Don Rickles final speech at tribute to Don Rickles (sub Ita)

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lecoindeclaire : Potresti sottotitolare anche questo video?

jbyesterday : I'm 65, & I've never not laughed whenever Don Rickles had anything to say. Rest in Peace Mr Rickles, you were one very funny & super entertaining human being. I'll miss you.

CanadaCraig : Don Rickles passed away on April 6, 2017. He was 90 years old. And he will be missed. Rest in peace.

Tesla Death Ray : he was the last of them...

CrazyWedz : Could his wife look any less interested? 3:13

D Taylor : Today if Rickles was 30 years old half the people in the audience that are clapping and laughing would be calling him a racist, bigot, phobe. The other half would squelch their laughter so they too would not be called a racist, bigot or phobe.

scott walker : nice tribute but where was his best friend Bob Newhart?

Jon71 Lerum : One of the absolute greatest comedians ever!!! Thanks for the upload.

Skiles : I haven't had this hard of a time dealing with a comic dying since Carlin. Don Rickles is a God of comedy, and would be on any comedy fan's Mount Rushmore.

cliffedward : There's an old saying "Many a truth is spoke in jest" and Rickles is a genius at this. Oh they sit there laughing because it's all part of the act. But when you think about it he's really telling the truth.

Chad C : This video has sort of a sour note now

llinkii : whats wrong with his wife?

jedi1967 : No air time for that sick horrible HW.......

Sherry : wow i never knew this man was so amazing..r.i.p

RalphK1956 : Even at 90 this guy was hysterical. A great career, and the last of the old guard. R. I. P.

Ayye Lmao : Harvey Weinstein ahahahahahaha

jessy Colon : I've always loved watching Don Rickles perform. He was and always will be a comedy genius. He will be greatly missed. Thank you Mr. Warmth for the many years of laughter and many, many, great memories. We love you. May you R.I.P ♡♡♡♡

Jude Lau : Getting insult by Don Rickles is a life achievement.

Misba uddin : Best laugh I had

mike856ms : The absolute best comedian ever IMO

Robert zeleznik : the world is less funny today with Don Rickles gone.

J awm : Harvey... great guy 👍 well done Pickles

Drew R : RIP, GOAT

globalklaus : I had the privilege of passing Don Rickles comedic genius to the next generation. My daughter started watching stand up with me on Netflix, HBO and YouTube. Modern stuff. Cellphone jokes. Contemporary. I was almost afraid to show her Mr Rickles. What if it fell flat? If she didn't get the references, or knew of the people he was roasting? Well. Finally I showed her Mr Rickles roast of Ronald Reagan. She was in tears of laughter. The man is timeless. And, by God, in this day and age, with these infected politics we have going on - he is sorely and desperately missed.

rich raymond : I'm 58 and his death is a close a door to my childhood ,,,,,my last parent died two years ago,,,,that's a wrap,,,all five channels are off the air Goodby to the great ones,,,,

Edward Kesock : Such a great man and as funny as they come the best rest in peace mr rickles

David Dundas : There is no one left that could make a Black joke and have everyone laugh, truly the end of an era, RIP Don, imagine the jokes the rat pack and Don are cracking up above

Mike D : We should all have such a fond farewell, huh? As many have already said, society has changed severely with respect to the things you can say to an audience. As a regular ole white guy, I realize the atrocities that have befallen people of other races. It's been terrible for them, no doubt. Everyone deserves to be treated as going to leave it at that.....................

Umer Mumtaz : I miss you Don :(

Jon Smith : Yes, of the best, ever

Clifford Mcbee : He would step on anybody's Dick. President to poon.

CoronaJoe : Poor John Stewart, sitting right there but not getting mentioned or acknowledged at all. Then again, where Rickles was concerned, you probably don't want him noticing

Derek Kay : There will never be a comic genius like Don Rickles RIP

Steve Rakes : Like John Wayne, there will only ever be one Don Rickles.

sinjin K : Who could do this type of comedy and pull it off now?

Stephanie Stanley : magnificent Mr Warmth. thank you for all the years of laughter and for all the late summer nights as a kid watching you on the Tonight Show. I will sadly miss you.

Vicki Davis : he looked so frail, until he opens his mouth LOL.....Love Rickles!!!! His wife is stunning as well

Fonz 51 : Thank you Don. I never felt in my heart any insult or hate coming from your comedy. You will always real and we will miss you always. Now you can be with those up there that are so happy to see you again. May God keep you always, Amen.

Adi Adrian : Good night Don.....and Good morning

You get a car! : 1:41 HAHAHAHA

neworleans39 : girlsnotbrides dot org stop child marriages email your politician thanks

Jon Smith : Classic comedian

Clifford Mcbee : Never another Rickles. You dudes are would riot at jokes to all. Like American we used to be. Laugh at each other to heal in harmonious exist. Yeah..right.

Rich Marsh : The best

Ron Almera : Absolute legend.

fsilver : What a Godfather.

Beth Cheesebrough : He made Johnny Depps's day when he insulted him.

SuperSayainJesus : Nobody funnier. R.I.P.

Kaukase : There can be no higher honor than to be insulted by Don Rickles!!

Singer : RIP Ron! We will miss u forever