos. The intelligence that goes into them is obvious. Very well made. I also believe the content.

Deplorable Survivalist : I call them what they ARE... demons

Editing reality : I will add to this, I know this for a fact because I'm around alot of the people who work for Marinette Marine in Marinette,Wisconsin, this is where I live.The company is fabricating the LCS's combat ships, they're making them with substandard materials, there lucky to even be able to.pull out of port after their done building them. I've heard that they will not stand up to any kind of weapon. What about the people who serve our country, don't they deserve the best possible equipment to do their job. It's like they don't want anyone to survive any kind of military escalation. They have so many problems building them, hiring employment companies to find people who are untrained. Paying the least amount of money for something that should be top of the line. This is not the place to cut costs. Don't are service men and women deserve the best, especially when lives are at stake. Lockheed Martin is an investor, the company is owned by Fincantieri a holding company.

Cindy Crenshaw-Martin : I've prayed for these days for decades! It is a great time to be alive, and to be on the right part of history, led by our greatest president, President Trump!

MegF : Get out and VOTE in Mid-Terms!!!!! No, it isn't over. You have to get out and vote! The mid-Terms are as important as the Trump election. You gotta vote!

Sunny Skye : THIS. How do you achieve this level of AWESOMENESS in every one of these videos? These dominate every page on social media I have.

Soulworks Collaborative : Tears and great emotion that good and God loving can overcome darkness - may the light shine - may God bless those dedicating their lives to truth light and peace

James True : So well said and done!!

Vaalotu Iakopo : God bless President Trump and America. Love from New Zealand patriot...

Ray Tyron : WWG1WGA Great job brother!

NOTwith_her : Your messages are the best of the best. You have our deepest gratitude and respect. Don't know if anyone will see this,but is said as our Thanks. While living this great awakening and fighting through our own storms, my wife and I both have felt unarmed and useless while war raged around us. Recently I was reminded by God of something I wrote back in 04. (I wrote, he dictated...or atleast it felt that way) once you read it you should see how it may be this time he had me write it for. We have only a mobile and I suck at using it so have no idea whether this post will succeed. Either way God Wins. This is dedicated to God, President Trump, Q, and all of you incredible Anons who have risked all to help light up the darkness.  BREADCRUMBS...    Sometimes finding and following your will is like following a trail of breadcrumbs. When things are loving, truthful, and authentic around me the crumbs, are many and easy to follow. At other times, while allowing fear and ego to rule my mind, I sometimes walk a long way before it occurs to me to wonder where the breadcrumbs have all gone. My first thought is usually that you must have stopped leaving them, then, that the birds have clearly eaten them all.While thinking these disturbing thoughts I find myself standing still. Panic most often occurs next as I consider that I am alone and lost and may have wandered far from your intended path. My panic increases as I become aware that it is unclear to me exactly when I stopped paying attention to your guidance.    When the stiffness of inaction and the pain of loneliness become uncomfortable enough I begin again to listen for that quiet voice that speaks your truth inside my soul. It gently reminds me that I need only ask again for your help and I will be shown the way back to that place where I can clearly see your direction. You speak first to my fear for you know that it is a shroud that must be removed for me to see the truth. Your kind words let me know that you have not stopped leaving me a trail to follow and that neither would you ever allow your markers to be destroyed. You show me that I need only trace my steps back until I can once again discern the right way forward.    How, I then ask, can I possibly retrace my steps when I was not watching where I was going? You tell me that I must look back at each step I have taken and look closely at each place I have passed through since losing my way. You tell me that even though it was not the path you meant for me, I must nevertheless repair any damage I may have caused while walking blindly.    As I cast out to try and find my tracks, my first steps back are taken slowly and sometimes tearfully as fear yet dangles many tempting propositions along the edges of my perception. " Look at me. I am valid! " they each cry out as I pass, and with each I am tempted to turn and see. At times I close my eyes and I stumble.    Once again your loving message plays in the center of my awareness. It tells me that I need not look in their direction, nor need I listen to their pitches, for theirs is a world of illusion and false reality, and not a safe place for one of your beloved children. You further remind me that if I can allow your Love to lead my wanderings, I will once again be unblinded. "Teach my truth", you tell me, " and it will become yours".    Usually by about this time I have begun again to feel your light warming my spirit, and as my resolve is reborn, I remember that I made a decision long ago to try and live my life for you. It is then, again, that I stop fighting. It is then, again, that I surrender. It is then, again, that I open my eyes and smile. Why then, again, am I surprised that the first thing I see is a breadcrumb...     I wrote this in 2004 shortly before meeting my wife.I believed then, as I do now, that these words were a gift from God and were meant to be shared. Until now they have not been.(except for a few friends) . We are both recovering addicts with long term recovery and have had alot of difficulty in a world where truth and honesty were being erased as getting honest and learning to live honorably are the very principles that saved, and give value, to our lives. The darkness and evil of corrupt people out of our past has pursued us relentlessly for over 10 years now, taking nearly all, including 2 of my wifes children. A year ago she was diagnosed with stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma of her tongue and both sides of her neck. This was just 18 months after learning about the loss of her second son. I am not telling this bit of our story for pity or gain, but for context. We have been stranded in a hotel since January while we fight this nightmar disease (and nightmare medical establishment ). She has taken all meals through a tube and still does and has been through the worst nightmares of chemo/radiation and all it brings with it. She is the bravest strongest person I have ever known. Yet even the strongest have limits and she was clearly closing in on hers. This is where you guys came in...We found out about Q and Anonymous and have been fully redpilled since Jan. It is the strength of God that comes through this Great Awakening to us and as certified deplorables and literal off grid forgotten americans, we have been able to believe there may be a way out of not just our dire strait but for those our great nation and our great human race is in as well.Thank You with all we have for giving us something to hope for, to pray for, and to live for.May God Bless you and all the forces of Light. Nick and Mary in Arizona.

Stella Ash : Vote RED RED RED in NOVEMBER! Keep up the momentum

Erin Moffett : "Also, I am NOT JFK Jnr. Not even close. Just an average Joe." HARDLY. This is phenomenal. I watched it 6 times today, three with my MOM! She loves it! I love it! THANK Q AND THANK JOE!

Meaghan Galvin : This was wonderfully written and done!👍👍💖