Bo Burnham - Todays Country Songs

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hollandsdarling : oh i love this new song by luke bryant! thanks for covering it :)

shiv 421 kobra : Damn scarecrows

CalubCrew : Surprised he has a PERFECT voice for a country singer

123 456 : Well I didn’t know who this guy was before this but you can be sure I’m gunna watch one of his shows now

LSSJOrangeLightning : Am I the only one concerned that a scarecrow went to sleep?

Hesusio : He's not wrong. I'm from the country, and we all get human women and scarecrows confused all the time. And yes, it's every bit as frustrating as you'd think.

Matthew Gill : As a country southerner.... This is perfect. Not one word should be changed to summarize modern country music.

Teleporting Teapot : "Rural noun, simple adjective" the best and the scarecrow jokes and "f your ears I'm pandering"

Captain Cardsworth : I haven't fact checked it, but I don't think anyone else has used "gerrymanderin" in a song before.

Humanoid Mediocrity : This is 100% truth and 100% why I hate most modern country music. Older country music was actually beautiful. Now a days it's basically, this.

Emily Callahan : I love how his voice just gradually becomes less and less country

Lucida Fonts : So I'm not the only one who suddenly became attracted to him? Also I feel like his appearance changed when his voice dropped, but I know its just my brains perception.

Avery Triplett : I cant be the only one waiting for an incest joke

notblakebray : I like classic country but I can't stand the new stuff. The new stuff is what's bad.

Bee Keeper : I died when he said keychange

Lanky Kong : Day 37. They have taken over the entire city. I must find shelter. I guide the group into a school and barricade ourselves in. One of the strongest warriors of the group tells me that he has something important to say. "I... i think i'm infected... I'm becoming one of them" I quickly call the doctor and confirms that he is in fact infected. "We cannot endanger the group if i'm infected. We have to lock me outside." I try to protest but we are humanity's last hope. They start swarming around the building... spreading faster than ever... I put him outside and just watched him get brutally eaten alive. I convince the group that we're safe for the night. I can hear them outside... fucking scarecrows...

John Paulk : He actually made it sound good tho


Scsigs : This is either describing Bro Country in general, or Luke Bryan. You decide.

KateKarnage7 : All these rape-y vibes I'm putting out... lol

Paul Rudd’s Tibia : love me some cold jeans

Darren ll-// : 🎶 We go to bed You doze off So I take your country girl clothes off I put my hands on your body It feels like hay It’s a f^^^ing scarecrow again! 🎶

Cian Barrett : This song helped me realise that my Mrs is a Scarecrow

They Call Me Error : Bo Burnham x Scarecrow

David Doucette : This is more country than 90% of today's "country radio"

MaxPower24 : a bud light with the logo facing out anyone find that part funny...maybe just me

Redmi : Are scarecrows like the country equivalent of a blow-up doll?

CrossfadeHD : Holy shit its Luke Bryan

hi there : I hate it when my friends said that they thought that they were getting laid but they were actually molesting a scarecrow

Lucian Erebus : the only country song I will ever listen to unironically.

Kaleb Maxwell : This is better than the country music we get now.

Noblesse Obligee : I asked my girl to marry me with this song playing in the background.... and that's when I realized it was a fucking scarecrow again

The-Fiz-Alt : Can't wait to see him parody mumble rap.

Carlos Farias : I though Hip Hop was the only music going downhill with the rise of mumble rap, but damn I was wrong. I guess every music genre is going downhill because of posers.

Clara J : Who else wants to hear a Bo Burnham country album? I would totally wanna!

akimi2003 : I say this as someone who considers themselves a true country boy, This song is spot on! I like classic country and there are a few artists who I would consider actual country, but for the most part it is exactly as this gentleman describes. A bunch of repetitive bubblegum manufactured garbage.

Artsy Scrub : is there anything he cant sing?

-D- Devil- : I like to think he somehow heard or read *pander* somewhere n decided to write this whole bit

Cullen H : Johnny Cash would be proud

jeemuhnettie : This is probably very odd, but the deep voice and his muscular-ish forearms make me very happy.

Charlene Soriano : When the boots I'm wearing coat 3 grand😂😂

Baby Jesus : Sometimes you just need to back it up to take in how hot he moves


Gabriella Berto : With her arms out in a cornfield, that is a scarecrow?! 🤣

Cringy kidsTV : No Jews You didn't hear that 😂😂 It's a fucking scarecrow 😂😂 Love this kid 😁😂💪❤

Bobbi jo Carter : I've listened to country music all my life and I love it but modern county music has turned exactly as this song says, the same stuff just with a different rhythm

Trevor Noble : "I'm hoping my Southern charm offsets all these rapey vibes I'm putting out" Gets me every time

Ya boy Keiran : Play 0:46 at 0.75 speed

That Local Loser : Hay is comfortable; Change my mind.

Patrick Holtzman : I love how the crowd cheers after the key change lol