Pedophilia Is A Natural Sexual Orientation | Mirjam Heine | TEDxUniversityofWürzburg

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FreedomToons : “Chances are every one of you knows at least one pedophile” she doesn’t realize it, but she just crafted the most effective advertisement for gun ownership of all time

Jesse Turay : Just because something isn't someone's fault, doesn't make it suddenly moral and acceptable.

Diane A. Straley : She is Wrong. It is a Crime against children and leaves damage forever.

Taylor Thompson : I know how to help Jonas.... a .556 round between the eyes. Problem solved.

龍牙荒木 : Don`t legitimate the Pedophilia

James Pawson : She talks like a psychopath.

Golden Spike Tactical : This is the next stop on the left's SJW bus tour. Nothing is sacred to these radical zealots. Not even children. Bunch of morally bankrupt animals...... Now more than ever parents need to teach their children that behavior relating to pedophillia is wrong no matter what the rest of the world says. Leftists want your childrens mind and soul for the grinder that fuels cultural Marxism. Don't tolerate it anymore.

geoffrey fury : obviously a nut job .if she came near my kids id flog her upside down with a stick

Nicholas Kemp : Some of her points are valid. Disagree all you want. If Pedophiles can get help, therapy or medication and that leads to fewer kids being hurt than I have no issue with that. I will also note that at no point in the talk did she actually advocate for or defend the actions of pedophiles. However her premise that we should accept pedophilia, essentially like we accept homosexuality, is a problem. In a homosexual relationship both parties are capable of consenting to the relationship like in a normal heterosexual relationship, it is not illegal and no harm is done to either individual beyond what we would expect in any relationship between consenting adults. That is not the case in this situation as one party is unable to legally consent to the relationship and severe damage can be done to the minor on both a physical & emotional level. It is illegal for many, VERY GOOD, reasons.

Michael F : Eating children is natural and fine. Animals do it all the time. It's normal! (SARCASM) WTF is this speech

Jacob Klein : Christians were right the whole time!

pammyoneto : Completely outrageous! This woman needs to be strung up for trying to promote child rapists!

Anthony Howell : This is a brave view. She is clearly differentiating between having an inclination and acting upon it. I think this is perfectly fair. I have murderous thoughts towards a fair number of publishers. This does not mean that I am going to go out and bring their lives to an end. Most of the negative responses here are entirely based on an emotional response justified solely by the power of the feeling. Have we all forgotten how to think clearly?

Scott Andrew : She is sick.

TobyTheBlackDog : The percentage of child abusers who are pedophiles is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. I don't need a scientific study to know that.

விஷ்ணு கார்த்திக் : The vast majority of pedos are 99% men!? BULLSHIT there are so many cases of miss teachers banging their students.. Pedos are everywhere and they don't "come out" so data is stil unknown.

gir489 : The gay agenda has gone too far. This is what you get when you let people think it's OK to be gay, when it's not.

Mare Krstev : Psychopath !

Andrew J : Love is love! We all knew this was coming. Sexual perversion is a steep, slippery path. You start and it won't stop. I won't even watch the whole thing, this girl just gives the aura of evil.

Martin Jaďuď : I wonder, what will come after..gerontophilia, .zoophilia, necrophilia...the list is long

Víctor Andrés Piña González : Woman beating is a natural behaviour in mammals...

Senorgusanos : Man, I'm so conflicted on this...acting on pedophilia is absolutely evil and those that do it should be locked away for life...however I do actually feel bad for people that have those's a horrible horrible thing to deal with. However, we must never normalize the acting out of those desires.

Jessica Gerdes : Liberals are trying to normalize this like they are trying to get more votes for the Democrats.

voltaspeeder17 : I bet she is just one of those unlucky girls who got abused as a child and she's now try to justify the pedophyle's action like it was all just normal and fine. IT WASN'T, that shit is WRONG and those kind of monsters should get both nuts removed and a death sentence for destroying a childs life!

LP Pools : 100% of child molesters are paedophiles, regardless of them also being attracted to adults. After her #FakeNews stats I was done no more video for me.

Arizona Skies : Wow! What a big lie! "We are not responsible for our feelings"...??? Oh yes we are!! And we are responsible for our actions.

Kyle D : Wow, good job, libtards. That was a LOT of clapping for normalizing pedos. Looks like the "conspiracy" theories about you lot may not be so outlandish after all.

Brilliant Chaos : Well, this is interesting. I never heard her first or last name before so I searched for the origin of both... and... she's Jewish. I never paid attention to the accusations that Jews are trying to destroy America... but lately, there's just been too much evidence that shows it's not just a conspiracy theory and I can't ignore it anymore.

