Don Rickles final speech at tribute to Don Rickles (sub Ita)

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Skiles : I haven't had this hard of a time dealing with a comic dying since Carlin. Don Rickles is a God of comedy, and would be on any comedy fan's Mount Rushmore.

WilsonEatsASMR : there is NO BETTER! Thank you for a life of comedic genius and kindness.

Jon71 Lerum : One of the absolute greatest comedians ever!!! Thanks for the upload.


Kristalaurene : Johnny Depp finally got his insult he's a happy man :)

jbyesterday : I'm 65, & I've never not laughed whenever Don Rickles had anything to say. Rest in Peace Mr Rickles, you were one very funny & super entertaining human being. I'll miss you.

CrazyWedz : Could his wife look any less interested? 3:13

gjm1953 : "You talk to him and it's like being alone."

Arthur Christopher Schaper : RIP Don Rickles. So sad to see you go!

kelvinkloud : it should be stated, don was a ww2 vet. when the nation called, he was there at the age of 18. hes about as young as ww2 vets come. If you know any give them a heads up thanks. thats a special generation & they are in the twilight.

xealit : Barbara looks like saying "is that about it?" it's a joke! a joke!

hockeylover246 : The joy that this man brought me is unlike any other. He makes me laugh until i cry, unfourtanatley now, when i start to cry it is because i know the world lost a great man, and a great entertainer. Legends never die. May he Rest In Peace. 'Mr. Warmth' Don Rickles. If there is a Heaven, he's sitting at a table right now drinking Vodka and ripping on Carson and Sinatra.

Nuno Soares : RIP Don. One of the funniest men of all time :-(

frank mathis : I'm gonna be 50 next month, losing everyone I grew up loving. God I loved Don Rickles, there really isn't anyone left hardly that I can think of except just a very few. God blessed me to be able to share a world with some of these people. RIP beloved Don, the whole world loved you always.

Primetime Pranks : RIP Godspeed Don !!

enrico bartolini berico : A true legend.

fx : RIP, Don!

CanadaCraig : Don Rickles passed away on April 6, 2017. He was 90 years old. And he will be missed. Rest in peace.

Dolly244 : RIP you hockey puck. Peace

Clement Wong : Nothing but love for Don...RIP.

JC Armada : Fantastic Job Don Rickles

Luís Maciel : 4:46 I've seen this laugh about Seinfeld about 6 times! Such great laugh, it means so many things, all of them great!

Cc : Funny funny guy. Bless him

19dec1981 : love you Don, you'll be truly missed

Ameridas 45 : it as if it was his goodbye speech to the world even though it was two years ago

rs cosworth : his wit never left him a funny guy

Prodevus : Anyone know what music Don is introduced to?

dabig 25 : R. I. P. to one of the funniest men to walk this earth

PanRasMusic DJ : RIP Mr Rickles.. I stayed up every night watching these kind of videos!

The Band Gremlin : A class act until the very end ! I hope in the after life there is a comedy club with Don performing .

jshudo44 : This was honestly the best part of the entire show. Even at the age of 88, Don Rickles was still at the top of his game. He was physically weaker, but his mind was still sharp till the very end.

itsokyoucanlaugh : legends never die. thanks for the memories don. rip

Tahoedirt : I can't stop watching all these Rickles clips

JMP : Goodnight Mr. Rickles I hope you, frank, dean, and your son Larry are all laughing together again god bless you and you will be missed

pafalzon : A sad day in the world the moment he left us. One of the funniest guys ever. Love him

David Baker : What a kind & beautiful sentiment that Mr Rickles wished for his guest.

SuperMageo : I´ve been living under a rock! This man is brilliant!

Bradley J : Before anyone even sits DOWN, he destroys everyone in the room. RIP Mr. Rickles

Guy Fawkes : The body was going but the mind was sharp as a tack. R.I.P. Don. And, if I may, a question. At 4:37, is that Elvis Costello?

J awm : Harvey... great guy 👍 well done Pickles

Sam J : Quite a sofa, though. Rickles brought it as usual. RIP you legendary bastard :(

Peugeot 505 : A great speach it was. Rest In Peace Don Rickles.

Mandy Khoo : rickles is dangerous

Jason peng : saw him in 2011 in Vegas...was by far one of the most entertaining shows I've ever seen...and I've seen many

sam maudlin : He was sharp as ever there as frail as he was. He was great!

Knowledge Power : l discover Don about a year ago thanks to YouTube. he was way before my time but his video's made me smile and laugh, what a funny man. He lived for two more years from this event to 90, what a life..

palenoise : What a great man

Jon - Francis : Jerry Seinfield, you talk to him it's like being alone. What a line. RIP Don. You were the greatest.

John Doherty : I'm going to miss him.... RIP

Kirsten Mobray : One of a kind