No full auto in buildings

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Comments from Youtube

S H : Teachers in America be like: “No full auto in buildings”

MiitsPlayz - Random Games : *"DAYUM BRO O. K."*

Zozo : "That's not full-auto, this is" *Proceeds to pull out pocket A-10 Warthog*

PrimeCanin11 : "That's not full auto, this is" Kills Thanos

MiitsPlayz - Random Games : *So we are not gonna talk about how wallhacks is allowed sometimes...*

Crimson : I like how he was understanding

Loud Mouth : Lvl 1 crook to lvl 100 god

klaus peter : 0:07 american teachers be like

SuperBeavers : That's not full auto This is *Spends $5*

Teej : "That's not full auto, this is" *Destroys T-Series*

Demarii _ : Full auto? No Hotel? Trivago

Aiden McDonald : Plot Twist He was using full auto but 0:11was his trigger finger Edit: yes I have received this many likes on a comment before and I’m not gonna overreact about it. Anyway, thx

Turbiini : It costs 400000$ to fire this weapon... for twelve seconds

Dingdong Bingus : Anger, confusion, acceptance, sportsmanship.

AJB BHM82 : “There’s no full auto in a building!!” “Shhhhh...the dead can’t talk”

John Krakaur : The guys voice”dayum bro ok”😂

Rylo 704 : That's not full auto, that's a laser beam 😂😂

Andrew Gunner : "dayumn bro ok" This needs to be turned into a meme

Demonetized : *I’ll show you full auto...*

Zeros DaBast : That’s not full auto This is *Calls in A-10 Warthog*

Triarii : Nice hacks, my dad works at xbox so ur getting banned.

kebabb : He actually shot full auto in the building when he said "this is" PLOT TWIST

Galerne : Two firing mode : Full Auto and Fuller Auto

Luke Potvin : “That’s not full auto?” “No this is” *baby A-10 Thunderbolt noises*

ChriZ Piano : "That's not full auto?" "This is" *SHOOTS EM1 FROM COD AW*

KRIS : Schools in USA be like: 𝗡𝗼 𝗳𝘂𝗹𝗹 𝗮𝘂𝘁𝗼 𝗶𝗻 𝗯𝘂𝗶𝗹𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴!

Lehi Winge : That's not full auto This is:*a fookin laser comes out of the gun*

Bass Booster : "That's not full auto?" "This is." *AC-130* *DAYUM BRO O.K.*

Electronic Guy : I never knew you could use wall hacks in real life

TheBlueWoodturner : Comments: 60% A-10 Warthog comments in some sort of shape or form 39% "Dayum bro okay" 1% Literally anything else.

TragiicSharp : “That’s not full auto” “no this is” turns into a god damn interstellar nuclear LASER

Neo2266 : Your gun goes _pew pew_ While mine goes *_0:11_*

LanceTheDivine : That’s not full auto this is: *Fires actual gun*

Milo Bazan : That’s not full auto.. This is *fires A10 Warthog*

milk : 0:02 This is full auto. 0:11 This is fuller auto.

Aiden Andre : I love how he went from pissed and upset to understanding and surprised so fast

Phoenix_Warlord The Molten Diamond Hart : “That’s not full auto, this is” *Proceeds to spend 10$ to flex*

The Hills : Bro dont wallhack in buildings, its not wallhack, ah ok

Niels Cremer : LMAO Imagine that stream of full auto hit some kid and then the joke's on him lol

Q-Tip 47 : There seem to be 3 functions. 1. Safe 2. Full auto 3. A-10's anti-material cannon.


Infinite How 2's : Guy-*Thats not full auto?* Wraith-*No this is* Wraith-*im placing a protal*

PeTEr gRiFFiN : "This is full auto" KILLS GHOST

Conan O'Brien : That dude Brenton Tarrant knows better

▐ ᴇʟᴍᴏᴅᴏ7▐ : *Wallhack and rapidfire, you can clearly see the squares of where the enemies are*

TheMinex Pie : That’s not full auto!?!? No this is is Shaggy uses 0.3% of his power Damn bro OK

LebendesEtwas : Thats not full-auto THIS IS AMERICA

TheOnly 0506 : Plot twist: Second One was the one that wasn’t full auto

DogePlays - GTA, Fortnite & More! : “That’s not full auto, this is” *fires tachyon particles*