RECENTLY ABANDONED Car Factory (Brand New Cars)

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Mike Hawk : Can i have 10 of them. Thnx

joe Schlotthauer : Billions of dollars lost through corporate mismanagement, left for the average taxpayer and consumer to absorb thtough taxes and future purchases.

telsah1 : They leave it all abandoned even those good looking cars that could be sold. I amazed to see brand new cars just left abandoned. They will rust away in time. Thanks for sharing.

Con Sucks : My dad always says “there’s profit in confusion” let that sit with you for a while

Metro_mo : i dont think it’s abandoned... *ITS CLOSED* ... For renovations

Christopher Martinez : I'd take one of those cars for free xD...

Tiarnan Glavin : It's very sad to see brand new cars just left abandoned with an uncertain future. Surely they can be sold to live their lives cos they look ok

Chris Mayer : The Blair Wrench Project!

Casual Agent : The Restaurant certainly looked abandoned, especially the fat fryer ugh

Ben Mayall : I really hope the new ‘MG’ go bust. Nothing about the new so called MG has any Britishness or MGness in it. You can tell they are Chinese cars with a poor MG badge stuck on it. The Chinese company has ruined MG in my eyes sadly. The new ones are awful and then ‘MG’ decide they will back out of the country that started it. I really hope someone saves MG before it gets fully ruined to be an Chinese car company.

WC IS HERE : I would love to explore places like this but I would proberly get arrested for trespassing.

John Meyer : No dust on anything? Cars are really clean? I’m not sure it’s abandoned....

nick clee : not abandoned that part of longbridge is still used

flipdude27 : I would have taken one of those cars, or all of them

One Life Vlogs : COMPLETE STORY OF WHY THE FACTORY IS CLOSED MUST READ in 1907 Herbert Austin founded the Austin motor company and the Longbridge plant in Birmingham in 1952 it merged with Morris to form BMC (British Motor Corporate) one of the worlds largest motor companies at the time Longbridge was its headquarters in 1968 it merged with Leyland motors (notably owners of the Rover company and the Land Rover brand) and Jaguar cars to make the notorious British Leyland the factory ironically reached a peak of 25,000 employees in the 1970s despite this the company saw great losses due to the UK joining the EU and imports stealing the market eventually the UK government bought out the company to save it. In the 1980s the company was renamed the Austin Rover Group after the two largest brands Austin and Rover after things continued to get worse Jaguar demerged later to be bought by ford in 1990. In 1986 the government sold Austin Rover to British aerospace and Leyland trucks to Daf with Austin Rover keeping a 40% stake. In 1987 the famous Austin brand is retired and the company is renamed to the Rover Group in 1994 British Aerospace sold the company to BMW. The company continued to decline as BMW poured money into the company and by 1999 they had enough they sold Land Rover and the Rover name ford who again merged it with Jaguar, kept Mini for themselves and sold Longbridge, MG to a group of British businessmen they paid to use the Rover name off Ford and forming the MG Rover Group they failed to develop any new models and in 2005 they went bankrupt there were talks to a Chinese company to buy MG Rover but they failed and the same company Nanjing motors bought them but failed to keep the company open making 5,000 people redundant on 15 April 2005. In 2008 the MG tf was made in a small part of Longbridge from ckd kits after production ended in the same year large scale demolition of the historic plant began demolishing a large amount of the company. ( sometime between this I can’t remember when Nanjing was bought by SAIC the current owner of Mg) in 2011 the MG6 started production from ckd kits in a small part of the plant it ended in 2013 the same year the MG3 (the car we see here) started production by the same means this ended in 2016 where the factory is at the time of filming. Both models failed due to poor quality and stigma around Chinese cars a bit like the Yugo in the US. Notable models built at the factory are the Austin 7, the Austin se7en renamed to the Mini in 1968 and the Ado16/ BMC 1300. You’re welcome 😇.

George Campbell : Maybe those cars were set aside for rework or defects and it wasn't worth it to make the repairs when the plant shut down.

Rusty Nail : Maybe the reason they were abandoned is that some dummy put the steering wheels on the wrong side.

BlakeBiundo : Could have made a lot of money if you snagged all those wheels and tires...

spider23000 : I've got an MG3 and they're welcome to have it back, it's the worst car I've ever owned

Mr.Everyman : I could be wrong, but i think this plant built rover and mg up until 2005 when the Chinese company Ningjang bought it, and of course the Chinese love to leave stuff to rot. But again, i could be wrong

Patricio Andres Muñoz Lopez : Those cars aren't abandoned, they just keep it there for a while, pretty common in big companies

Harly Danciger : Hey I work there on the over side of the building not abandoned

One Life Vlogs : Because everyone keeps saying nooo that’s a waste of cars the factory and the contents will be auctioned off it’s not abandoned it’s just closed.

