Helen Mirren in Herostratus (1967)

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Phil K : She's what women of today AREN'T........ FEMININE AND SEXY............today they're just whining sexless feminazis with less femininity than a pair of Y fronts with skidmarks - trying to say whatever the lesbians approve of - less "minds of their own" than dolly birds of the 60s. A LOT less. Repulsive

Christian Hanneman : For all of those who are complaining about Helen Mirren's looks hey, she's 72 years old as of this posting. If you make it to 72 and you look half as good as Helen Mirren does now you're doing damn well!

mark s : Holy Jeebus, the power of a beautiful woman can make ya melt.

Brian Bagnall : She is so drugged out. Look at those eyes.

Jazmine Martinez : the first time I saw her was in the movie Red and I fell in love

Frank Paul Lomas : Piercing example that all actresses are whores.

Gareth Battersby : The 60s were weird... I love it

Dave Dogge : What I would give to see her wash my dirty dishes in the kitchen sink wearing those marigolds and sexy outfit !

Polyfusia : She was hot as fuck.

rareads : This movie looks completely nuts, they were all on drugs in the 60s

RAVEN Blood2Bone : Even at 71, I would watch Dame Helen Mirren reenact this scene!

crimea2e : Feminine figure. She on the male line from the Russian aristocrats. Her father - Russian.

Mark Chapman : This is prime What the Hell Did I Just See material.

LordHollow : Helen can still get it, today.

Margaret : This is what a healthy, sexy woman should look like; Not a stick thin paper doll like figure. We should see more like her figure. This is beauty in all its glory.

Stacey Means : She and Tyler Durden could have had a great time together.

Ja Ads : Pity she didn't make more films when she was younger, very sexy lady,

RENEKTONKUN : 0:03 why was I expecting content aware scale

Chris Cipollini : she could have played Barbarella

rob24974 : way helen talks.....and moves

joe jackson : the thirst is real 👅👅👅👅👅

Fool's Requiem : Are we sure that's not Jennifer Lawrence?

Russ H : Like a fine wine, elagance and class. This woman is still beautiful.

Yoni Veo : La abuela mas sexy del mundo.

Erik Garcia : Jennifer Lawrence of the 60s?

SATURN+ : that was highly enjoyable

MrJchristopher7 : No more porn for me. Now I just watch this. :D

berserk369 : I would still shag her.

Jay Mims : Man, Dame Helen was brilliant even then. I do feel bad,. though, her enunciation wasn't what it would become, and around the middle I legitimately got confused as to what she was talking about. Weird clip, gorgeous performer, great gag about the gloves. Honestly, you could have this minus the very end, and it would be a brilliant Super Bowl commercial. Sex sells, but humor and wit makes it sexier.

mettacitta2000 : Phwoooooaaarrrrr!!!!! [in a Sid James kind of voice]

SpoonWood Gennaro : I LOVE THIS!!!!!

Uncle Boobar : props to the dude that hit that in her prime #gottdamn

trDewy : Um... what?

MrMest0pheles : Is there a word for being both very confused and aroused at the same time?

leafyutube : I don't get it.

TRINZINI : Now THAT's acting ! ;)

Joe Smith : Now that's what I call advertising.

feathered_head : This clip is a small scene within a feature film. A commercial is being shot for rubber dish washing gloves -- mundane articles for household labor -- women's work. The entire point of it is not that Helen Mirren's character is seductive, but that women's sexuality is used to sell everything -- even clunky rubber gloves. The rubber gloves are a symbol of her domestic servitude, but also play upon the dominatrix and rubber sexual kink. The clip is a satire of the intersection of commercialism and pornography -- and for those that get off on it -- what does that say about your easily manipulated lizard brains?

Ron D : I would buy her orange rubber gloves every day!

Jennifer Lee : She has... big talents

Gerald ngundo : nothing cotrovetial

Noth De : *fap* *fap* *fap*

GuyRification : Where can I find orange rubber gloves? Like, right now.

Alex Irwin : Now that's what I call marketing.

aprilwearsgucci : Reading a lot of these comments and people keep talking about how she aged and how she looks old now. Really people? Father time catches up with all of us. Helen still looks like a gorgeous woman to me. Smart, witty, and curses like a sailor. She may of aged (like we all will one day if we're luckily) but at least back in her heyday, she was one sexy hot number.

bie zom : I Cant get it.What have I just watched?

Keith Otis Edwards : She's the hottest thing since sunburn !

44excalibur : Damn, the woman is pushing 70 and still has every guy on Earth wanting to fuck her.

Leonardo Lima : Had never seen her younger work ! I think young Helen Mirren and J Law look very much alike !

IThinkYouLookLarvely : This is a lot sexier than Miley Cyrus on a metal ball.