Helen Mirren in Herostratus (1967)

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trDewy : Um... what?

flor wast : Apparently, her acting skills improved markedly after this.

A. M. Goudarzi : Unbelievably Hot! 

aprilwearsgucci❤💋 : Reading a lot of these comments and people keep talking about how she aged and how she looks old now. Really people? Father time catches up with all of us. Helen still looks like a gorgeous woman to me. Smart, witty, and curses like a sailor. She may of aged (like we all will one day if we're luckily) but at least back in her heyday, she was one sexy hot number.

IThinkYouLookLarvely : This is a lot sexier than Miley Cyrus on a metal ball.

Jennifer Lee : She has... big talents

SoulStylistJukeBox : I've watched this clip far too many times. Lovely x

MrMest0pheles : Is there a word for being both very confused and aroused at the same time?

feathered_head : This clip is a small scene within a feature film. A commercial is being shot for rubber dish washing gloves -- mundane articles for household labor -- women's work. The entire point of it is not that Helen Mirren's character is seductive, but that women's sexuality is used to sell everything -- even clunky rubber gloves. The rubber gloves are a symbol of her domestic servitude, but also play upon the dominatrix and rubber sexual kink. The clip is a satire of the intersection of commercialism and pornography -- and for those that get off on it -- what does that say about your easily manipulated lizard brains?

Roberto Diego : I still think she's hot nowadays.

Riff_Hero : Obsessed with Helen Mirren; both young and old...

BenDoverman : God damn I wish I was a time traveling gangsta

Hiphopopotamus : Only me that sees the similarity to Jennifer Lawrence?

The Concise Statement : "Drink Coke."

ReaIly : She has Russian origins thus the sexiness.

BooRadley3400 : God dame!

RAVEN Blood2Bone : Even at 71, I would watch Dame Helen Mirren reenact this scene!

goducks20101 : I'm not sure what I just watched, but I enjoyed it .... immensely.

Valter Santanna : Hottest and sexiest woman ever!

Kjalli : one of the most beautiful women ever, she even stills got it almost 50 years later

fos4242 : If it weren't for the tits this would have been a complete waste of time

Christopher Cipollini : she could have played Barbarella

TheWertyu2007 : weird film , she looks great though .

Michael Chavez : She was sexy in her younger days!

ItsGodneyBitch : wow she was very pretty

omar lucero : she looks hot

Jesse Clifford : Crap! Where's my medical alert button?

46FreddieMercury91 : now I need a wank ........

Andrexthor : Jennifer Lawrence?

Christian Hanneman : For all of those who are complaining about Helen Mirren's looks hey, she's 72 years old as of this posting. If you make it to 72 and you look half as good as Helen Mirren does now you're doing damn well!

Keith Otis Edwards : She's the hottest thing since sunburn !

NecroHunter93 : As the cinema snob put it "She was able to give Caligula a boner."

Wolfsky9 : Ohhhhhhhh Dame Helen !! You are-----& were then-----such a drop-dead total knockout! ---------I 1st saw you in Excalibur, & you stole the show, as far as i was concerned. I kept asking myself, who is that, playing Morgana?????? ---------------WolfSky9, 71 y/o Now

Brooke Hanley : Helen is likely embarrassed by this.

berserk369 : I would still shag her.

1ranjeeves21 : damn helen mirren was hot back in the day... i feel weird saying that

jasmine rolf : Such a resemblance to Jennifer Lawrence

Knighty Knight : Now that's what I call marketing.

Michael Powell : Simply Timeless.. Epic

Surreygirl 1978 : Helen still looks good now as a older lady

recalcitrist1 : Zowie! Beauty, brains and talent.....spectacular!

Christopher Wayne : The comments about Helen Mirrem looking old are pure jealousy. The easiest way to get back at this stunning young woman in the film clip. She’s aged very well (probably had work) but still looks natural.

Michel van Briemen : I never understood where her reputation came from, but now I certainly do.

effyleven : I saw her on stage when she was only 15... in a youth drama competition thing. It happens the 20 minute playlet in which she played did NOT win that day, but, even so, I wanted to tell her VERY GOOD she had been in her part. But the group I was with wanted to catch the bus without delay, so was dragged away before I got to say to Helen Mirren, "You should take up acting, professionally. I think you're terrific!" Where did it (not) happen? In a school, in Woodford, Essex. UK.  

Todd Roberson : If you think this is good check out her movie "Age of Consent" with James Mason. Same era; more skin. Not the best movie ever made ... but .... Wow!

Dark Star : Love '60s experimental film stuff,because it was so weird----I've seen hardly any of Mirren's older films, so this is kind of refreshing---what a nice outfit she had. Of course, women with a healthy figure like she had are considered "fat" nowadays--at least in Hollywood--what a shame. Still a trip seeing her as a young women, though.

xzeliz : WOW NICE TITS

Tim Balch : well that escalated quickly

Chris Hennessy : I'm so confused... 

Joe Smith : Now that's what I call advertising.