Metallica feat. Los del Rio - Master of macarena

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Cat Lady Fitness : My cat and I throughly enjoy this mashup.

Dusan Jovanovic : My mom enter in my room so I switched to porn, it's more easy to explain

Truth Warrior : This is like biting into an apple and it tastes like a hamburger

cornu copiae : Now the internet is finally complete

Fheroah : Lars has better rhythm in this song.

Andreia : I'm so pissed off because it sholdn't work so well

Dead FM – archiwum : Got lost on YT again...

RodrigoDigoJunho : Macarena Of Puppets 😂🤣

Ane Dijitak : Obeeey... yoour... macarena

carlotta : Internet is such a wonderful place


Chris Murray : ha ha ha That's enough internet for today.

Brorelia : How the hell did I end up here?

Reijo P. : When James Hetfield sees beautiful women, he says "Taste me and you will see, more is all you need." It sounds very perv.

Erik Patterson : The best part is when Macarena pull the chorus into a major key

Dr. Philgood : Probably the greatest anti drugs warning song ever written

Wheezyweasel : Pretty much how Metallica sounds to my ears since the Black Album

A B : Lol. "Chop your breakfast on a mirror!! Hey Macarena!"

Allenrw3 : This is so stupid and I love it!

Andrzej Kłak : You are a freakin' genius! :D hahaha

Bira Banor : Dude you're unstoppable

criss bang : master of macarena..i'm pulling your string..!!

Incog2k6 : Why... does... this... seem.. to work? Fuuuuuuuu

Mega Mind : This is the gayest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. And I sold Subaru vehicles for three years , lemme tell ya 😂😂😂

Rock n' Karol : This. Is. Beautiful.

Sir Woody Hackswell : This is wrong on soooo many levels. Therefore I had to inflict it on all of my faceb**k friends!

DRAKONOLUS : There is something in real life. Metallica with Lady Gaga. This is the future for metal.

Jason M : I love it! One's ass can finally be shaken to Metallica!

·FAKIR· : Bueno, por lo menos Youtube Recomendados si sirve xD

caffiene macaroni : Peak of humanity , i could care less about evolution or superhuman shit , this is the final form right here

DarthalbaE : I am Metallica Fan, i like this great song. Its funny! ;)

Julia Van Arkel : This hurts but i keep coming back😫

Michał Grabowski : What the........

Lorax 12 : When I hear songs with dark lyrics mashuped with cheerful songs I am happy

Steve Lefort : What are you using to isolate the Metallica vocal track?

legionXTS : Why do we hurt each other like this?

LousyFacelift : Witness the impossible... Hahaha! These vids are priceless, great work! :D

Carsten Langbo : I always hated "macarena" with a passion ... But this almost makes it tolerable ...

Nick Landers : How dare you tarnish the Macarena with that trash?!

Abigail Miranda : Llegue aquí por Metalovision 😂

S1611 : Mastur Mastur...faster faster :D

Thirsty! : Is this off Metallica new album?

Nathan Medina : I didn't know I needed this

Daniel Green : Who else came from facebook?

Елена Суздалева : Браво, Пётр!

dario HC : Totally fixed it

CannibalZombieKiller : Obey your master AHHHHHHYYY

SSangsen : Cyka blyat idi nahui

Gustavo R. : Lo q es estar al pedoooo 😂😂😂 anda a cagar macarena 🔝🔝🔝😏

spgoavs : Охуенно! впрочем как и всегда. Спасибо за позитив.