REACTING AT WORK to: Lil Dicky - Freaky Friday feat. Chris Brown (Official Music Video)
REACTING AT WORK to Lil Dicky Freaky Friday feat Chris Brown Official Music Video

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Insta: @TheMutedAlpha Happy ~freaky~ Friday my loves!!! This music video was SO funny. I love little dicky and this might be one of my favorite reactions so far. I appreciate the shit out of him. Please lmk in the comments about other videos you wanna see me react to! The newer the better lol I'm sorry guys but I won't react to videos I've already seen cause I'm not about that fakeness. Thank you and feel free to share! xoxoxo SUB PLS I WANNA DO THIS FULL TIME LMAO QR codes to my Socials @ the end.


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Deff Fjrn : I love your smile 😊

Withmuchlove bb : U so beautiful 😍 Damn 😐

Cardinal : I enjoy the fact that you wait until the video is done. *Thank you*

J-F Nadeau NahDo : Your eyes OMG! Have a great day

Damo Coaster! : I've never seen anyone film a youtube video at work before. Props for being unique!!

Imad Oke : Love your reaction ❤ pleazz react to lil dicky ,eart ❤

boss139 xx : Damn that smile made me sub couldnt resist

JackyJuiceBox : I love your videos! I love The facial reactions and the text of your thoughts in some videos. Without obnoxious screaming, laughing, and yelling. You are the only reactor I’m subbed to because of that. ☺️🤓

man p : i dont know why and how.. i just click subscribed button..

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Engineer Mohammad Shamsuzzaman Robin : this might come as weird , your happy, smiley and full of life yet to me it seems like your sad in side. i don't know, why is that. i love your pure expressions and your videos but each time i see your eyes in recent videos it breaks my heart in side but it feels weird cause you seems so happy. i guess their is something wrong with me

Dylan Perez-Rubio : Your end song makes sense now with your hair

Daniel Andres Cubides Rodriguez : Jesus, you are extremely pretty and adorable You got yourself a new subscriber Keep going with the reactions You should react to I Love It by Kanye and Lil Pump That shit is hilarious

Luis Carlos : You have beautiful smile. You are really gorgeous and your reaction is so realistic. I really enjoyed it. You just have won a new subscriber.

Lost&Found 87 : Just watched your reaction and you're amazing for doing it at work lmfao. Completely cute and since posting makes you happy then keep on. And this is my first time so hello lol. Can't wait to see more from you

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Snake Eyez : New sub here from Auckland, New Zealand. Your reactions are crack up! Lol. Was wondering if you could react to Thank You by Stan Walker. He's an artist from NZ and the song is dedicated to his mother. Its a good song

New Wave : You’re beautiful!! From London ♥️

EDC Official : Nice to see an actual honest reaction 👌🏼 too many fakes out