N E V E R G O N N A G I V E 2

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Chris Kogos : I've been getting some messages of people wanted to hear the original track 'Deca Slow' that I used in this mashup, unfortunately I can't seem find the song or even the album anywhere online anymore! If you want Harrison's Future Blast album email me and I'll send it to you, it's some amazing future funk ;)

Dank Matter : I didn't get rickrolled, I clicked on a masterpiece

It's Thinzy : r i c k w a v e d

Versaucey : *A E S T H E T I C*

hmm yes interesting. : We wouldn't get this from any other Chris. Never gonna desert you me boy-o.

PowahSlap Entertainmint : Lo-fi Hip Hop Chill Radio Memes.

VersionGeek : This is so pure. Humanity is'nt ready

Dio Drando : ~ _is this a_ *_R I C K R O L L ?_* ~

EpicDonutDude : Good vibes

SlackerTV : Somebody somewhere is going to use this as an intro for a commentary video

Luis Molina : Not the music we deserved but the music we needed

That13YearOld : Chris is stuck in the 80's, this isn't a joke, this is a cry for help.

Wholesome Lad : Eminem releases new album I sleep Never gonna give 2 *Ascended*

Natalee Hamilton : u h - h u h , y e a h . . . . . . a e s t h e t i c c c c ⊂ヽ \\ Λ_Λ    \( ˘ω˘ )     > ⌒ヽ    / へ\    /  / \\    レ ノ   ヽ_つ   / /   / /|  ( (ヽ  | |、\  | 丿 \ ⌒)  | |  ) / ノ ) Lノ (_/ edit: holy crisp, thanks for the 62 likes.

The McGuinness Experiment : The internet at its finest EDIT: WOW THANKS FOR THE LIKES

tehcookiecat : Alternate title: Never Gonna Give You Up 2: The Second Rickoning

Random Person : _v a p o r r o l l e d_

Jesus Christ : Thank you

Connor H : *O K A Y T H I S I S E P I C*

LemonOVA : The future is now

Natalie Alfera : R I C K R O L L E D

First Name Surname : i was expecting just never gonna give you up, but i got so much more

Pro Player 1⃣ : That's what you first see when you try acid

Pikachowww : Chris Kogos is never gonna give us up :D

Herminia Rojas : *R I C K A S T H E T I C K* *2 . 0*

Dore Matt : Happy 10 year anniversary, Rickroll ♥️

The '64 : Thank your for this meditation Music

Spooky Spookleton : A s t l e y t h e t i c

i need chips : This is what it feels like to have a greenscreen in 1898.5

John Whalley : *SNAP* Yep, this going on my A E S T H E T I C compilation

box : 🅱️ever 🅱️onna 🅱️ive 🅱️ou 🅱️p 🅱️orry 🅱️or 🅱️he 🅱️s

Doge : Notification squad

Bogmire777 : this is the message of love and acceptance all my Guys across the universe is, his videos real good real good Chris kogos please make more crap in his videos or something I want deep beats I want aesthetic beats I want Moody beats I don't want these Hip Hop Beats Mixr hipping up Beats then At the Hop down style the Chris you really got a brother get with me you know I'm saying got to hear what I'm telling you I got to make more crabbiness I want crabbiness

DustyO'Rusty : This makes me feel at peace with myself.

MTRredux : people wont nto realiz this but this is actully based off of a trew story

FonS : top 10 anime sequels that surprised us all

Quality Person : This is the first time people *actually want* to get Rick Rolled.

Inzong : Those 8 dislikes came from retarted people

Unkno wing : Nice One

Mateo A.F : R i c k s t h e t i c

not a ginger : n e v e r g o n n a b o i

Frickfrock The crock : *m o o d*

Bone Daddy 69420 : Homework time.

Pixel : A sequel we didn't deserve, but much appreciated nonetheless

ShadowDude75 : **NEW RINGTONE**

RDVMusic : r i c k a s t l e y

Zimbo : Ooooh, very nice Mr. Kogos. Love the subtle changes to the pitch, works very well.

Gavin McGinnis : *Top 10 sequels that were anticipated to be better than the last.*

Leo Wayes : No man, your thinking of beep boop bop bop beep

farhan : This is better than original.