Craig : Recently abandoned... no it's not, the majority of the factory was abandoned in 2005 and MG motors is now owned by SAIC who use a small part of the original factory to put the finishing touches to the MG 3, 6 and new ZS, which are the cars that you see here.

David Ellis : why is the factory abandoned?

Simon Stannard : Are people daft. Those cars are the new models imported from china. Not old models left behide. There obviously just in storage for one reason or another.

jack emmerson : Any one know where this is I need a motor that will move lmfao

Kerchoo ready to quickscope noobs : Poor car...... They're lookin' like homeless... factory isn't a "home" mkay? I'd like to take all of em', ain't no car goin' to be abandoned.

Headless horseless Horseman : Wow, you find amazing places really ^^ I'm french and kinda beggining in exploration, but you seem to have a lot more stuff to explore in the UK it's wonderful that's it's untouched yet, would like to visit things like that when i go to the UK sometime. What a shame that you don't have more subscribers with such quality videos

Tudor Las Vegas : This is the MG Rover Factory in Lombridge.This is new MG cars.

LarryUK : It's not abandoned. They're just stored there. I live next to this factory and the Chinese had money from our Government to build cars there. As you can see, they don't. you never see a lorry go in or out. We bailed the banks out but let this go. It decimated the whole area.

lowtech81 : Please just stop useing zoomable flashlights...

Mark Wright : Would it be legal to take a car or 2? Saying as they've abandoned them, clearly not wanting them.

Ashley Sutherland : They used to assemble partly built Chinese mgs in cab1 and use cab2 to store the finished vehicles before dispatch. Now they use cab1 to store fully imported mg 3 and mg gs and are demolishing cab2 now

Analogg : These cars are not abandoned , they belong to MG motors UK and are from some of the first runs from the new line. These cars are sold today in the UK. They called MG3, this factory still makes them, your in a part that is not used, it’s more of a storage building. You guys clearly broke in as this site is open, and has Security.

Mclelland J : It's not a factory anymore, they just put together Chinese parts kits on the site of the former factory. Clearly this used to be an actual working part of Longbridge back in the day, and they now just use it for storage, since slapping parts kits together doesn't need as much space.

Tonskie 01 : I'd take one of those cars and do burnouts/donuts all day with those spare tires.. Then leave with a new car back home.. At least we used them.. Lol..

zolbad juanrico : I would say the Factory is closed rather than abandoned...all machinery ,parts and cars will be auctioned

Leigh Garfield : What is it with many iconic British car brands falling into foreign ownership. Aren’t we Brits capable of creating a successful mass manufacturing car company, like BMW and others. The Germans and Japanese would never allow BMW or Toyota to fail. It would be seen as a national disgrace. Britain needs to rediscover its values again, so we can find that lost pride we once had. We’re capable, but the values aren’t they’re no more sadly or the political will.

Pj Ferdinand : i'd love to skate in there

I am a potato : Yo bro those are legit cars that have not seen production in some countries... I would have taken a car from there, or at least I would take an engine... Cars mean a lot to me so this is the place were I would definetely go and get whatever I could from there! I mean... free car parts dude!

Tom Jones : You could be busted, private property.

OieZi :V : anyone noticed a dead man at 7:03 ????

Fuck YouTube : That is a very large factory and the cars looks new because it isn't abandoned. Just the side that they are trespassing on. It is used for storage now.

ClashWith SKULL : I would like 1 red and a silver plz it's abandoned just get a car and get away with it u can't get caught and if u do tell that they were abandoned.

Nigel Charlton-Wright : What a waste. Why didn't the Chinese company that now owns the MG brand sell these cars off before they import more of their cars into the UK. Were the ones built from parts from China that bad?

Armani Man : It's not abandoned i live up the road

David Richards : When you look at what they were producing no wonder the plant went under, nobody wants an MG3 as they were rubbish.

Elizabeth Cherry : It has to be longbridge, those cars look like they are the Chinese made MGs. See what happens when you sell something to china, they take whats good and leave the crap.

otto leeverink : Brand new cars!!?? Dude you sure they are abandoned?? If next year they are still there take one