REACTING AT WORK to: Lil Dicky - Freaky Friday feat. Chris Brown (Official Music Video)

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toni montana : you're so adorable, i like ur reaction videos, subbed

Phenomenal_Mikey : Your smile is adorable new subscriber

Cardinal : I enjoy the fact that you wait until the video is done. *Thank you*

J-F Nadeau NahDo : Your eyes OMG! Have a great day

Deff Fjrn : I love your smile 😊

Withmuchlove bb : U so beautiful 😍 Damn 😐

Candypie 2010 : chris brown did what he did and he learned for it he still a great performer and hard worker

Dylan Perez-Rubio : Your end song makes sense now with your hair

boss139 xx : Damn that smile made me sub couldnt resist

Mohammad Shamsuzzaman : this might come as weird , your happy, smiley and full of life yet to me it seems like your sad in side. i don't know, why is that. i love your pure expressions and your videos but each time i see your eyes in recent videos it breaks my heart in side but it feels weird cause you seems so happy. i guess their is something wrong with me

Smallego : Why are youuuu soo adorable omggg

Damo Coaster! : I've never seen anyone film a youtube video at work before. Props for being unique!!

YANITED : only 3 months late

Etty Chonilla : Aww your reaction is so sweet ❤️ even thou Chris did a lot of shit things in the past I have to admit this video was pretty cool and hilarious 🤣🤣 glad you finally reacted to it 🤙🏾

Kurt Robertson : First time watching subscribed because you are a beautiful person and killer eyes , you got me

Miniture Gamer : I love this song, you should react to some of Lil Dicky's songs, You should also react to more of NF and react to Witt Lowry - Last Letter, I've also noticed a lot of comments saying ' You're so adorable ' and stuff to do with you're smile, but as a whole, you're an amazing youtuber and you're amazing as a person, I'm a very heavy fan of NF and Witt Lowry and I love you're reaction, you're smile, you seem really chill #LilDickyCantDance!

Big Fudge : I have watched a few of these reaction vids for this song and this reaction was one I really enjoyed.

Vikin Go : The more I watch your eyes and smile ...

Musa Bah : That baby face of yours.. WOW !! And I really mean that in a nice way.

JackyJuiceBox : I love your videos! I love The facial reactions and the text of your thoughts in some videos. Without obnoxious screaming, laughing, and yelling. You are the only reactor I’m subbed to because of that. ☺️🤓

jdgaroth99 : Literally all I had to see in this video is how adorable you are in the first 10 seconds and I subbed. For real the cutest girl on youtube ive ever seen. Nice reaction!

New Wave : You’re beautiful!! From London ♥️

YoungKubson : Eyeeees <3

man p : i dont know why and how.. i just click subscribed button..

OldStage : your reactions are really genuine. i love it <3

t!ger io : beautiful and cute🤤 use your camera at work i know you have one

It'sYoBoY BLooD : Your smile is out of this world❤❤.. You got a new fan😍😍

ali rafiee : Somewhat denounced but ... funny

Isaiah Rodriguez : OH my LORD ! You're like, the female version of me lmaoo yo this was dope! Consider me your newest subscriber!

Daniel Salazar : u look like a olsen twin but much prettier and super adorable s2

badassmiles 11 : Youre adorable i love how genuine you are in your videos

Tohi Heimuli : K this caught me off guard, you’re awesome! New subbbbbb and added you on snap

ALBERTO SANCHEZ : Don't get fired PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adolfo S : Great reaction as always

Stefano Fattorini : Always great to see you ma friend <3

Brutal Ikhzan : Youre too pretty

Jabez Hill : Hi I just Watch two of your videos it was good I just subscribed and turn on my notifications so keep it up

Weed smoker : Lol loved your smile

K!ng Knowledge : NF Epiphany

Edel Is Era'l : No sé como llegue aquí, pero me suscribo. Que lindo ojos tienesssss <3.

Youssef Esawyy : Omg your so cute New sub <3 <3

Zuzu Gopa : Your a beauty

Ali Mahmad : Your smile is adorable new subscriber

Сбербанк Кредит : Я из России ! I from Russia ! Привет из России ! Hello from Russia !

Kakarrot 420 : I subscribed

Rhino Garcia : The post are coming out great! Lou (her boyfriend) must be really proud of you. Lou (her boyfriend) also thinks she's beautiful and has a pretty smile....oh I forgot to add an LOL so folks won't take it to serious, LOL. On the real, keep it up Gabs I love the content and hopefully after the move I can start posting again.

ThE ManZ : woww you are soo cute that hairstyle is dope <3

R1VER ONE : Your smile is so fcking cuteee ❤

EDC Official : Nice to see an actual honest reaction 👌🏼 too many fakes out

Luis Carlos : You have beautiful smile. You are really gorgeous and your reaction is so realistic. I really enjoyed it. You just have won a new subscriber.