Pedophilia Is A Natural Sexual Orientation | Mirjam Heine | TEDxUniversityofWürzburg

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TedX is trying to hide their most recent video from YouTube due to the excessive negative feedback. They've been actively issuing copyright notices to any uploads of this video, even though it is licensed under Creative Commons. Not only are they trying to shove this down the memory hole, YouTube algorithms are automatically blocking the original video before it can even be published. I had to edit this video and re-encode it in order to get past the algorithms. #TEDOGATE --- You thought "bake the cake" was bad? Just wait for "hire the babysitter". The pedo babysitter who goes to his monthly therapy session to "control his urges". If you don't hire the pedo babysitter, you will be a "pedophobe" bigot. They want "pedophobe" to become the new "transphobe". They want it to be against the law to discriminate against pedophiles, and that includes hiring them for jobs where they will be around children. They want it to be taboo and illegal to shame pedophilia and to have the right to discriminate against associating with pedophiles. What's after that, you say? They will then argue that children can "consent". The left is already saying that even toddlers can "consent". They will then argue that since children can "consent", that pedophiles having sex with children is just fine, if the child "consents". Then they will teach your children in elementary school during sex ed. that they have the freedom to "consent" to sex with adults, just like they have the freedom to "choose" to become the opposite gender, take experimental hormone medication, and lop off their genitals. This is what is down the pike. This is what we are fighting against, right now. Don't be fooled by the people saying that we can "make the children safer" by "not judging pedophiles" so they can "get help". If someone needs special counseling and medication to prevent them from raping a child (or an adult, for that matter) they do not have a "different sexual orientation", they have a serious mental illness and are a threat to society. We must not give a single inch to the pedophile normalization agenda.

Comments from Youtube

Michel Pronk : who also thinks shes jonas

Jesse Turay : Just because something isn't someone's fault, doesn't make it suddenly moral and acceptable.

Linda Cashwell Silver : Psychiatrists have completely gone off the rails this time. She’s basically saying society must accept as fact that people are born Pedophiles i.e. it’s genetic.

龍牙荒木 : Don`t legitimate the Pedophilia

FreedomToons : “Chances are every one of you knows at least one pedophile” she doesn’t realize it, but she just crafted the most effective advertisement for gun ownership of all time


Diane A. Straley : She is Wrong. It is a Crime against children and leaves damage forever.

Joseph Mendez : A lot of comments here really like the idea of punishing people for thought crime.

Alana Hope : Its always about perpetrators feelings isn't it.....We all have a choice we can choose what we live ....If you have a sick attraction to children get help to change it don't normalise it .....It is not normal

விஷ்ணு கார்த்திக் : The vast majority of pedos are 99% men!? BULLSHIT there are so many cases of miss teachers banging their students.. Pedos are everywhere and they don't "come out" so data is stil unknown.

Matt Robinson : Pedophilia is not a "sexual orientation," it is a dire sickness, an evil malady. This is the closing of the Western mind. God help us. God, destroy us before we become what we are becoming.

Golden Spike Tactical : This is the next stop on the left's SJW bus tour. Nothing is sacred to these radical zealots. Not even children. Bunch of morally bankrupt animals...... Now more than ever parents need to teach their children that behavior relating to pedophillia is wrong no matter what the rest of the world says. Leftists want your childrens mind and soul for the grinder that fuels cultural Marxism. Don't tolerate it anymore.

ShoujoNagata : Well, this lady try to talk about her “love for children”. But children are not mature enough mental or physical to make any decision about their lives. And when she describes “been in a relationship” is just crazy, cuz children don’t stay children forever. So this so called “relationship” should not last. Who give money to this women anyway to finances this research?!!! Rich pedophile men I suppose.

Celtic Warriors : ""In a BETTER WORLD this KIND would be shot, eliminated, not allowed to breath nor it once was. And will be again.""

Arizona Skies : Wow! What a big lie! "We are not responsible for our feelings"...??? Oh yes we are!! And we are responsible for our actions.

DaRkSouL 1121 : I'm concerned that 800 people liked this....

pastichka : Well if it's an unchangeable condition, and if it's uncurable, and if these people are among us, shouldn't we be actively working on helping these people manage their illness instead of just shunning them so that they can develop evil personalities?

Irish Rose : I can't believe people are actually trying to defend this! There's a sick push on the left to legalise pedophilia, and trust me, if that ever happens- ordinary decent people will stand up and take matters into their own hands.

Carlos Martel : I can't tell if she's foreign or has a disability.

ice la honk : FACT: Just word 'pedophilia' causes your average person to lose 95% of their ability to think and speak rationally. However, studies show that there is a strong correlation to their torch and pitchfork swinging skills going up 5-fold!

sinnombre nemo : If only she would stick to the fact that it's a mental illness, and not a sexual preference, then i wouldnt have as abig a problem with what she's saying

Washington Luiz : See, people. See how marxism is thing of the hell. All people of the left are demons.

Punished Chen : all the rabid americucks in this comment section need to hang themselves.

Jacob Klein : Christians were right the whole time!

jacqueline donoghue : Peadophillia is not normal i was molested when younger but i dont spread it i avoid children and go to my local hospital to have free councelling most hospitals or all hospitals have councellers in there you can talk to for free

WarVDineTV : She's turning a single anecdote into a rhetorical argument. She doesn't cite her numbers. Weak argument. Some good points, but I'm not convinced that pedophilia is a sexual orientation.

Миглена Петрова : Overtone Window in action. Sick! I can't listen to it to the end. It angers me so much.

Pineapple Pundit : Chip I subscribed in order to make you have 667 subscribers and not 666. I thought it only appropriate especially with this video. Thank you for getting the word out about this evil.

Sam Sung : Please take this off of YouTube. Watch the doc what happened to Andrew on HBO

braden7180 : It begins.

Al H____ : And so it goes. Nice try lady but I’m not buying. Throw em jail,

LilTiredOne : No thanks- I'll stick with people actually 2-3years older.

René Barát : Sad story. But, if he really loves children, he will keep away from them. 8:33 Neither do mass murderers , e.g.

M : This is outrageous and unfortunately wholly expected in this anti-God world.

jmacpi : Yep, it was just a matter of time...Guess it's now lgbtqqiaap"p". It is only just a logical extension of their argument. There are getting to be more and more opinions like this in the Psychology Academia circles, especially within the past few years. Thank you CK for posting this. People really should be able to see the consequences of pushing arguments based on feelings & fallacies.

Prle Gral : Cultural Marxism: Downfall of Western Civilization

Víctor Andrés Piña González : Woman beating is a natural behaviour in mammals...

bruce lee : crazy times

alwaysyouramanda : A perfect example of someone who was groomed into believing it’s the child’s problem and responsibility.

Autistic Geek : This is the correct way to reduce child abuse.

Adam Furik : Why do I feel that most of the people commenting/disliking the video never watched it?

Betty Pak : What a load of perversion!

Usman012813 : why are people getting so worked up about this video...she is not arguing in favor of people being allowed to sexually abuse children. She is simply explaining that pedophilia is a sexual preference that people are born with... yall just do not get it.

Martin Jaďuď : I wonder, what will come after..gerontophilia, .zoophilia, necrophilia...the list is long

Pubg mobile : step in game

K H : Im only attracted to females aged 18-20 lmao

Marius Pranskunas : The world we live in, every time I think I seen it all shit like this come out.

apricotcoconut : Thank you for reposting this. I am astounded that TedEx would EVEN!

H K : This girl is a creep