Daemon : Psychology struggled for many decades to be taken seriously and become accepted as an actual science, and almost made it, despite failure to meet the most basic criteria  (defined terminology, quantifiability, predictability, testability and experimental controllability). Practitioners such as Ms Heine, seen here using every conceivable emotional ploy and straw man argument to convince an audience to accept the normalisation of paedophilia, as well as the vastly growing number of published psychology papers which are easily identifiable as either pseudoscience or pseudo-profound bullshit, have done much to reverse this slow trend towards acceptance, with growing numbers of scientists once again acknowledging that psychology is in fact not a science. Yet the general public are largely unaware of this. Why does it matter (and indeed the cry of "but it doesn't matter" is sometimes used as a defence by psychologists and those who ally themselves with psychology such as the various social 'science' and educational sectors)? Because by proclaiming themselves a science, psychologists are taking advantage of the trust and authority earned by fact backed, error confessing and rigorous science since the 19th century, with all that it implies, to gull the general public into accepting and believing their often fallacious and indefensible assertions, opinions and ideologies. This has the deficit of discrediting science, the most successful mechanism humans have ever devised for understanding and effecting the world around them, and causing people to place credence in what would otherwise clearly be obvious and total clap-trap, such as attempts to normalise paedophilia. Just as we should take pity on those comparatively few psychologists who do their best to follow the tenets of science and attempt to rigorously investigate those areas of knowledge that fall under the umbrella of psychology, professionals more aptly described as a specialist subset of statisticians, we should utterly condemn those like Ms Heine, as enemies of both science and humanity. Mirjam Heine, you are contemptable, and you disgust me.

Michel Pronk : who also thinks shes jonas

J Venom : The slippery slope in action again.

antoineanfk : Normalizing degeneracy...

DianeDi : I believe you can change a pedophile.... it's called castration

CanadianLoki76 : Notice before she even begins to speak she has that creepy pedophilia look on her face. That silence.

Kerem Go : I've always despised that TED thing. Always thought that some self congratulatory jackanapeses brag about shit and nothing more... And then here it is.

HopePhotoG : and the bible says we ARE RESPONSIBLE for our feelings, even the THOUGHT of sin,is sin!!! Proverbs 24:9The thought of foolishness is sin: and the scorner is an abomination to men. < defending sexual abusers is a foolish thought woman!!! Romans 7:15-19 For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I. If then I do that which I would not, I consent unto the law that it is good. Now then it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me. For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not. For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do. THIS SHOWS US that we want to do good, but even when we intend to, we mess up. we do what we don't want to do, we are prone to sin.. and you really think we don't have responsibility over our emotions??? TERRIBLE !!!! that is a bad thing to encourage !!!!

Matt Johnson : Everything about this performance is carefully designed and orchestrated. The pervert female. Her accent. The story she tells. The pace of it. The words she uses. Lighting. Camera work. Audience. Setting. But it's much worse. The experts in mind control are your intelligence agencies and their msm puppets. They trade in children for sexual use and ritual sacrifice.

Jay Templar : Satanists. Satanists everywhere.

jessica jones : Man I wish I could have been there so I could have stood up and protested against this nonsense. Who is she even?

GW Bee : Pure satanic rubbish.

JOE the Boomer : the progressive/democrat left in 2018

SMGJohn : She behaves like a psychopath, you can tell by the dead eye look she possess. Her facial build is also very typical of a pradetor and the way she speaks in general. Psychopaths are easily distinguished from the general population if you look careful enough

braden7180 : It begins.

William W : why do we give Ted Talks to anyone? Shouldn't we reserved these things for people with phds or degrees in things we know nothing about? In short if you can't figure out the pedophilia is wrong then there is something deeply wrong with you. And she's talking about this crap like it's an everyday occurrence.

Viv Mack : "A natural, sexual orientation"? Please don't tell me they're trying to normalise Pedophilia now. It is not and never will be "normal" or acceptable for an adult to sexually abuse a child - the perps should volunteer for chemical castration.

Mc90 : No, we can't do anything! They have to change their way of thinking! By the way: What kind of logic is this? Just because I am sad and lonely I can commit a crime and blame it on the society? Disgusting!

Mediocre monday : PSYCHOPATHS! May God Judge those people. It is time to battle the increasing evil!

T Gilbert : These people need to be locked away in deep dark caves!!!!!

Evangelist Anita Fuentes : Perverted and demonic child abuse plain and simple. We rebuke these words and the demons behind these words in Jesus name, Amen.

David Jones : Paving the path, don't be fooled, this is simply paving the path, first normalize setting the precipice for the next phase. These are dark times, these are sick people and TED talk is a platform that used.