Boonk Wildn' Out In New York, Breaking Vendor Tables & Running Down Streets!

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Adam : We have a place for you down here 😈🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

jaXon-X Xavier : I hate this dude...

McGregor's Snot : his fans are saying shit like "he went too far this time" and are acting pissed off but aren't y'all the ones that made him famous in the first place? how many vids did he make of himself vandalizing and robbing small businesses that y'all thought were hilarious? now that he has tats on his face y'all wanna act offended. fuck outta here.

Niner Empire 415 : Dumbass shit

II Lokiriko II : Why you gotta ruin another mans hustle for followers bro.

Masamune まさむね : "What's that on you bruh?"

Wrath Raven : hes got yall because its all staged.the fact yall mad and think its real makes him a genius.actors that play evil/menacing (asshole) roles say the best complement is when people say "ooh i hate that guy" is the essence of the art form which is stirring strong emotions to the audience.


Daniel Houston : this shit's my favorite video in the nation hahahaa

Jaydan Rice : I know that table hurts😂😂😂

Bobby Diezel Fuel T.V : Drugs....lmfao

Caio Santanna : Without gun laws and anything, I'm quite surprised this motherfucker didn't had a twelve gauge pumped on his ugly face.

nepali hercules : where's zimmermand when you need him

RexXx : that was so fucking mean but come on it was hilarious

I Used To Be An Octopus : We should have just picked our own cotton

BinaryClash : Boonk gang hola gay shit

JSN Swll : This used to be funny but at this poimt he just destroyed himself and hes long gone now. Plus guys dont get the wrong image that all of us black people are like this. We arent

Jason Uderico : Boonk funny asf

John smith : This is how the New York City Stock Market is going to crash.

All White 300 FLEXIN : Wouldn't of been laughing if he would of got shot.

Jean Patrick : The guy on the phone sounds like mikey mouse laufh😂😂

Mr. Xavier : Crackhead.....

Your Bro E : I know this might not relate to this topic, but my dad told me this. Whenever white people take one look at black people they think we sell drugs and other stuff because of our appearances

Jem Classic : Can't do this shit in NY. Don't ever come back through these parts actin a fool. It's not tolerated here go somewhere else w that.

Cactus Anal : its was funny but he should not have destroyed that guys stand like that he should have destroyed like mcdonalds or some where they have to much money and wont affect them

Jolli Popper : This is why people fear black people

George Onyemenam : You guys are all calling him dumb but you guys are the ones that are dumb. First of all, this is fake. If you were smart enough you would've noticed the reaction of the people around him. Everyone just played along, even when he was shouting and then he crashed the stand. How would people not react or even turn to see a black dude shouting on the streets in New York. The only thing wrong in this video is the fact that stuff got broken and he obviously payed the owner of the stand, and then also the fact that it makes him look worse to you easily triggered small brained simpletons. If you want talk about shit then at least read the scene

Dick Green : Joining the KKK now thanks

Mark Jones : KEEP HITTING 4

therealmccoy2004 : If its white folks vendors he destroyed im fine with this.. #fortheRACIST on here commenting racist shitt.

klout tokens 77 : Alotta people try to do this and its not funny but his laughs and screams are and that's what makes it. Also take a couple catchy things to do/say and boom millions wanna do it too

klout tokens 77 : To be completely honest, i think what he does is disrespectful as fuck but he is funny lol.

Lance Rissanen : faggots

Jake Straus : If he ran passed me all crazy like that, I would've got scared and clocked his ass. Don't be running at me like a maniac

Empty Elixir : isn't it a shame how humans are so insensitive? from overly dark humor, to ruining part of peoples' lives like this. and the fans of these assholes will ALWAYS think it's funny. *we need to get boonk off the streets.*

David : 😂😂😂😂

Gully 2-M3P : People hated hard but still getting him views stfu and step outta theeee oven n if your white you obviously find it amusing to be watching because let's face it we all wanted to go the zoo as a child

Chill TO : My level of retardadism

Rocketman : And they pretend we are "profiling" - NO - we've seen enough precedent for the next hundred years!

Vernon Wilson : 😂😭😭😭😭

Zeb Money : boonk is a bit of a minsteral aint e


Dez Hamp : 👮👮👍👍👀👀

Dez Hamp : 👮👮👍👍👀👀