Experience the power of a bookbook™

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xKito Music : This is gold hahah

Farran : This is perfect  Password protection: "excuse me: that's mine"

The golden block of emarald : 1 star not impressed my bookbook came with a smashed page

Djordje Pivnicki : Nice. But where is the search bar? :D

casanova2784 : 10 years from now we will actually have a generation who will think this is a real commercial !

Pragma : Our children will ask when we show our books to them "Dad why did you printed e-book from 3d printer"

Jeyanth Kumar : This just got real. Introducing Apple Book!

The Podian : > published on September 2014 > November 2016: Apple releases a $300 picture book

_ _ : tfw apple did this for real

JockeKun : What's up with that weird Swedish accent, I'm swede but dude wtf, that english is so bad..

LTTG : Can't wait for the BookBook 2!!

Alif Fikri : THE POWER OF IKEA TROLLING!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

Yobachi2007 : Brilliant. Redefine old school functionality in new tech terminology and nomenclature. I still use bookbook technology along with mac book.

DeAno Jackson : Well played, IKEA. Well played.

A OHANYAN : This is the most fascinating commercial video I've seen so far!

Pali Wong : Wow, the eternal battery function is amazing! What a cutting edge tech from the future!

Yuliqa M'Diq : I dropped my bookbook™ and it didnt break! They're built to last! 10/10

Jordan Wight : It's so genius but sadly so many magazines have stolen this idea.

Andre Brown : No upgrade-ability, unable to read it in the dark, everything featured inside will be outdated by 2016, so then you have thousands ending up in the landfill(to join the piles of blackberries and pebble watches)...I'll pass...plus books with pages will never catch on..

Ben Tollison : Thank god they trademarked bookbook. I mean someone had to do it.

Patrick Sullivan : Now I know why there are no famous Swedish comedians

Hannah Trigwell : HAHA. YES

Suliman Aimaq : Man Swedish ppl and their technology *mindblown*

arie brons : if it doesn't have angry birds i'm not interrested 

Lilith Enyo : It reminded me of Apple introducing macbook Air. So you can see this as IKEA trolling Apple. Thank you IKEA not only for your great products and inspirations but also for this commercial :)

Pug Life : Why are those strawberries spiky

bruggetje : You can now order the Ikea 2015 catalog for free. It will come in your mailbox you open with a key. If its not there, try it refresh the next day. That made me laugh

Peter Z. : It´s completly receyclable and if it falls down on the floor, the display works without any doubt.....:)). You don´t need a special stylus to write on it, and if your table is wobbling use it to stabilise the tables leg. Try this with your  ...pad or your .....tablet ? The bookbook. L I K E  .    :))

waveboreale : I have everything from Apple and I found this video funny ! However when I'm on the move (business trip, holidays), I much prefer to download my books into my iPad / Kindle instead of heavy & space-consuming paperback books !

Yaryna : Is this supposed to be a joke or something. That's just a regular magazine!

menameselassie : im going to get one on my own:)  nice video by the way) 

Marcin Łukasik : I find it sad that it makes some of you laugh...

Jesus Christ the Mighty Duck : AND it doesn't break if you bend it

Radu-Sebastian Amarie : Is it bendable? :D

Akshat Wani : IKEA OS

MA Music : Now i need one

Zs Chan : 3987 apple fans were butthurt from this video

Florin Musetoiu : It`s funny but sadly you have to cut trees down to make this book :|

undomiel152003 : whichever ad company designed this ad, deserves every best ad award out there. This is brilliant advertisement.

CallfredYT : Im rich, so is it possible to get it gold coated? Want it to match my apple watch...


SquidCookies : I recently bought one for myself. I currently love it! I can take it anywhere! But I couldn't find the home button. Can you please updated it almost be a month without an update! Plus a few bugs but its great overall! I recommend this to all age groups! The Holiday season about to begin so order them now before they run out!

g mail : So it's an iKea then?

Adelaide Cox : Mine didn't come with password protection. 😞

BatistaR0X : its funny cos I have one of the bookbook on my desk for almost a month now and i didn't realised i had such a powerful device XD

mia wybel : This is the most funniest thing Ive ever seen. This is the same thing as a regular catalog.

Brenda Jackman : Simply genius

LittleMiss PVP : I love this add so much😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Loann Bocandé : Dédicasse darcy