Bo Burnham - Todays Country Songs

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shiv 421 kobra : Damn scarecrows

hollandsdarling : oh i love this new song by luke bryant! thanks for covering it :)

123 456 : Well I didn’t know who this guy was before this but you can be sure I’m gunna watch one of his shows now

CalubCrew : Surprised he has a PERFECT voice for a country singer

Hesusio : He's not wrong. I'm from the country, and we all get human women and scarecrows confused all the time. And yes, it's every bit as frustrating as you'd think.

Emily Callahan : I love how his voice just gradually becomes less and less country

LSSJOrangeLightning : Am I the only one concerned that a scarecrow went to sleep?

John Paulk : He actually made it sound good tho

Bee Keeper : I died when he said keychange

notblakebray : I like classic country but I can't stand the new stuff. The new stuff is what's bad.

Avery Triplett : I cant be the only one waiting for an incest joke

Humanoid Mediocrity : This is 100% truth and 100% why I hate most modern country music. Older country music was actually beautiful. Now a days it's basically, this.

Redmi : Are scarecrows like the country equivalent of a blow-up doll?

riski gost : "I write songs about riding tractors, from the comfort of a private jet" *imagines someone riding a tractor in a jet.

Lucida Fonts : So I'm not the only one who suddenly became attracted to him? Also I feel like his appearance changed when his voice dropped, but I know its just my brains perception.

CRUSTYDOGTAINT : love me some cold jeans


Trevor Noble : "I'm hoping my Southern charm offsets all these rapey vibes I'm putting out" Gets me every time

Captain Cardsworth : I haven't fact checked it, but I don't think anyone else has used "gerrymanderin" in a song before.

Lanky Kong : Day 37. They have taken over the entire city. I must find shelter. I guide the group into a school and barricade ourselves in. One of the strongest warriors of the group tells me that he has something important to say. "I... i think i'm infected... I'm becoming one of them" I quickly call the doctor and confirms that he is in fact infected. "We cannot endanger the group if i'm infected. We have to lock me outside." I try to protest but we are humanity's last hope. They start swarming around the building... spreading faster than ever... I put him outside and just watched him get brutally eaten alive. I convince the group that we're safe for the night. I can hear them outside... fucking scarecrows...

you’ve really tatered my tots now : 🎶 We go to bed You doze off So I take your country girl clothes off I put my hands on your body It feels like hay It’s a f^^^ing scarecrow again! 🎶

They Call Me Error : Bo Burnham x Scarecrow

The-Fiz-Alt : Can't wait to see him parody mumble rap.

Scsigs : This is either describing Bro Country in general, or Luke Bryan. You decide.

Kaleb Maxwell : This is better than the country music we get now.

Cringy kidsTV : No Jews You didn't hear that 😂😂 It's a fucking scarecrow 😂😂 Love this kid 😁😂💪❤

Cian Barrett : This song helped me realise that my Mrs is a Scarecrow

MCShvabo : The worst thing is that I actually like this song.

Clara J : Who else wants to hear a Bo Burnham country album? I would totally wanna!

jeemuhnettie : This is probably very odd, but the deep voice and his muscular-ish forearms make me very happy.

Carlos Farias : I though Hip Hop was the only music going downhill with the rise of mumble rap, but damn I was wrong. I guess every music genre is going downhill because of posers.

Patrick Holtzman : I love how the crowd cheers after the key change lol

DNTV : This is how Trump won the election

Stop Autism Memes : BO IS ON NETFLIX?!?!?!!

akimi2003 : I say this as someone who considers themselves a true country boy, This song is spot on! I like classic country and there are a few artists who I would consider actual country, but for the most part it is exactly as this gentleman describes. A bunch of repetitive bubblegum manufactured garbage.

Bandit 2025 : Holy crap why is he so freakin hot in this video

Matthew Gill : As a country southerner.... This is perfect. Not one word should be changed to summarize modern country music.

Baby Jesus : Sometimes you just need to back it up to take in how hot he moves

G. B : With her arms out in a cornfield, that is a scarecrow?! 🤣

-D- Devil- : I like to think he somehow heard or read *pander* somewhere n decided to write this whole bit

That Local Loser : Hay is comfortable; Change my mind.

Noblesse Obligee : I asked my girl to marry me with this song playing in the background.... and that's when I realized it was a fucking scarecrow again

Ya boy Keiran : Play 0:46 at 0.75 speed

Grace Face : Honestly when his voice goes really deep it just gives me chills and with the key change and his voice is just sojcspcupdof He's mega talented and attractive help

Charlene Soriano : When the boots I'm wearing coat 3 grand😂😂

Bernadeth McKinley : The song is legit catchy wtf

Bobbi jo Carter : I've listened to country music all my life and I love it but modern county music has turned exactly as this song says, the same stuff just with a different rhythm

Candee Korne : *P A N D E R I N G*

Isaac House : A cold jeans😂😂

Derek Handson : Reminds me of his character on Parks and Recreation.