No full auto in buildings

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Nalro : *I CALL HAX*

Fatman - Daily Fortnite Videos : Damn bro

A Kelp Shake : Ela comparing her scorpion SMG to Mira’s Vector SMG.

Airko96 : An A10 as Rifle....

That random commenter :/ : That ”dayum bro!” Gets me everytime. XD

Hillary Trump : *Wallhack+No recoil*

DEaD-'-RiSE : 0:11 when I try to shit my diarrhea slowly but it busts out, out of control

Max0_0Max5262 : I love he just stops arguing and accepts it

Bomb Taco : Not full auto: ak-47 Full auto: a-10 warthog

GoLuckyz : *logs into mw2*

Benjamin Robledo : Now that's a happy trigger finger! XD

Silver Ballerftwk : just imagine some kid coming out that door at 0:11

mYster 4teN : Ok, Aimbot, wallhacks, no recoil and fast shoot... How didn't you got banned btw?

House Gamers Airsoft : Damn

Joshua Purdy : That moment when you being an a-10 warthog to an air soft fight

Oc Airsoft : I've never full autoed in a building our a woman...... always keep the white stuff outside boys ;)

Mystøgan !!! : EXECUTE ORDER 66

Hyper : *D A Y U M B R O*

Nalro : He must be using a scuff controller with trigger stops.....

Mane! el que esta en todos lados : No es full auto? Aver el full auto... joder

Reptillian : Tell that to a school shooter.

Salvo234 TV™ : DAMN BRO OK😂

Benjamin Robledo : *HACKS!!!*

VisionLess _Gaming : Basically he became ela for a sec der

ElmerDog2013 : BrRrRrRrRrRrRrRrRrRtT

FreeZby : Someone make *brrrrrrt* dayum bro O.K 10h :))))

Matthew Ecleo : That LSAT target finder tho

ScorchXII : he burned my patch

Dentscvitamill : The funniest airsoft video ever :D

PandaN : The way he said "dayum bro, O. K." To hide his noob side... HAHAHHA

The Eternal Lord of Cringe : *DAMN BRO* OK!

SUP YOUTUBE : I’ve seen this so many times on instagram 😭

Oskar Skowronski : Dayum bro ok

BigBlackClocks : need to get me one of these. so I can be a dig bick ;)

NLrenzo : You can’t buff a god:P

Lazy Town And Food Reviews M8 : Modded controller

FIKSSU : Pozdro od ospanno

Dingdong Bingus : Anger, confusion, acceptance, sportsmanship.

pixelking : This dude is just wielding an A-10 warthog.

T.Watcher : HACKER

Darth Nicolas : damn bro ok 😨😨😨

Lilj 2 : Oc Airsoft

MrObsolete530x : Thats not full auto this is *brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

Rattling bee : PRRRRRRTTT

Joshu - Bass : Freakin aimbot

NLrenzo : Lmfao this is gold 😂😂😂

MJHLFC0314 Youtube : *"Your gun goes pew pew pew mine goes BRRRRRRRRRRRRR"*

Joshua Huang : its not full auto this is: PWEEIRJDNSKAOAIDJTLE

Fauzan F A : He must be using auto click, what a shameful hacker man

theXEN0KID : XD that's fucking brilliant!